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While I (like many others) enjoyed Doom3 immensely, I felt that something wasn't quite "right" in the gameplay experience. Too often I was p...


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While I (like many others) enjoyed Doom3 immensely, I felt that something wasn't quite "right" in the gameplay experience. Too often I was passing up armor and ammunition because I was already loaded down with enough ordinance to give Satan himself a nasty flesh wound. As a fan of "survival horror" games, I've loved the tension of dwindling ammo stores, making every shot count because I wasn't sure if I'd have enough bullets to face the next unholy creature that craved my flesh.

That's the atmosphere that this Mod seeks to create. In effect, it looks to create a "Nightmare"-like experience without the rather cheesy trick id Software resorted to. The weapons are a bit more fairly balanced (no more riding the shotgun for all it's worth); the monsters are tougher and require more careful aiming to take down easily; and available ammunition is reduced- carelessly blasting away at enemies will, more often than not, leave you with less ammunition than demons to fire it at.

This time, you're not a walking armory. This time, every opponent is dangerous. Hell itself waits to see if you are a true survivor.

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Doom: True Survival v1.0 by The Rogue Wolf (rogue_wolf AT hotmail DOT com)


Flashlight- decreased melee damage
Fists- decreased damage; no longer gibs bodies; removed blood effects caused by punches
Pistol- increased magazine to 18 rounds, decreased max carry to 15 magazines (270 rounds); decreased damage- now more like a 9mm handgun; no longer gibs bodies
Shotgun- decreased max carry to 15 loads (120 shells); tightened pellet spread considerably, reduced to 8 pellets per shot; reload now only loads one shell at a time
Machinegun- reduced magazine to 50 rounds, reduced max carry to 10 magazines (500 rounds); increased damage, decreased accuracy and rate of fire slightly
Chaingun- increased magazine to 80 rounds, reduced max carry to 5 belts (400 rounds); increased damage, decreased accuracy
Plasmagun- decreased max carry to 6 full cells (300 rounds); decreased rate of fire, increased velocity of plasma blasts; increased weapon glow slightly; gave plasma blasts minor splash damage- no longer for use at point-blank range!
Grenades- increased main blast damage; reduced max carry to 30 grenades
Rocket Launcher- reduced max carry to 8 magazines (40 rockets)


- Armor shards now only give 2 armor
- Small medical kits now only give 10 health
- All weapons now give ammunition equivalent to half their maximum load on pickup
- Reduced ammunition given by most ammo pickups (except for pistol and machinegun which have been raised, and rocket launcher and BFG which are unchanged)


- Most creatures altered to make chest shots do 3/4 damage, limb shots do 1/2 damage
- All unarmed zombies now do more damage and are much tougher; limb shots are nearly worthless, chest shots are marginally effective, so aim for the head!
- All Z-sec zombies toughened slightly; all Z-sec weapons are now EXACTLY like player's weapons- and just as dangerous
Z-sec machinegun- accuracy reduced
Imp- Increased health slightly; increased claw damage and kick, fireball damage and blast radius, doubled leap damage and increased kick- now very dangerous in melee combat
Maggot- increased health; increased melee damage
Wraith- increased melee damage
Pinky- increased bite damage; increased mass
Cacodemon- increased health; fireball damage, splash damage and 'health' increased, bite damage and knockback increased considerably- now deadly in close quarters
Revenant- reduced effectiveness of body/limb shots greatly; rocket damage, splash radius and kickback increased
Mancubus- reduced effectiveness of body/limb shots greatly; fireball velocity reduced; stomp damage increased
Hellknight- increased mass; increased claw/bite damage and knockback (now a left-hander); increased fireball impact damaged, decreased blast damage but increased radius of blast, increased fireball 'health'
Archvile- increased melee and flame damage
Vagary- implemented damage zones; increased damage of flung objects; increased claw damage
Sabaoth- increased health; increased melee damage, range and knockback
Sentry robot- increased health


- Player no longer begins the game with 48 rounds of pistol ammunition
- Increased maximum armor to 150
- Armor now absorbs more of the damage you take
- Changed the names of most weapons, most ammunition and some items
- Introduced the 'chambered round' modification- pistol, shotgun and machinegun hold a round in the firing chamber and, if reloaded with ammunition still in the weapon, will retain that extra round (example: reloading the machine gun with ammunition still in the weapon will give it 51 rounds- 50 rounds in the fresh magazine, plus the round still chambered in the weapon)


- Sometimes, when picking up multiple items of the same type (machinegun clip, etc) whose names I've modified, the old names will pop up for the second or third item. Cause unknown; fix unlikely.


- Simply unzip this file into your Doom3 main folder. Start up the game, click the 'Mods' selection and select 'Doom- True Survival' from the list. Start a new game- I recommend Veteran difficulty for best results.


- This Mod's sole purpose is to tweak the actual gameplay of the original Doom3 adventure through altering the properties of select creatures, weapons and other objects. It does not do anything else. There are plenty of other Mods with other alterations; mix, match, and customize your gameplay to your own specifications.
- This Mod can be considered an 'expert's' Doom3 experience. It is designed to make the game more difficult. Please do not be surprised if you find yourself being killed more easily when playing this Mod.
- This Mod SHOULD not interfere with any enhancement .pak4 files you have already installed, unless they also modify any of the .def, .script or .strings files included in this Mod. In that case, this Mod will probably override those modifications, which could cause conflicts.
- This Mod and the files it contains may be freely distributed so long as they are unaltered and credit is given to the original author (The Rogue Wolf). It is not necessary to ask permission to use these files in any other Mod or enhancement .pak files, though an Email to let me know would be appreciated (I'm always looking for new Mods to play).
- Please, do NOT Email me with inane requests or complaints. Constructive criticism is welcomed (as is praise), but Emails consisting of anything like 'd00d u shuld hav givn teh mashinegnu 50000000 bulets!11!1!' will be deleted with extreme prejudice.
- Keep moving, take cover, aim for the head, and most importantly- enjoy!



- to id Software, for making Doom3 (and making it so easy to fiddle around with)
- to Doom 3 World (, for helping someone with zero knowledge of coding

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