DOOM 3: Reloaded

Changes since the last version: ...


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Changes since the last version:

- Zombies will not gib - Less spread factor for shotgun, and single bullet reloading has been added - Slightly increased damage for Pistol and Sub Machine Gun - Forced singlefire for pistol and shotgun (you have to press trigger again to shoot again, thx to d4r34lm0n60) - New gripskin for pistol (metal) - Improved gloweffect for Plasmagun - Removed fleshwoundeffect for fist hits and added it to flashlight punch - Primed grenades illuminating red, grenades don't explode anymore on contact with dead bodys! - Improved lighteffects for most weapons (muzzleflashes, explosions, rocket, plasma and bfg lights, grenades...) - Blood and bulletdecals stay longer (about 2 min) - New impact decals for pistol, shotgun, machinegun and chaingun - It's now possible to turn off the flashlight - Chaingun carries 200 rounds, increased reload time, spin-up time and fire rate, decreased damage/bullet, fixed LCD - Max ammo modified: -- max_ammo_shells' -- 120' // for Shotgun -- max_ammo_bullets' -- 180' // for Pistol -- max_ammo_rockets' -- 20' // Rockets -- max_ammo_cells' -- 500' // Plasmacells -- max_ammo_grenades' -- 15' // Grenades -- max_ammo_bfg' -- 32' // for BFG-9000 -- max_ammo_clip' -- 300' // for MG -- max_ammo_belt' -- 600' // for Chaingun

This mod also supports Resurrection of Evil

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'Doom 3: Reloaded' for original Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil

Author: TheVoodoo


Special thanks to...

'Junkguy' and 'Captain_Brian' for some good ideas, that i have included in this mod.
'd4r34lm0n60' (for his pistolmod)
'Psychonaut' (and his NO-F.e.a.r Mod which was based on a previous version of this mod, i took some good ideas and added them)
'Tomato Monkey' (for his improved chaingun lcd)

-- I N S T A L L A T I O N --

Installation for original Doom 3:

Extract the 'pak999_d3_reloaded.pk4' file and optional the 'autoexec.cfg' file (enables playershadow and console)
in your '..\Doom 3\base' directory.


Installation for Resurrection of Evil:

Extract the 'pak999_roe_reloaded.pk4' file and optional the 'autoexec.cfg' file (enables playershadow and console)
in your '..\Doom 3\d3xp' directory.


How to start:

Just start Doom3 or Resurrection of Evil



If you don't want to play the mod anymore, just remove the 'd3_reloaded.pk4' or 'roe_reloaded.pk4' file(s) from
the 'base' / 'd3xp' folder or rename for example to 'd3_reloaded.pk4_bkup' (if you want to play it maybe later again)


Feel free to host this file and rip some or all stuff from this mod to use it in you own.
Just credit me.

have fun.

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