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This is a new version of the tool that converts DooM wad files into Doom³ map files. It contains a more compatible material file as well as...


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This is a new version of the tool that converts DooM wad files into Doom³ map files. It contains a more compatible material file as well as some adjustments to the gameplay. The texture conversion is done a whole way easier now.

Please extract in Doom 3 folder!

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DtoD3 v1.3

Hi Y'all, 

based on the QuakeDM code from Michael Stokes, I wrote a program 
called DtoD3 which will convert DooM wad files into Doom³ map format. 
It only takes seconds to do so. 

Nearly all linedefs are converted, as well as sector specials. 

Some linedefs are currently not supported: 

- scroll  (and probably never will, because it is Doom³ related)

Actually there are few problems I am aware of: 

- brushes cannot have more than one function (will not be solved)


Command line options are available running DtoD3.
Object substitution is declared in the D2D3_obj.txt file.

A few things you have to do while converting: 

Please be sure that the global point (0 0 0) is within the bounds. Otherwise you have
to use the -noflood function using bsp.

A new command line variable has been added: -scale x which scales the map by the factor 
you enter. Default is 1.0, I suggest a value of 1.5 .
Here is the way you have to go...
-extract DtoD3 to a folder

-copy your IWAD in that folder (doom.wad, doom2.wad etc)

-run xtract on your IWAD file (either doom.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad or plutonia.wad; depends on the map you want to convert)
	This will create the file DOOM1.TEX, DOOM2.TEX, TNT.TEX, PLUTONIA.TEX which contains the textures from the IWAD.
	That TEX file is needed for DtoD3 to determine the correct textures sizes. 
	In addition it will create the corresponding .pk4 file for use with Doom 3.	
	xtract IWAD
	i.e: xtract doom2	

-copy the created .pk4 files and the zdoomdefs.pk4 in the base/ folder

-copy your PWAD in your DtoD3 folder where you want to extract maps from

-run glbspX on your wad file where you want to convert maps

-run DtoD3 on your wad file:
	dtod3 WADNAME MAPNAME -bound -scale X -IWADtype (default is doom2)

	i.e. dtod3 doom2.wad map01 -bound -scale 1.5 -doom2
-open the created map file with DoomEdit
-save your map file in the /base/maps folder
-reopen your map file from the /base/maps folder (this is needed, because DoomEdit will add things like names etc.)

-run bsp 

-start Doom³ and start your map via the console 

If you are not satisfied with the sizes of the textures, run Q3Radiant v202. This program
will convert the standard map format into bp (brush primitives) with the scaling information
of the textures still intact.
Therefor copy the created texture files with a .pk3 extension, because Q3Radiant can only search for textures in .pk3 files.

Otherwise use GtkRadiant v1.5, mark the whole map, run the surface inspector (press s) and enter the the reciprocal value of
the scale value you entered running DtoD3 in the fields 'vertical stretch' and 'horizontal stretch'.
Save your map and rerun bsp via DoomEdit.

For the textures I recommend hires textures from the JDTP (JDOOM texture pack). 

These textures must be converted into uncompressed .tga files and renamed. 
Please use the program texpakcvt which is included or download at:

A tutorial is included.
NOTE: I modified the cvt.bat file to match texture names, so ONLY run the modified cvt.bat!

The material file is delivered with DtoD3. 
I also included some def files, which are needed to get the real feeling of the old DooM.
Therefor please download the Double Barrel Shotgun as an option at:;40765

Please report bugs, experiences, solutions... there is a thread

ADDED to v1.3:
-	texture conversion is done a whole way easier
-	material file recreated and completed for all doom titles
-	def files updated

ADDED to v1.2:
-	geometry is converted correctly when there is a linedef aligned with a middle AND upper or lower texture
-	triggers for teleporters reworked

ADDED to v1.1:
-	light effects on sectors (test only)
-	triggers have been reworked
-	correct names on multiple tagged func_doors.
-	object substitution expanded
-	correct speed on lifts etc
-	triggers on teleporters can only be triggered when facing them (so you can leave a teleporter)
-	scale factor on the command line
-	stairs do work, but ALL sectors that create a staircase MUST have the correct and same linedef tag.
	in most cases only the first sector of a stair is tagged to the line. the following have the tag '0' or '99' or '999'.
	those stairs DO NOT work. so please modify your wad before you convert it.


1.3		light effects on sectors (still beta)

2.2		add correct size of textures, better said their offsets

2.3		maybe let DtoD3 write bp (brush prmitives) directly, so there is no need for Q3Radiant v202

Greetings and special thanks to Michael Stokes for Doomtex and QuakeDM, the source of DtoD3.
Thanks for WAD2TGA Version 1.0 by Incubus (mmilley AT yossman DOT net).
Thanks for Zip 2.31. A free zip utility available at .

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