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This is mod is the result of much of my own manipulation of the game and the compilation of several other mods that began as an attempt to c...


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This is mod is the result of much of my own manipulation of the game and the compilation of several other mods that began as an attempt to combine the Delta Mod and Battle Ready mods only as they rock themselves but aren't compatible, and this eventually lead to modification of the rest of the game.

It's not meant to make the player invincible nor does it grant the demons an overpowering advantage. The goal was to balance the monsters' health and damage between themselves and the player's health and damage as well as the damage between the player's weapons. No one monster should be impossible to beat on its own, nor should any of the player's weapons overpower all the others (for every situation). This mod is meant to make the game more challenging and to force the player to try to make every shot count, and to make the game more enjoyable and realistic look and feel.


- Many Monsters have new, tastier skins so you are no longer forced to fight everything gray. The cacodemon looks more like the original, one-eyed lightening belching DOOM monster. Imps now have a blood red skin. Pinky is pinkish. and more! - ALL the weapons also have new skins. More metal, not plastic looking. No more green machinegun; the plasmagun now emits a slight blue glow as it should cause it's venting. - Bullet wounds have changed to better represent the different caliber and weapon. Chaingun decals > machine gun. Plasma burns smoke. - Every monster has more health and does more damage, but to different degrees for each. For instance, pinky demon is more than 2x its health because you usually only meet it one on one.

- Archvile's fire blast now extremely deadly, like in original doom. - Maggot no longer wimp compared to the imp. - Hellknight even deadlier. Little less health than mancubus but much more damage, especially its bite! - Lost souls and trite/ticks stronger so can't mow them down AS easily. Still shouldn't kill you. - CY is now extremely strong, 10000 health! since player can damage it with any weapon. - Stay away from the chainsaw zombie! - and more!

- To counter this the player has more health! 200 armor and health, but only medpacks and soulcube raise you over 100. Now the health stations are for real emergencies! - ALL bodies, bullet casings,and blood stay indefinitely. Only drawback is in the last battle, cause monsters stop spawning, but you can now damage the CY with all weapons. - Decals (gunshots in the walls and such) should also stay. - Zombies have massive health now, but also have times 3 damage to the head. Really aim for the head! - Some monsters, like maggot, have longer melee reaches; some have shorter, like pinky. Keep your distance! - Weapons tweaked considerably.

- More ammo capacity for all weapons! - No more killing demons with your fists of chaos or flashlight of spikes. dmg down on both. berserker still works, though isn't one-hit kills for the hellknight. - Pistol damage up from 14 to 15. Clip size down to 10. Shoots faster, like a semi-auto. No longer sounds like a nerf gun. max 400 bullets. - Shotgun damage down to 3 but has 60 pellets in each shell. one shell loading. larger spread. Now really have to be in their face for a oneshot. deeper sound. max 308 shells. - Machinegun dmg down 1pt to 8. Clip size now 50. Faster firerate. max clip 850. wider spread. Less powerful cause reloads so fast. deeper, more "machine" sound. - Chaingun damage down to 13.5 from 20, but now fires very fast with 150 round chain. wider spread. Max ammo belt 1000. much more impactful sound. - Grenade no longer super bouncy fun ball. No detonate on monsters; splash dmg up from 150 to 175. max 65. - Plasmagun faster fire rate. dmg up to 17.5 from 16. max cells 750. - Rocket Launcher dmg up to 185 from 170. larger radius and more splash dmg. max 150. should gib. - BFG now really is a Big F* Gun. dmg 350 from 200. radius and splash dmg up a lot. and energy thread do more damge per second. should gib. blast effect more brilliant and dynamic. - Chainsaw dmg up to 65 from 50. Go ahead and get close! should also gib. - Soulcube soulblast dmg up to 1500 from 1000 to account for the monsters' health boost. That way you can still kill mancubi in one hit.

- More blood from everybody. player bleeds. - New email in caseon's pda. - Explosions particles changed. Explosions now more "fireery" not so much a fire cloud. - Several monsters now should try to dodge attacks more. - Less smoke from guns. I've never fired a chaingun but the guns I have fired don't produce that much smoke.

Many other tweaks i made while playing the game and several texture, lighting, particle effects, and fx from the source mods.

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DOOM Cubed Mod


Very easy. Create a folder in your c:\Doom3 folder. Name it whatever you want, and put the pk4 file in that folder. Run DOOM3 and select the mod
from the mods menu. Atlernatively, add '+set fs_game 'name of the folder you put the mod in''  without the quotation marks to your DOOM3 shortcut target.

Other Stuff
I take no credit for any of the material in this mod since I got almost all of it from various other mods. This mod is basically a combination of
the aforementioned mods, optimized to function correctly together, and with a few personal tweaks and subtractions. Thanks Delta Mod!

contact info: dr_roastbeef at hotmail dot com.

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