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For all of you Doom II lovers that wish you could play it, but with the goodness of Doom III at your fingertips...then this download is definitely for you! Santiago Rocha has sent in his newest version of his popular mod Doom 3 to Doom 2; For those of you that are not in the know, weather you just recovered from a coma, or returned to Earth, this mod converts your Doom III to that of the classic Doom II, giving you more frames per second and increasing the number of baddies that you will be up against.

  • Some of the fixes in this version include:
    • Fixed the "twosided" error in materials
    • Fixed the black monitors and black controlmonitor error
    • Fixed the error in the "poppyfx" transision ("Theresa M. Chasar" head) (relative to "vertex blend")
    • Fixed "no open door" error
    • Fixed some ragdoll errors
    • Fixed the black-box errors
    • Fixed some multiplayer errors
    • Fixed all "black texture" errors
    • Fixed the 512x512 cubemap error
    • Fixed the archvile skin
    • Fixed the hand-skin of all npc models
    • Fixed the soldier-body skin
    • Fixed the zombie_morgue skin
    • Fixed the models/mapobjects/corpses/hangingman03
    • Fixed the sabaoth-treads
    • Fixed the eyes of all zombie-commando skins
    • Fixed the lostsoul skins

With this mod, the talented mappers out there will have an easier time creating quality Doom II maps for the Doom II lovers, that uses the Doom III engine.

Whats new in this version? New 1024x1024 wraith skin New 1024x1024 revenant skin New 1024x1024 maggot skin New 512x512 bfg-world skin New 512x256 plasmagun-world skin New marine helmets New full-color multiplayer skins (red/blue/yellow/green) New full-color keyskull skins New armor_blue and armor_red in items New multiplayer settings And more!

Refer to the readme for more information.




General Information:

title -             Doom 3 to Doom 2 (v0.7)
status-             Public Beta
release date -      13 July, 2008

author -            Santiago Rocha (from Uruguay)
email address -     [email protected]
website -           http://santiagorocha.deviantart.com/

description -       This mod convert the complex engine of Doom3 in the obsolete engine of Doom2 (more frames per second = more enemies in screen).
                    This issue tries to help the Doom3 mapper community to recreate the original Doom2 intense gameplay.
                    If you are a mapper, and you like this mod...please make any map in the glorious DOOM2 style.



Extract the DOOM3toDOOM2_v0.7.zip into the doom 3 directory (not the base folder!).
Run Doom 3, select the Mod "Doom3 to Doom2 v0.7",
start a new game and select a difficulty.

Note: Resurrection of Evil comes with patch 1.2, but this mod 
needs the newest patch 1.3 of DOOM3!


added/changed in v0.7 :

-fixed the "twosided" error in materials
-fixed the black monitors and black controlmonitor error
-fixed the error in the "poppyfx" transision ("Theresa M. Chasar" head) (relative to "vertex blend")
-fixed "no open door" error
-fixed some ragdoll errors
-fixed the black-box errors
-fixed some multiplayer errors
-fixed all "black texture" errors
-fixed the 512x512 cubemap error
-new 1024x1024 wraith skin
-new 1024x1024 revenant skin
-new 1024x1024 maggot skin
-new 512x512 bfg-world skin
-new 512x256 plasmagun-world skin
-fixed the archvile skin
-fixed the hand-skin of all npc models
-fixed the soldier-body skin
-fixed the zombie_morgue skin
-new marine helmets
-new full-color multiplayer skins (red/blue/yellow/green)
-new full-color keyskull skins
-new armor_blue and armor_red in items
-fixed the models/mapobjects/corpses/hangingman03
-fixed the sabaoth-treads
-fixed the eyes of all zombie-commando skins
-fixed the lostsoul skins
-added mapobjects_with_alphatest and textures_with_alphatest in materials
-fixed the textures/base_wall/xiantex3_dark_burn error
-slow motion for the cacodemon and vagary
-new monster_zombie_marine
-new monster_zombie_marine_helmet
-new monster_zombie_marine_zombie02
-new monster_zombie_marine_nojaw
-new monster_zombie_marine_noface
-new monster_zombie_marine_noeyes
-new monster_zombie_marine_stump
-new monster_zombie_hazmat
-new monster_zsec_plasmagun
-new monster_zombie_commando_bfg
-new monster_flying_painelemental   (horned version created by the talented Revility, http://doom3.filefront.com/file/;71076)
-the shotgun is more powerfull
-changes in the entityDef of any weapons
-better framerate
-any textures fixes/changes
-all .def files are revised
-all .mtr files are revised
-all .script files are revised
-new multiplayer settings
-other things are changed...

added/changed in v0.5 :

-pistol and shotgun are more fast
-no reload needed for any weapons
-slow animation for all weapons
-changes in the entityDef of any weapons
-the player is more fast
-fixed the skin of all characters
-brown hair for npc models
-new 1024x1024 enemie skins
-new pistol and chaingun skin
-fixed the errors in cabinet legs (relative to "spigotcan.tga")
-fixed the zsecs heads errors
-fixed the invis effect error
-fixed the powerup_megahealth and powerup_invisibility head error
-fixed the error in the "enpro/enwall15.tga" black area
-fixed the "black texture" error in the player arms
-fixed all weapons decals
-fixed the body of shotgunguy and zombieman
-fixed the marine skins errors (in multiplayer)
-fixed the "decals/telemars" (in materials)
-fixed the "my_glass2.tga" texture
-fixed the textures/hell/lava1move3sharprock02ns lava error
-fixed the models/characters/sarge2/w_helmet (in materials)
-DOOM RPG skins support (in materials)
-maxbonushealth and maxbonusarmor are now 200 points
-diferent skins for the commando_tentacle and commando_chaingun
-fixed the "transparents helements" bug
-mancubus_pipe and commando_tentacle has the burning corpse effect
-any textures fixes
-removed the empty area in the UVW for a better reduction of the package
-removed the ghostskull folder
-fixed the "washroom mirror" texture
-removed the splash-screens of the levels
-other things are changed...

added/changed in v0.3 :

-this mod use the "Classic Sounds Soundpack" by Revenant100 (www.nextdimension.org/other/doom3)
-all skins and textures of DOOM3 are changed
-new skins (DOOM RPG)
-cyberdemon can be killed by normal weapons
-removed "burning corpse effect" and "gibbing corpse effect"
-removed local and specular maps
-removed shadows
-other things are changed...


Known bugs/issues:

-"invisible panels" error (relative to "blend blend")
-black doors in the "Mars City cutscene" (intro of the game)
-strange error in the end cutscene (Primary Excavation) (end of the game)
-"single-player-model" invis effect error (this is not realy a bug, like in the original Doom 3)
-errors in the burning corpse effect (cacodemon, cyberdemon, guardian and sabaoth)
-errors in the gibbing corpse effect (zsecs and zombies)
-any texts errors
-no arachnotron (a big version of trite) support yet

-no "vertex blend" transision support (in materials)

-no muzzleflash support (this is not realy a error)
-no fog support (this is not realy a error)

-needed the creation of flamethrower-guy
-needed the creation of E3 chainsaw zombie (zombie02)
-needed the creation of female zombie (Theresa M. Chasar)


Thanks to:

id software (www.idsoftware.com)       

http://www.d3files.com/    -The Ultimate Doom 3 Download resource!
http://moddb.com/          -Mod DB - Play something different

http://www.doom3world.org/    -Doom3 World - Level Editing, Scripting, Models, Animation, Mods and Maps
http://www.planetdoom.com/    -Planet Doom - Movies, Maps, News, Resurrection of Evil, Cheats
http://www.doomworld.com/    -Doomworld - The definitive source for Doom news, information and development

http://www.doomwadstation.com/    -Doom Wad Station
http://www.newdoom.com/    -NewDoom.com - Dedicated to the fans and community of id Software's DOOM games



 I am not affiliated with Activision or id Software in any way, they do not hold 
responsibility for any technical issues that you may encouter through the use of 
this mod. Contact me at [email protected] if you find any problems.
This file can be distributed freely, as long as you
keep the .zip, .pk4 & .txt file unaltered, and intact.

Any and all assets or code presented in this mod are not allowed to be 
distributed as part of any other package, in whole or in part.

-Doom 3 is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.-


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