This is a weapons mod that tweakes the firing rate, damage, clipsize, etc. of most of the weapons. See the readme for more details. It also...


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This is a weapons mod that tweakes the firing rate, damage, clipsize, etc. of most of the weapons. See the readme for more details. It also removes fist and flashlight gibbing, and is merged with the U-E-Q-MOD. This version is 0.2 which has many more changes and fixes.

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                 Now DooM 3 is... DOOMER!
DoomeR v0.2 by Tropezator

Main features:
-Chaingun modded to behave and sound like Ol' Painkiller.
 Good chaingun, GOOD CHAINGUN!
-Shotgun modded to resemble the one in DooM 1 & 2
-No more gibbing peasants with your Fist of Fear,
 Mighty Flashlight of Spikes, etc..
-Upped the firing rate of (almost) all projectile-based weapons.
 Ammo damage, Max_Ammo, clip size, and ammo packs edited to
 maintain the original balance.
-Merged with Ultra-Extreme-Quality-MOD (U-E-Q-MOD),
 by Oneofthe8devilz,
 Thanks dude your mod is great!

New in this version:
-Added a flash for the chaingun bullets when hitting a surface
-Same for the Plasmagun's plasma balls.
-Shotgun now fires 12 gauge 00 buckshot rounds. 9 pellet each, with
 spread reduced again.
-Flesh bullet holes cleared and reduced
-Wall impact holes vary in size for each bullet-based gun.

Added some graphical optimizations to speed up graphics:
-pak006.pk4 contains a tweak for ATI cards. Originally posted here:
-tweak.txt contains a general game optimization.

simply copy the included pak005.pk4 to your Doom3/base folder. Rename it to pak006, 7, etc if you
already have a pak005.pk4. If it doesn't work as advertised, chances are some other mod is
conflicting with it. Remove all the other mods to see if it works, then add them again, one by one,
to see which one is causing the problem.



-Lost the Ring of the Berserker, no gibs


-Removed the spikes -a liability. No gibs.

-New firing rate, from 2.5 to 3.0 rps.
-Definately no gibs.
-custom bullet hole decals
	MaxAmmo   450 rds
	ClipSize   15 rds
	Small clip 15 rds
	large clip 45 rds


-New firing rate. BooM! Kri-krock, BooM! Kri-krock, BooM! Kri-krock, BooM!...
-Now it shots a 12 gauge police load, 9 pellets 00 buckshot, with a more realistic 
 spread pattern. 
-New cockup sound. It's really the DooM 3 one, compressed.
-No gibs. I don't think total evaporation is the right stile for this gun. I pretend
 to re-enable them as soon as I figure out how to add standard chunky gibs.
-custom bullet hole decals
	MaxAmmo   440 rds
	ClipSize   11 rds
	Small clip 11 rds
	large clip 22 rds


-New firing rate, to a more pleasing 10 rps.
-no gibs.
-custom bullet hole decals
	MaxAmmo   700 rds
	ClipSize   70 rds
	Small clip 35 rds
	large clip 70 rds


-New firing rate. Was 8 depressing rps, now is an exhilarating 20 rps. Now you can do the trick
 of carpeting in bullets and smoke someone stalking you from an upper position, à la Predator.
-Brand new sounds! Ripped from the Predator DVD. Windup, motor loop, windown sounds
 are straight from The Painkiller. Firing sound is not, tough. But you'll like it.
-New recoil animation. Now it kicks backwards instead of upwards.
-Upped the bullet's speed from 2000 somethings to the 7200 somethings used by all the other guns.
-Faster windup animation, slower windown -it also matches exactly with the new sound.
-No gibs. See Shotgun.
-Chaingun bullets now flash when when hitting a surface.
-custom bullet hole decals
	MaxAmmo   1500 rds! yeah baby!
	ClipSize   150 rds
	Ammo belt  150 rds

Plasma Gun

-10 rps 
-It gibs. The disintegration effect is perfect for this gun.
-Plasma balls now flash when hitting a surface.
	MaxAmmo   700 rds
	ClipSize   70 rds
	Small clip 35 rds
	large clip 70 rds


-The plasma ball now lights up an entire room. No other changes.

To do:
-Persistent Chunky Gibs.
-Persistent bloodsplats, wall hits, other decals.
-Ultra bright flash on BFG hit.
-Finetune the sound of the chaingun.
-Aliens' Pulse Rifle sound for the machinegun.
-Resize the figures in the ammo counter of the chaingun, so they
 fit in the display.
-Figure out how to use a filename other than pak00x.pk4.
 For some reason the mod doesn't load if you name it otherwise.
-Flashlight in some of the weapons, without modding -and disabling-
 the firing flash.
-Remove gibs for the demons. They still burn out when killed.

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