DOOM Chronicles: Chapter One Beta 2

This patch will bring DoomChroniclesDemo_v2 up to version 2.1. It is compatible with both the Windows and Mac versions of DoomChroniclesDemo...


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This patch will bring DoomChroniclesDemo_v2 up to version 2.1. It is compatible with both the Windows and Mac versions of DoomChroniclesDemo_v2.

Included in this patch is our new sniper rifle, as well as four new multiplayer DC maps, which all take advantage of the new sniper rifle. Also we have included bug fixes and tweaks, which are listed below.

New Maps:

DC Hopeless | Small tournament style map for very fast action. DC LostCause | Medium to large map based indoors and in caves, with many sniping positions. DC Roost | Conversion of {DHC} Roost for Soldier of Fortune 2. It is a very open cave map, built for fast paced action. DC SniperTest | Started as a testing map for our sniper rifle, and was built out to be a fun playable arena. An Anti-camp button has been placed in the center of the map for your convenience.


Multiplayer: - Controls for Alt-Fire and Fire-Mode can now be set in MP GUI - Zoom can now be set to be momentary or toggle through the MP GUI - Shotgun Alt-Fire has been limited in MP to 2 shots per clip, to stop spamming and lag - Shotgun fire in Double-Shot and Full-Auto mode may not be audible in MP if fired by another player. - Shotgun Pellet load has been changed to help with Lag in MP - Plasmagun clip size in MP has been increased to 50 - Plasmagun shots may not be heard by other players at times - Due to D3's Net Code, there are some issues with mp. Sometimes, if the PING gets high, particles will stop showing. Also, in general, mp can sometimes have lag. We have found though, that our included maps run extremely smooth. With few exceptions, we have experienced no lag here.

Others: - New Mainmenu screen - There is an odd bug that occurs when you load a saved game. You may or may not notice it... It effects your ammo.... ** Not any more! This bug has been fixed. - Sometimes, Moveables act strangely.... ** Still work to be done on D3's Physics - You may or may not see this one... But sometimes, zombies don't gib right.... They'll just "dissapear"... ** Happens in Vanilla game too... Something to do with gibbing more than one zombie at the same time. - This really isn't a bug.... The Gravity Gun needs a MUCH better skin... We had to leave it as is, though... that, or delay the release of the Demo :( ** A new one is in the works... Hopefully will be finished soon. - In the gun room, dont call a monster while holding an object. - Squad may crash if they fight to get through a door - if you see this about to happen, kill 1 of them. ** This issue, we believe, has been fixed. If you experience it, however, please tell us.

If you find any more bugs, please report them.... Post anything you find on our forums or if you prefer, you may email them to us.

** Please, if you are reporting a bug and are able to, take a screenshot of the bug to send; this would be greatly appreciated **

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Download '' (17.07MB)

*				   Doom Chronicles:  Chapter One		                           *
*				 	 Beta Demo v2.1 Patch			                           *
*						   *
Created By:  Doom Chronicles Developement Team (reply with bugs to 
cody_b64 AT or use our forums)
Date:  October 12, 2005


1. Open the zip. You will find:  


2. Drop the entire contents of the .zip into your Doom 3/DoomChroniclesDemo_v2 directory.  If anything asks to overwrite, allow it to.

(Windows default c:\Program Files\Doom 3\DoomChroniclesDemo_v2  -  Mac default Applications\Doom 3\doomchroniclesdemo_v2)

3. Start Doom 3 and click on the Mods button.  Select DoomChroniclesDemo_v2 from the list. Or, you can double click on DC_Demo_v2_shortcut.bat if Windows, or launch the DC launcher on Mac.

4. Once the mod has been launched, click New Game, and select a difficulty to enjoy the SP map, or log onto the DoomChroniclesMP server at 

5. Have Fun!!


-Doom Chronicles Developement Team:

Cody64: Team Leader, Programmer, Animator, Varius Jobs
Nivelxe: Programmer, A.I. Coder, Skinner, Web Designer
Krankymonkee: Lead Mapper, Music Composer
Smash: Mapper
WereRabbit: Animator
Incubus: Skinner
DeaDBeaT: Concept Artist
Necronomicon: Concept Artist
Jdawgg: Voice Actor
MintyDog: Voice Actor, Mapper, Demo Recorder
Saber1: Modeler, Sound Engineer, Voice Actor
Dareitus: Voice Actor
IronHand:  Voice Actor
Da'at:  Mapper
Falcore:  Web Designer
Glomerate:  Voice Actor
Raven Squad:  Music Composer
SS3 Goku:  Skinner
Jonny_Gunz:  Skinner
Plague:  Voice Actor

Some of the music used in this Demo was created by:
Raven Squad
Ashley Carr

*Special Thanks To:

DescX:  For Helping us sort out Alternate Ammo Types.
PbMax:  For Allowing us to use, and modify, his Gravity Gun Code.
cusTom3:  For his more than greatly appreciated help with multiplayer game code.
Everyone who has helped us out at
The Doom Community:  Still the coolest community around :D
And to YOU, for downloading our Mod!  Thank You! :D

*DC Teraform contains the skybox Gravesky by Sock, created for Quake 3, and converted to Doom 3 by krankymonkee.

Info from his readme follows:
Date:             13th of January 2001.
author:           Sock
email address:    sock AT


*DC Roost was converted with permission from {DHC} Roost, by {DHC} MR KLEEN OSX, and can be found at:;25401

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