Doom 3 Theme Reloaded



This is a sound track meant to replace the original D3 theme. It is basically the same except that this one clearly sounds better, notably thanks to stereo adding.

Good work Josh!




Why did I make this?

Because badly compressed audio files annoy me, especially in a game as well polished as Doom 3.

The Process?

Didn't do a whole lot really to make this. I just converted the higher quality .mp3 that id released into an .ogg.

I would have liked to have made the quality higher than 128kbps Average bitrate but the highest quality file released was 128kbps. The original file that came with Doom 3 was around 30kbps Average bitrate so it's still quite an improvement.


Throw the pak005.pk4 file (.txt file not needed) into the Doom 3\base directory and start up Doom. If you already have a pak005 in there then change the number to a higher value ex. pak006.pk4.

Note for people with extracted Doom 3 .pk4 files:

This file may not work if your original Doom 3 .pk4 files have been extracted, and if this is the case, you will need to rename my .pk4 to .zip, extract the files and place d3theme.ogg into the \Doom 3\base\sound\musical directory.

Encoded and Packed by Deathstryker.
Email: josh_morris_84 AT Yahoo DOT com

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