DOOM Chronicles: Chapter One

The demo includes one level from our SP campaign, one super cool test level, and loads of our new features! Though it is all still early bet...


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The demo includes one level from our SP campaign, one super cool test level, and loads of our new features! Though it is all still early beta, you'll be able to get a good look at our new gameplay, and features. One of the new features to note is the new Impact Particle system! Though the paritcle effects are still being tweaked and improved, this feature adds tonnes of depth to d3. Metal sparks when shot, dirt shoots off clouds of dust, etc.

Also (as mentioned above) we have a new gravity gun model! Unfortunately, the skin we released it with in the demo is VERY beta, so you do not get to see this trully amazing model in all its glory.... But don't worry, we will get it reskinned by our next release!

We incourage everyone to download our Demo, and to give us feedback. Also, report any bugs you might find in our forums, or send to this e-mail. Hope you enjoy.

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Download '' (73.04MB)

*				   Doom Chronicles:  Chapter One		                           *
*					      Beta Demo				                           *
*						   *
Created By:  Doom Chronicles Developement Team (reply with bugs to cody_b64 AT hotmail DOT com or us our forums)
Date:  23/02/05


		Thank you for downloading the first beta release of the first chapter of our mod.  Though we have decided to only include one level from our SP campaign for this demo, it should give you a good idea of our mod's gameplay.  The level included was chosen because it shows off many of our new features, but does not give away too many of our 'secrets', nor the bigger surprises that await with the final release of Chapter One ;)
		Once you have completed the demo level, you will be taken to the G-Gun Testing Facility, a map we use for testing physics.  You can also access this map through the console with the command: map testmaps/ggun



		1. Open the zip.
		2. Drop the entire contents of the .zip into your Doom 3 directory (default c:\Program Files\Doom 3\).  Do not place in Base folder.
		3. Start Doom 3 and click on the Mods button.  Select DoomChroniclesDemo from the list. Or, you can double click on DC_Demo_shortcut.bat
		4. Once the mod has been launched, click New Game, and select a difficulty.
		5. Have Fun!!


Demo Features:
		Here is a list of the features included with this Demo....

*One of the SP levels from our new SP campaign, plus a test map for the Gravity Gun :D

*Completely re-worked damage system to give you a more intense experience.

*You might see one of our new monsters ;)

*A few of our new weapons....
Default 'Q'.  Press 'Q' to launch a flare to light the way...
-Gravity Gun:
Toggle to use (Default G)
Fire (Default Mouse1) grabs/catches objects, dead enemies, or projectiles.
Alt Fire (Default Mouse2) Launches the items that you are carrying.
Tapping Alt Fire while not holding something can push moveables and corpses.
Tapping Alt Fire while not holding something, and aiming at a living monster will 'zap' them, casing very weak damage.
Tapping Reload will drop any object that is currently being held.
-Napalm Grenade:
Still in testing stages...  Will have to cheat to get it ;)
-Other weapons left out until we have a new model and skin for them...

*Alternate Fire (Default Mouse2)
-Most weapons that have alternate Fire require special ammo to use them...None of this ammo can be found in our Demo level...  However, some weapons have Alt Fire's that do not require any ammo....  With a little experimentation, you will find these :)

*Fire Modes (Default 'E')
-Some weapons have multiple modes of fire in addition to their Alternate Fire.  You can toggle between a weapons Fire Modes by pressing 'E'.  Some weapons have up to three seperate Fire Modes!!! - 

*Refer to the emails entitled 'Weapons Manual' that are received in-game for detailed explanations of Alt-Fires and Fire-Modes on guns picked up.

*Melee (Default Ctrl)
-Almost every weapon has a Melee attack.  These attacks are only recommended as a last resort...  *Note, these anims were made before our newest animator joined, so they are not the greatest :(  However, by our next release, they should all be redone and up to par :D

*Hand Grenade no longer in weapon list....
-It now toggles like the flashlight, and can be toggled by Default Caps Lock.

*The Squad!
-There are now friendlies that will help you.  Do NOT shoot them!! ;)
-Clicking on squad members when the talk option appears will heal the squad member.
-Also talking with a squad member toggles their state between follow and stay.

*Advanced Impact Particles
-We have modified the engine so that every surface type can have a completely unique impact particle!  This means that metal will shoot off sparks, dirt shoots off dust, etc!  Unfortunately, our demo level takes place mostly in a 'metal' inviroment, so you'll have to wait for a later release to see this new feature pushed to its full potential...  *Note:  The impact particles used are still in there testing stages, and many will be upgraded by the next release...

-We have gone great lengths to bring the Doom 3 atmosphere to life like never before.  We have given as many objects physics as possible, which changes the gameplay in ways not possible before!  *Note:  Many of the moveables are still being tweaked to be made to be more realistic...  Some of the moveables may behave 'odd' in this demo..

-We have added many new sounds, and upgraded many old ones...

*Many, many more upgrades and tweaks....  Hopefully you'll notice them all, and enjoy them :)


*Game Play Tips:

		1.  Save Often!  This is much more chanlenging than vanilla Doom 3...
		2.  Use Alternate Fire, and Fire Modes strategically to survive...
		3.  If ammo is low, or if something jumps in your face, use your gun's melee attack ;)
		4.  Use sprint strategically to evade enemies..
		5.  Look before you shoot, it may not be a monster.  Don't Shoot your Squad!!!
		6.  Just like in real battle, you must watch your squad's line-of-fire.  Don't Stand in your squad's way in intense battles...  Crouching helps ;)
		7.  Aim for your enemies heads, head-shots are lethal.
		8.  Use flares strategically to light up your path. **Warning though** flares are lights, and being this is a realtime lighting system, multiple flares on top of each other will start to drop your FPS.
		9.  Search every area thoroughly to discover secrets, they can help harder places to be MUCH easier.
		10.  Moveable objects often get thrown around in battle.  Try to use these to your advantage.  Large moveables can make for quick cover...
		11.  Advance slowly if possible to take advantage of the benefits your team has to offer
		12.  Kill everything quickly!  Don't get overrun..
		13.  It is good to gib zombies....  Helps with fps :)
		14.  Read all the emails, and examine the pdas you pick up.
		15.  Have fun! :D


		This Mod adds many new effects, and has a lot more going at once than vanilla Doom 3.  If you notice a drop in your FPS, it may be wise to lower your settings a bit.  By default, we have turned off Decals, and ejecting brass.  If you get decent fps, then you can turn these back on by changing them in the included autoexec.cfg (found in dc_pak001.pk4).  Just change their 0's to 1's.  You can alter any other setting in there as well, including some of the other optimizations we have put in there.  As long as you were able to play D3 with decent-Ok fps, then you should not have anything to worry about.  I was able to play just fine with a geforce 5200, 2.3ghz, and 512 MB of ram ;)


*Known Bugs

-There is an odd bug that occurs when you load a saved game.  You may or may not notice it...It effects your ammo....
-Sometimes, Moveables act strangely....
-You may or may not see this one...But sometimes, zombies don't gib right....They'll just 'dissapear'...
-This really isn't a bug....  The Gravity Gun needs a MUCH better skin...  We had to leave it as is, though...that, or delay the release of the Demo :(
-In the ggun room, dont call a monster while holding an object. 
-Squad may crash if they fight to get through a door - if you see this about to happen, kill 1 of them.

		If you find any more bugs, please report them....Post anything you find on our forums at: or if you prefer, you may email them to us at: Cody_b64 AT hotmail DOT com **PLease, if you are reporting a bug and are able to, take a screenshot of the bug to send; this would be greatly appreciated**


-Doom Chronicles Developement Team:

Cody64: Team Leader, Programmer, Animator, Varius Jobs
Nivelxe: Programmer, A.I. Coder, Skinner 
krankymonkee: Lead Mapper, Music Composer
randreach454: Mapper 
Smash: Mapper 
Nuke: Web Designer, General Admin, Mapper
Live_wirE: Lead Modeler 
WereRabbit: Animator
Incubus: Skinner 
DeaDBeaT: Concept Artist 
Necronomicon: Concept Artist
Jdawgg: Voice Actor
MintyDog: Voice Actor, Mapper, Demo Recorder
JonnyGunz: Voice Actor, Skinner 
Saber1: Modeler, Sound Engineer, Voice Actor 
Dareitus: Voice Actor 
Wintermute: Voice Actor 

Some of the music used in this Demo was created by:
Raven Squad
Ashley Carr

*Special Thanks To:
DescX:  For Helping us sort out Alternate Ammo Types.
PbMax:  For Allowing us to use, and modify, his Gravity Gun Code.
Everyone who has helped us out at
The Doom Community:  Still the coolest community around :D
And to YOU, for downloading our Mod!  Thank You! :D


*Comments from a few of the Team Members:

We've finally released it :D  I'd like to personally thank all the hard working members of my team!  Thanks guys!  Your the best!  Also, I'd like to thank everyone who has supported our team over the last few months, and everyone in the community who has offered assistance and support!  Thanks everyone, and I hope you all enjoy this mod as much as I've enjoyed working on it :)

Well Live-wirE here, lead modeler, we have only put one model in the game, this is because the demo is to show off game play not any new models we are working on, also the skin on the gravity gun is not the final skin by far (really its crap) but keep an eye out you might get a patch with a few more models and new skin. Peace out from you fav modeler Live_wirE

Find the secrets already. Damn.

I hope you enjoy our work, more on the way :D.

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