Doom3 Demon Expansion Pack

The demon expansion pak adds in classic monsters to doom3 that didn't make the cut. Unlike typical skin packs, I've gone further and redon...


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The demon expansion pak adds in classic monsters to doom3 that didn't make the cut. Unlike typical skin packs, I've gone further and redone normal maps, modifed the meshes, new sounds, FX and more. Demons include the baron of hell, pain elemental (fires lost souls!), impling, implord, nightmare imp and old school lost soul (dead soul).

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Doom3 Demon Expansion Pack by Revility
Pack date: 10.06.06


This pak adds new monsters to Doom3. I have tried to go beyond just simple color changes to create them like in past mods.
Each creature features new sounds, fx, etc.  This pak may be used in mods or maps only with my prior permission.  
Please contact me ahead of time to let me know you are using them. I would love to see these beasts be put to good use. 
I am also always interested in link exchange as well and featuring on my sites work that this pak is used in.

All the skin/mesh modifications are based on work by id software. They are not intended and should not
be used for anything outside of Doom3 modding and mapping.  Doing so would obviously run you into great legal risk.


Put the "pak6revdemons.pak" file in your doom3 or mod directory.  That is it.  When mapping, you will find the demons
under similar tabs as their counterparts, same for console command.

Example console commands:

spawn monster_demon_baronofhell
spawn monster_flying_deadsoul
spawn monster_flying_painelemental
spawn monster_demon_impling
spawn monster_demon_implord
spawn monster_demon_imp_nightmare

Monsters contained in this pak:

*Baron of Hell*
	A skin and mesh modification of the hellknight.  Bigger and stronger then the hellknight.  Think of the 
	health and power of a mancubus, but moving at the speeds of a hellknight.  Contains modified textures, mesh add-ons, 
	glowing eyes, and new sounds and projectile FX to help further separate it from a hellknight.

*Pain Elemental*  
	A modification of the cacodemon.  The most annoying enemy in doom history returns for more spamming.
	This flying demon shoots homing lost souls at the player.  The lost souls are transparent for a ghostly vibe.  
	They home in on the player, scream as they fly and scream upon death.  The lost souls by default do no splash damage.  
	The PE features glowing eyes, new idle FX simulating people screaming in pain and begging for help.  
	Its health is also far greater than a cacodemon's.

*Classic Lost Soul (Dead Soul)*  
	Using parts of the cyber demon and revenant, the classic looking lost soul returns for 
	those non-ROE owners.  This is just a mesh mod of the lost soul and does not replace the lost soul.

*Impling, Imp Lord*  
	Names derived from Doom RPG.  Each features a more classic looking skin and red eyes instead of spider eyes.  
	The impling is green and very weak.  The imp lord is the strongest imp, but its fireballs are the weakest.

*Nightmare Imp*  
	This one is from Doom64.  The nightmare imp is a weaker transparent version of the regular imp.  
	Just like the Doom64 one, it is purple.  I have inversed its textures as well to help give it a stranger look.


Each monster uses the same animations as the ones they were derived from.  It is possible to do similar scripted events 
like the ones seen in Doom3 with them.  None of them replace any monsters in the game.  The console commands are the 
same paths as the monsters they were derived from.

I also strongly urge anybody who uses this pak to check their def files before adding them into your map or mod.  
They were originally intended for a canned Doom3 mod.  This means their health and attack power were adjusted for use 
in that mod and not vanilla Doom3.


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