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D3Files is proud to being the first website to mirror the new DOOM 3 SDK! After you have downloaded it, be sure to head over [url="http://ww...


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D3Files is proud to being the first website to mirror the new DOOM 3 SDK! After you have downloaded it, be sure to head over id.sdk to acquaint yourself with the documentation.

Here is what has changed since the first release:

We just packaged up a newer version of the SDK.

- Vehicles Be sure to read the readme.txt in the vehicles folder

- Maya Importer Source To compile the Maya Import dll, you will need to get the Maya 4.5 or the Maya 6.0 SDK from Alias. There is a note in the directory explaining where the files need to go. The project comes set up to compile a dll for Maya 4.5. If you want to compile a dll for Maya 6.0, instructions are in maya_main.cpp. For Maya 6.0, you will need Visual Studio 2003 or higher. The Maya 6.0 SDK does not work with Visual Studio 2002.

- Linux Source TTimo put together an official release for the Linux code. The code itself is the same as windows, but there are some different build options and an included SCons file.

- Random Fixes Including (but not limited to) compiling 'out the box' in Visual Studio 2003 and 2005

If you have already done significant work on a mod, I would recommend installing this to a clean directory, then running windiff against your code base. Alternatively you could diff against the first SDK and manually copy the changes over.

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Download 'doom3_sdk_2.exe' (11.45MB)

Vehicles' Readme:

Doom 3 Buggies!
For Doom 3 v1.1

Included in this mod are 2 maps, and 3 vehicles.

To run the mod, either start Doom 3, click mods,
select 'vehicles' and click 'Load' or start up
Doom 3 with +set fs_game vehicles as a parameter.

Once the mod is running, lower the console with
Ctrl+Alt+~ and type "map testmaps/test_vehicle"

You should spawn in a big canyon area with two
vehicles sitting in front of you.  The little
four wheeled guy is the buggy, and the six
wheeled one is the locust.

The first thing you're going to want to do is
type "pm_thirdperson 1" in the console.  Next,
you'll want to bind a key to "_impulse40".  For
example: "bind enter _impulse40"  You can now
run up to a vehicle, hit the key you bound, and
enter the vehicle.  Hitting the key again will
exit the vehicle.

The second map is "testmaps/test_vehicle2".  This
map only has one vehicle in it, a simple version
of the buggy.  It should behave pretty much exactly
like the other buggy, but it runs about 20 times
faster (you can look in the code to figure out why).

Some fun console variables:

Have Fun!

Copyright 2004 id Software

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