DOOM 3 Config File Creator



This program allows you to load, view, and edit custom configuration files for Doom 3.

NB: There was a problem with the version we hosted. This is no longer the case now :) Sorry again Mark!



Doom 3 configuration file maker and editor.
By Mark Quillin
Send suggestions or bug reports to mquillin AT tampabay DOT rr DOT com

To install the program just double click on the setup.exe icon.

The main screen is divided into three sections:

Section 1 (Upper left)- Here is where the current config file is displayed. To start a new config file just click the document icon (first one on the top left of the screen). If you wish to load the default config file click on the gear icon (second from the left). If you want to load a config file, click on the hard drive icon (third from the left). To save your current config listing click on the open folder icon (fourth from the left).

The scissor icon deletes the currently highlighted command in the config listing.
The keys icon turns on/off tool tips.
The letter icon sorts the current config listing by category.
The question mark icon turns on/off save and delete confirmation.
The paintbrush icon displays a selection screen of custom graphic tweaks to add to the config listing.
The hammer and screwdriver icon displays a selections screen of custom network tweaks to add to the current config listing.
The exclamation icon displays info about the program.

Section 2 (Right hand side)- This is where you can access all 856 Doom 3 console commands and cvars. Clicking on an entry in the listing displays the description, syntax, default value and current value for the command. You can narrow the listing by clicking on one of the pictures to the right of the listing.
The document picture displays all of the commands.
The ABC picture displays a selection screen of the alphabet where you click on a letter to display all commands that match their first letter to your selection.
The figure picture displays all movement commands.
The colors picture displays all graphic commands.
The camcorder picture displays all demo commands.
The computers picture displays all network commands.
The clock picture displays all benchmark commands.
The speaker picture displays all sound commands.
The computer picture displays all system commands.
The magnifying glass picture displays a search screen. Here you can type in text to search for in the commands and descriptions database.

When you click on the Save to config listing button, the currently hightlighted command and its value is saved to the current config listing. If the value you entered goes outside the parameters for that specific command, a message box will warn you and if possible, show the correct values you can enter.

Section 3 (bottom left)- Here is where you can view and change the binds for the keyboard. Clicking on any of the keys will display the bind for that key. The bind value will also show up in the tool tips.
Clicking on the Load default binds button will load the default binds into the current config listing.
Clicking on the Overwrite bind button will overwrite the current bind with the selected command and value from Section 2.
Clicking on the Append bind button will append the current bind with the selected command and value from Section 2.
Clicking on the Unbind key button will erase the bind value for the selected key.
Clicking on the Delete binds button will erase all binds.

The ConsoleCommands.mdb file contains the following Access database tables:

CommandTable - All commands and cvars, their descriptions, syntax, default value, current value and categories they belong to (Graphic, Movement, Network, Demo, Sound, Benchmark and System).

GiveObjects - All objects that can be used with the give command.

MonsterTable - All monsters in the game.

OriginalBindTable - The default bind values for the keyboard.

OriginalConfig - The default config file.

TweakTable - A listing of custom graphic tweaks.

UserBindTable - The users custom binds are stored here.

UserConfig - The users custom config is stored here.

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