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You really need to try this version as it is a huge improvement over 1.0 with all the bugfixes and features. Possibly the biggest new feature is ROE Coop. Also includes many other features, scroll down to the readme for more information. Take care and I hope you have fun playing the mod! -calimer

PLEASE READ OUR FAQ: http://lms.d3files.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1442

This release requires the 1.3 Doom 3 Patch!!

Also feel free to reportbugs at: http://lms.d3files.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1443

As a note this LMS 2.0 is Windows, Linux and Mac compatable!

Check out the LMS Coop 2.0 Gameplay video!! Download it here: http://doom3.filefront.com/file/;48332



LMS Coop 2.0 Official Readme!


This release requires the 1.3 Doom 3 Patch!!

Also feel free to reportbugs at:

Doom 3 Mod Last Man Standing Coop
Version 2.0 Official
irc.OFTC.net channel #lms-mod

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HOST = vital.typefrag.com | PORT = 11602 

You can either use the installer or use the archive that is provided. To use the archive, unzip the lms2 folder into your Doom3 folder (not the base folder).  After using the installer or archive, use the provided shortcuts or load up Doom 3, hit the mods button, and select Last Man Standing 2.0 from the list. You should now be ready to kick some horde ass, enjoy.

Performance Suggestions:
If you are getting a lot of lag there are a few things you can do to improve gameplay.
1) Turn off shadows (under advanced in options -> system)
2) Lower the doom 3 video quality level in options -> system
3) Defrag your hard drive
4) Update video drivers
5) Reduce the number of other programs running

2.0 Official Feature List:

* The mod now supports the Doom3 expansion pack using our ROE Coop gametype.
* Ragdolls can now be turned on using the cvar lms_useragdolls
* Kaiser's maps Tlabs Complex, Refueling Station, and Sigma Quadrant were included and tweaked for coop play
* Plasmathrower given a new sound, new stream, and ignites monsters
* Updates to Radio Tower, including much more intense gameplay and two cinema screens
* KF_Loading_dock tweaked to be more playable, especially in hardcore mode
* Over six new monsters were added to the mod including the super maggot, spectre, spectral nimp and more
* Completely rewritten the AI netcode. Reliable messages overflow should be very rare now.
* Music volume now fades to new value properly when using music volume slider.
* Progression maps no longer have a time limit.
* Maximum number of players increased to 16.
* Improved netcode for player entities.
* Sexy transparent console with a new background image
* 7 of the 12 ROE maps are coop-ready.
* Added the ability to vote to use "Hardcore" on LMS maps.


* Small bugs in Fortcomp tweaked
* AI now immediately goes into idle and searches for new enemies if it 'looses' it's enemy.
* Join server button not working in main menu.
* No longer trailing of the player names on clients.
* Player's recieving no score or special kill message for killing the Vagary.
* The new skins not having the selection box in the skin select GUI
* Player's could set name of 0 length.
* Did not properly set new user name if the user name was 'wrong'.
* No longer possible to vote for vote options disabled through voteflags.
* No monster death sounds.
* Does not show what kind of vote is called if at the end game screen after killing cyberdemon.
* Skill level was set to as if two people were playing and server console spammed with the warning if more than 4 players were playing: 'WARNING: No num players damamge modifier applied!'
* Heavy breathing does not go away after coming in from the outside.
* Max kills and score increased since it was set too low.
* People could send empty chat messages.
* Bug where weapon fire sound kept repeating if another client fired his gun right before a door closed between them.
* Console is no longer spammed with warnings on the monorail map.
* Chaingun tweaked because it was too overpowered.
* Muzzleflashes can now be seen on clients when monsters fire their gun's.
* Monster models appearing on screen before they actually were triggered
* Players were in limbo at the end of the hellhole final cinematic. Highscores now appear and the first map is loaded.
* Data linker on Delta Labs 1 could only be picked up by one player.
* Spawn point was not moving correctly on Delta 3
* Players will now see the bridge collapse on Caverns 1

prog_hangar - Timbobsteve, minor gameplay tweaks by Hobbes
prog_tlabs - Kaiser, tweaked for coop by calimer 
prog_refueling_station - Kaiser, tweaked for coop by calimer 
prog_sigma_quadrant - Kaiser, tweaked for coop by calimer
prog_kaiser1 (Omega Anomaly) - Kaiser
prog_bunker - Mercykiller
def_radiotower - Calimer
def_fortcomp - Calimer
def_kaiser3 (Onslaught)- Kaiser
def_tunnel - MercyKiller
kf_ancient_ruins - Agent Spork
kf_bunker - MercyKiller
kf_chambers - MercyKiller
kf_commandoattack - Spawn-FT, minor gameplay tweaks by Kaiser
kf_kaiser2 (Human Disposal) - Kaiser
kf_labyrinth - B33rman, minor gameplay tweaks by Hobbes (still very much WIP)
kf_loading_dock - B33rman, heavy gameplay tweaks by calimer
kf_lockedin - Timbobsteve, heavy gameplay tweaks by Hobbes
kf_trapped - Timbobsteve
kf_tunnel - Mercykiller - included but not on the menu as per request


Neurosphere -- http://www.neurosphere.it

Lost Angel's Last Flight
We Just do as we Want
The Bonestorm
Last Man Standing
Skaven -- http://www.futurecrew.com/skaven/
They Crave
Cannon Angel
Past The Chase
Legacy of Rust

Opaque -- http://myspace.com/opaquemusic

Never Again
Track1 (Used in the LMS 2.0 gameplay video http://doom3.filefront.com/file/;48332)

The Mod Team:

AO - Coding
BurN - Webmaster, Graphics
Calimer - Project leader, Public relations, Mapping
Hobbes - Quality Assurance, Map Tweaking, Coding
MercyKiller - Mapping


Agent Spork - Mapping
Altheus Stone - 3D Modeling, Art Direction
B33Rman - Mapping, Scripting, FX
Danamo - Graphics, 3d Modelling
Deadite - Sounds
Gen. Miester [KoRA] - Mac Help
Iten - Coding
Kaiser - Mapping
Nicemice - Use of OpenCoop Code and coding advice
Nocturn - Music
Revility - 3D Modelling (DB shotgun)
Sgt. Commander Neurosphere - Music and Sound
Skaven - Music
Skutarth - Cursor and Wrench Icons, supermaggot skin
Spawn-FT - Mapping
Timbobsteve - Mapping, Scripting
TopGunSF - Weapon Scripting advice, check out his balance mod at:
Beta Testers:

Altheus Stone - Beta Testing, Art Direction
Corvey - Beta Testing
Deadite4 - Beta Testing
Mixa - Beta Testing
Painfulflare - Beta Testing
Phrosty - Beta Testing
Riddick - Beta Testing
The Master - Beta Testing
XxLaVaxX - Beta Testing, misc help

Other Credits:

Kaiser - I want to give Kaiser a big thanks for giving us permission to tweak his maps for coop.  Also he has been very good about giving me map help in general and it is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for all you have done for us Kaiser.

The Master - I would like give a huge thanks to The Master for his outstanding help in testing.  He has really been a leading force in getting the other testers together and has been unyeilding in his effort to find bugs.  In addition he helped us get the ROE footage for the 2.0 video.  You rock.

Deadite4 - Deadite and I have become quick friends and I can't speak enough on how much of a pleasure it is to have him around.  Thanks for all of your help and for putting up with all of The Master's "where's deadite? deadite are you around? DEADITE!!" haha, poor guy.  Looking forward to working with you in the future, buddy.

SnoopJedi - Thank you SnoopJedi for your support of our mod since the fortcomp days!  It is always a pleasure when you stop by our channel.  I also appreciate it when you have tried to help me with my crazy coding projects!  I don't think any of them made it into this release but some neat surprises to come...

XxLaVaxX - I really want to thank Lava for always taking time to help test the maps, and giving back excellent feedback.  Thanks buddy!

Gen. Miester [KoRA] - Thanks goes to Gen for all the help he gave us in getting the Mac Binary to compile.

Nicemice - Thanks goes to Nicemice for letting us use his source from OpenCoop Beta 2.0 and previous versions and for other help and support that he has given the mod.

Revility - Revility graciously donated the double barrel shotgun! He did the modeling, texturing and animations. Thank you so much Revility! The gun turned out way better than I could of ever imagined.  Also he donated the wrench!  Be sure to check it out!

Bluehair - I'd also like to give a special thanks to Bluehair of d3files.com He has been a huge help to the mod with all of his constant support with posting our news and files, and other mod related help. Your assistance is as always, greatly appreciated ;D
Brian Harris - Thank you as well Brian Harris for your part in helping Beerman with Infrared vision among other things. We really appreciate your prompt and informative assistance, thanks!

Cdoom Team - They have been really great in supporting us and I can't wait to work with them in the future to bring Cdoom coop to life!  They are a great group of guys and you if haven't stopped over to their page yet, do so at http://cdoom.d3files.com
We would like to extend a special thanks to the Doom 3 Community for your continuing support.
We would also like to thank Id software for making the kick ass game that started it all: DooM.
Personal messages from the team (In alphabetical order):


I'm very happy to see LMS Coop 2.0 released. We have a lot of bugs fixed and and quite a few new large features. Most notably we now have support for playing the expansion pack in coop, thanks to Hobbes who has worked hard on the ROE Coop support for this release. We got new maps by kaiser with new monsters, improved plasma thrower by Calimer and more. There's completely rewritten AI network code which should help make reliable messages overflow very rare now. I'm happy with the amount of bugfixes we have, it will make for a much more solid experience over versions of LMS Coop.


I can't say enough how proud I am of my team.  I know I have said it before but I really could not have a better group of guys working with me on LMS.  It just amazes me all the time how much we accomplish.  It has to be one of my favorite things to see all these different projects within LMS that come together to form a release.  Hobbes in particular was outstanding in this release.  It is amazing to see how quickly he is advancing in coding and map fixing.  Not only did he kick ass in getting ROE Coop to work, but he fixed a ton of bugs and also got the 2.0 Mac binary to work which was not an easy feat in the least.  We spent many late nights working on our respective work and I never heard a complaint from him once about his workload.  AO too was a huge help in this release with all of the coding features and fixes, and got the linux binary to work with the ROE code which is a big deal.  A big thanks goes to AO for all of his hard work.  Burn deserves a lot of credit for his outstanding gameplay video.  He put in a lot of time and hardwork and it definitely shows because that trailer is one of the best I have ever seen.  And last but not least, Mercykiller did a great job of revamping some of his maps on this release.  The gameplay is much improved and they look nicer too which is definitely appreciated.  Thanks guys for all of your hard work, it is truly a pleasure to work with you on this project.  Thanks goes to the testers too for all of their hard work and dedication to help us find and crush bugs, thanks guys.


Well it has taken longer for this release than we had planned but I think you will be happy with the result. Finally after many requests from players we have added support for the expansion pack. Though ROE Coop is not complete we have modified 7 of the 12 maps with more to follow. This release also has more bugs fixed such as that annoying "breathing sound" bug and Hellhole will now show the player scores and advance to the beginning instead of making them stare at a black screen. Kaiser has 3 new maps and I know that Calimer has been working hard on his improvements to Radio Tower. I want to give a special thanks to XxLaVaxX. Back in January I was such a Doom3 modding noob and if it was not for him teaching me how to use some of the console commands I never would have been able to get the knowledge to help out LMS. Thanks buddy for your help over the last 9 months. I also want to thank AO for all of the help you have given me with the coding. With your help my knowledge of the Doom3 SDK and C++ has been greatly improved. Thanks also goes out to Calimer. There have been some long nights trying to get some of the work done and our chats on IRC and Ventrilo made it possible to surge forward. I know we have said it before but the LMS community has been great in supporting us and we appreciate it very much I know you will have fun playing 2.0 and hope to see you on the servers.


My stuff in 2.0 consists of revamps...a great number (actually, only three) revamps. Kf_chambers has been completely redone graphically, kf_bunker has been tweaked gameplay wise, and kf_tunnel has been "replaced" by def_tunnel, though you can still access kf_tunnel via si_map if you really want to play it. Tremendous props to calimer and Hobbes for working so hard to get this release done...AO did a great job with the coding, and BurN released a kick-ass video. I hope ya'll have fun playing 2.0 and may the grabber be with you.

A special thanks from the Team:

Thanks to the community for continually supporting the development of LMS.  You guys make it all worth it.

Final note:

I hope you enjoy the mod and please feel free to contact us about any problems you have, whether you like it or dislike it, anything. We'd really like to hear from you. Take care.

[email protected]
irc.OFTC.net channel #lms-mod

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Also feel free on join us on ventrilo (voice chat) at: 
HOST = vital.typefrag.com | PORT = 11602

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