Other people at DOOM3World and me had the idea to cut all the cinematics of the game together and to...


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Other people at DOOM3World and me had the idea to cut all the cinematics of the game together and to make a movie out of it, so one doesn't need to play through the whole game or load any savegames in order to watch the cinematics. I hope you will have as much fun watching this as I had making and testing it.


You can either mount the iso (with d-tools or alcohol 120%) and watch the DVD on your pc (using any DVD playback software) or you can burn the iso file on a DVD (using Nero or any other burning-software) to watch it on any dvd player (TV) or computer.

|- CODEC: MPEG-2 |- Resolution: 720x480 |- Running Time: ~23' |- Special Features: Interactive scene selection menu

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Download 'doom3_cinema.rar' (961.29MB)

Doom³ Cinema 

AUTHOR: Oneofthe8devilz 
E-mail: Oneofthe8devilz AT 

Thank you for downloading and installing the Doom³ Cinema DVD ISO !

If you encounter any problems while running the DVD please send me an e-mail to Oneofthe8devilz AT and I will 
try to answer your issue. 

You may only redistribute this file for free, NOT as a part of any commercial package. Contact me if you want to put 
this file onto a cd-rom/dvd-rom or any other commercial distribution. This read me file must always be included with any 
redistribution of this DVD. You may put this on your website for download, but only if non-subscribers can also download it. 
You may not make money with this in any way without contacting me first. If you have any doubts regarding these rules then contact me via my e-mail. 

Following modifications were used while recording: 

- The UEQ MOD 
- SantaClaws BloomShader 
- Quality Settings: High 


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