DOOM 3 Linux v1.1.1282 Client/Server Binaries



This is a collection of both the Linux Client and the server vinaries for the newest 1.1 version of DOOM 3.



Installation Instructions
Minimum Specs
GNU/Linux system,
Pentium III, 1Ghz
256Mb RAM
Kernel 2.4, 2.6 is recommended
glibc 2.2 and up

3D card:
NV10 or R200 minimum hardware
OpenGL hardware acceleration

sound card + OSS ( with mmap support )
Sound card and 3D card are not needed for the dedicated server

Patch installation instructions
The following files need to be copied from the win32 install CDs
to your base/ directory ( md5 sums provided below as reference )
by default, /usr/local/games/doom3/base

71b8d37b2444d3d86a36fd61783844fe pak000.pk4
4bc4f3ba04ec2b4f4837be40e840a3c1 pak001.pk4
fa84069e9642ad9aa4b49624150cc345 pak002.pk4
f22d8464997924e4913e467e7d62d5fe pak003.pk4
38561a3c73f93f2e6fd31abf1d4e9102 pak004.pk4

Start the game with the command: doom3
Start the dedicated server with the command: doom3-dedicated
Demo installation instructions
By default, the setup will install the files to

Start the demo with the command: doom3-demo
Currently, the game will not run correctly on ATI cards using the fglrx driver. However, the ATI developers are working on new driver releases, and eventually the game will be supported.

I haven't experimented with the DRI drivers for ATI cards. If they implement the minimum set of features to run Doom, I would be very interested to get some feedback about it.

AMD 64
There are no amd64 builds planned at this time. However the 32 bit binaries will run in a native amd64 environement.

Localization is untested in the Linux builds at this point. More localization features are possible in future release. Until then, it's probably best to avoid copying over the zpak000.pk4 file at all.

Alsa and 5.1 sound
The sound engine currently requires the OSS API, and Alsa is not supported. Only stereo is supported. Alsa support and 5.1 sound may be available in future releases.

Known issues
If you happen to go outside, the oxygen meter gauge will remain displayed even after you get back inside.

Doom III would hang during starting if you redirect the output. Pass +set in_tty 0 on the command line to fix: $ doom3 +set in_tty 0 > output.txt

Reporting Bugs
If you want to report an issue with the game, you should make sure that your report is on topic and includes all information useful to characterize and reproduce the bug.

check the Linux Gamers' FAQ for any issue not covered here

include the computer's hardware and software description ( CPU, RAM, 3D Card, distribution, kernel etc. )

if appropriate, send a console log, a link to a save game, a screenshot, an strace ..

Note that we can't help you with OS-specific issues like configuring OpenGL correctly or configuring the network.

Ok, so if you have a relevant and complete bug report, email it to me: ttimo at idsoftware dot com

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