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The mod changes to granade to a flare :)



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The mod changes to granade to a flare :)


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=== ABOUT ===

Recently people have whined, moaned, and pissed all over themselves about the fact that iD could somehow have a game take place in the future yet you didn't have night vision.  Or about the fact that you could hold 10 guns and hundreds of rounds of ammo all at once, but couldn't hold flashlights for each of those guns at the same time.  So some mods were created that let you attach a flashlight to your guns.

While it's a good idea if you're a girly man who plays the game at noon with the lights on, there are better solutions to the "problem."

This is a simple mod that changes all of the grenades in the game into throwable flares.  These flares light up the surrounding area (and the area they fly through before landing...a cool effect similar to that of the imp fireball's lighting) in a yellowish red glow for a short period of time, allowing you to see better in those areas.


To install, unzip the contents of this file to Doom3/Flares (not to the base directory).

Once Doom 3 loads, click the "Mods" button at the bottom of the main menu and select "Flares."  This will reload Doom 3 using the mod and allows Doom 3 to still be easily played online or without the mod while still allowing the mod to be installed.

Note:  To insure that the mod works correctly, only load from an autosave point.

=== CREDITS ===

Jason "Rodzilla" Rodzik -

Thanks to McFuggin, NoMercy Rider, and SlayerDragon for being in IRC at 2:30 am and making sure this worked right :)


v1.0 - Base release.  Grenades still use same models, animations, and bounce sounds, but emit light.

=== TODO ===

---  In an upcoming release the flare will no longer replace the grenade, but instead be a different weapon entirely.
---  Either in the same release or a subsequent one, it will also have its own flare stick model and animation.
---  Hopefully I'll be able to have it give off a more realistic flare effect similar to that of a burning flare (i.e. light from a fire), but this might have too much of an effect on performance, so we'll see....

=== NOTES ===

** In the current state of this mod, you are unable to use your grenades as explosives.  All of your grenades now act as flares.
** The flares last for 1:30 (one minute, 30 seconds)
** Be careful throwing too many of these around, they eat FPS, and they're pretty damn hungry too

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