Doom 3 Weapon Mod - Not for Sissies 2

NotforSissies.zip —


This is my first main stream Doom 3 mod release. There was a Not for Sissies 1, but due to a corrupted hard drive, I lost it entirely. Not to mention it was a very poor mod.

Most weapons, except the Rocket Launcher, Plasmagun, BFG and Soul Cube, have been rebuilt (aside from model). Sounds, skins, particles and effects have been changed for the other weapons as well as damage and effects.

Added Mortal Cyberdemon, fully coded by me, with help from Doom3World of course. Added another re-skinned Imp with added projectile animation and monster sounds.

Hope you enjoy and you can see the status of this mod via my Youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/Seeksanddestroys


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