Doom3: Freeze Tag



Doom3: Freeze Tag is a pretty cheap, loose copy of Quake 3 Freeze Tag (I mean loose!). The purpose for making this was just so I could learn my way around the code a bit, and be a little constructive about it.

This is mostly a Tutorial release. Source code included (seperate download)




Full version Doom3.

if you want to play in linux, you'll have to compile the code yourself.


Well, you've downloaded the zip file, your keen to try this out with some friends. How to install it?!
its Very simple, Just extract the zip file to your Doom3 path, and thats it. Start up doom3, goto the 
mod menu, select the mod and go!

if you want your maps to be visible in the Start Server, map list. Add:

	"Freeze Tag"	"1"

to your Mapdef in the .Def file


As you've noticed, The art work well, sucks.. This is because I'm a programmer, not an artist.
The Purpose of 0.1 Alpha was mostly to get the code for those who want to learn how to add new 
game modes, and all of the art-minded people I know are still drooling over the material system.

If you wanna Help out with the Art/Decal effects etc. Feel free to contact me!


Apart from Adding the Freeze Tag game mode stuff so we can select and browse for Servers online. 
nothing else has been done, so yeah Scoreboards doesn't report much useful information (ie team scores). The Help of someone that fits into the second Above would be good in making a modified
scoreboard look non Coder Art like.


Two things. 0.1 and Alpha. That, the lack of bots in doom3, and only having 2 pc's in the house
that can run doom3 (one being a laptop grr) something is bound to be broken. Contact me if you find any.

there are some known issuses already.. most of them aren't bugs, they are omissions (players still
animating while frozen for example).

Source Code

Source code is released as a seperate download. 

The Source code is released simply as a tutorial on how to add in a new Multiplayer Game mode.
I've commented nearly everything I've changed (not all of it :p) just do a Search for 'DENSITY:' 
(non case sensitive search might be a good idea) and you'll see what has been changed.. Quick starters
most of the changes are in multiplayer.h and multiplayer.cpp.

You are free todo whatever you like with the code (under ID's EULA)..



Email: [email protected]

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