Maps recreated by hand from the original DooM II game created by id Software to the DooM 3 engine. Please note that these are exact replicas and are not meant to have any major details added to them.

This mod is comprised of:

1/. Entryway by PhantomL0rd 2/. Underhalls by Lemming 3/. The Gantlet by mybrainhurtz 4/. The Focus by PhantomL0rd 5/. The Waste Tunnels by Lemming/PhantomL0rd 6/. The Crusher by PhantomL0rd 7/. Dead Simple by mybrainhurtz 8/. The Pit by Lemming 9/. Refueling Base by Lemming

Please Note:

Due to specific hardware limitations you will notice that when you enter a room there are fewer enemies that are in the original Doom II game. But be warned that as you kill enemies, more will spawn in jsut around the corner or behind you. Also these spawns are instantaneous as they do not have the red glow and star effect when teleporting and instantly appear, this may look strange if you happen to see it happening but it cannot be helped without putting them all in at the very begining and watching your PC explode.

Report any bugs encountered over there: Bug and Error Reports Thread



Doom II mod for Doom³

Unzip the file into your c:/Doom/ folder and make sure that use path names is on. Then run the .bat file or run the game as normal and select it from the mods menu. Then open the console and type in map Entryway


Some skins and models have been changed to suit the original Doom II game better. Here is a list of who and what got changed:

Imp: Brown skin now.
Revenant: White and red as he is in Doom II
Mancubus: Changed to a more brown colour.
Lost Soul: White Skull coloured and all mechanical details removed.
Hell Knight: Brown skin and fur on legs - Hell HK is now red to represent the Barons

Chaingun: Brown body

Misc Def file changes:
Chaingun now holds 99 ammo before reload is necessary
Shotgun can hold 50 shells, spread decreased to 8 and power decreased to 8 (was 14)
Plasma gun can hold 300 cells, power increased to 20 (was 16)
Cyberdemon is no longer a 'boss' and can be killed be normal means. Although his health has lowered to 3000
All weapons except the BFG will not gib any character, all demons wait 30 seconds before burning up as well.

Known Bugs:
None at the moment, please PM us and we will get onto it straight away!

DooM II for DooM 3 created by Disposable Heroes:
Lemming - Team Leader, level design, skinner, scripting
PhantomLord - level design, artist
Blaker - level desgin, artist
For all requests, questions, and comments on the mod we strongly encourage you to go and visit our official Mod Team forum at: http://s6.invisionfree.com/Disposable_Heroes 
You may not use this mod for your own designs. This mod is to be distributed as is and not to be changed. If you wish to use this mod as a base for your own then PM me at PlanetDoom or Bytrix Foums as given above.

We would like to thank everyone at PD's forums and the Bytrix forums for the support. Also to everyone in the community
who was nice enough to put together great mapping tutorials and chilling with the community. Another thanks goes out to D3files for their support and for hosting our mod!

Thanks again, we hope you enjoy it!

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