DOOM II for DOOM 3: Level Preview



This clip shows some early development items. A run though of The Underhalls, bits of The Focus, The Gauntlet, The Waste Tunnels, and The Refueling Base.

Plus our test run of our z-sec pistol random head, and head popping. Basicly, we wanted some variation in the z-secs, so I wrote a small piece of code, that will append different heads on the z-sec bodies, you'll see a bit of this in the video, you may catch a glimpse of Swann or Betruger head.

Also, occasionally the head drops, the real head, and the head even is animated (not really shown in this clip), this is refined more in the final, the head doesn't always pop off.

The video also showcases an optimization we've been working on, which hides shadows on projectiles/muzzle flashes, a new cvar which will allow you to toggle the behaviour, mostly for high skill levels like Ultra-Violence where you get 6 or 7 imps lighting up fireballs, or 10 zsec's firing at once.

Most of the video clips were recorder on my work PC, using fraps (set to 40 fps). The Video Card is a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, the vid does skip in a few places, but not to often.

Hope you enjoy it, some of these maps have changed a bit since the vids were recorded, also all the levels shown are recorded at the Ultra-Violence Skill level.


|- CODEC: DivX |- Resolution: 640x480 |- Running Time: 8'40" |- Sound: Yes



Doom 2 for Doom 3

Early Work for mod, water, health vial, end level stats, head poping, random z-sec heads, no shadows on muzzle flashes and projectiles, invulnerability.


Disposable Heroes


Lemming - Team Leader, level design, skinner, scripting
PhantomLord - level design, artist
Blaker - level desgin, artist
OmegaSupremeX2k4 - Coding, Scripting, GUI's, packaging

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