DOOM 3 Chess

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Doom3_Chess.jpg This is an attempt to create a sci-fi horror chess game under DOOM 3.

What I have released here is 12+ hours of work. The idea was to make a chess-themed DM map with static pieces, but then I decided to take it a step further to see if this concept was feasible. In a beta build, I'd make the board about 125% its present size, to allow easier maneuvering of the pieces.

Though just shooting the pieces would be the best.

Game Rules:

- If a piece falls over, it is out of play (moving the Knight may take some strategic thinking) - If your opponent is taking too long to make a move, you may shoot your opponent - If checkmate is imminent and your fate sealed, you may shoot your opponent

Comments and suggestions: Doom 3 Chess 2-player DM map



Doom 3 Chess
Brian K. Trepanier



place Doom3_Chess.pk4 in your Doom 3/Base folder. 
start a multiplayer server, select Doom 3 Chess

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