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Doom 3 PK4 Recompression

This console-based tool proposes to repack Doom 3's PK4 files using different compression factors to maximize its overall performance. The g...


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File Description

This console-based tool proposes to repack Doom 3's PK4 files using different compression factors to maximize its overall performance. The goal being to cut down access time to the game assets.

Its use is not very handy yet: you must have the shareware WinRAR installed in "c:\program files\winrar" otherwise it won't start. My Doom 3 copy not being arrived yet, it is possible that such a restriction is also made for the Doom 3 path. Furthermore, you must have between 1.5 and 4Gb of free space on your hard drive for the process to complete and, as you can can guess, a fast computer otherwise it will take ages before it is done.

In a nutshell, this tool lacks of flexibility and user-friendliness.


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   **Disclaimer: If the related program messes up your files it was most    
  likely a failure of WinRAR or Windows or a result of your previous Doom3  
 tinkering and even tho this is the truth of the matter, by running my util 
  you are accepting the responsibility for any harm that may come to your   
                  hardware, software and/or sanity.**				


                         _     _            _   _ 
                   _ __ | |__ | | _____  __| |_| | __
                  | '_ \| '_ \| |/ _ \ \/ /| __| |/ /
                  | |_) | | | | |  __/>  < | |_|   < 
                  | .__/|_| |_|_|\___/_/\_(_)__|_|\_\

                Presents: Doom3 pk4 Recompression 0.1 
                         (WinRAR Required)


                          Files in archive:
                   readme.txt - what you are looking at
                   runme.exe  - recompression tool
                   z.exe      - menu used by runme.exe


 Q) Why do I need this program?
 A) Because no matter how many optimisations you have it still takes forever for each level to load in Doom3, even on a SATA 150.

 Q) What does it do?
 A) Recompresses the pk4 files to different compression factors, this should take much less time to load data and levels at the expense of hard drive space. Options are:
    Uncompramised Speed  - footprint = 3.92GB - Uses no compression but keeps the files in a pk4 format instead of spilling them out, where speed is valued over hard drive space.
    Fastest Compression  - footprint = 1.57GB - Uses minimal compression for faster access whilst still having a relatively small footprint. 
    Original Compression - footprint = 1.45GB - The original compression factior of Doom3, effectively a undo function.

 Q) How do I run it?
 A) 1) Run Defrag (optional)
    2) Make sure you have got Winrar (www.winrar.com) and that it is installed to the default directory (c:\program files\winrar)
    3) Extract the file D3ReCom.bat and z.exe to the doom3\base directory and then double click runme.bat
    4) Wait

 Q) It didn't work, why could this be?
 A) The program should print the error to the screen, just do what it tells you.


 Future Versions:

 ??-08-2004 0.2 More Options,
 ??-08-2004 0.2 WinZIP support.



 20-08-2004 0.1 First release


 Contact: flexitst@hotmail.com
 Website: http://phlex.tk
 Donations to the project -> www.paypal.com -> flexitst@hotmail.com


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