DOOM 3 Ultima Preview Pack



Hello to everyone out there. I know that you have been expecting Ultima fror some time now, but things have gotten a little slow. I have started working, and didn't get off til 1:30 in the morning the other night for example. But I have not forgotten about the mod. As proof that I am still working on it and to give everyone a little something to look forward to, I have compiled a preview pack for Ultima comprised of video clips and high quality screenshots.

The video clips were captured using FRAPS and use DivX 4 compression and the screenshots are in PNG format and were taken with Doom 3 set to HIGH quality with 1280x1024 resolution and 4x anti-aliasing. Please excuse the poor frames. This is because I am running on only a radeon 9600. However everything can still be made out very clear. 56k'ers beware. Within this 100MB RAR file are previews for my upcoming mod compilation Doom 3 Ultima. Screenshots galore to show off graphical detail and upcoming features. As well as video clips to demonstrate features such as the new alpha labs 5, the newly added weapon pickups for the icer in the enpro facility, the modded forcefield which only turns on when your health is 50 or below, the self destruct for the BFG 9550 (you HAVE to watch this one), as well as several other innovations.

The mod will be out before soon I promise. I'm not giving an exact release date because something always comes up. But it WILL be out. Stay tuned. And be sure to visit this page over at DOOM 3 World often. I post progress updates there as they happen. Take care everyone.


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