Doomguy's Nightmare

The mod was supposed to increase the difficulty, but it turned out to be more than that. I ended up changing lot's of things in the game and...


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The mod was supposed to increase the difficulty, but it turned out to be more than that. I ended up changing lot's of things in the game and I tried my best to give Doom 3 a good school Doom feeling.

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Doomguy's Nightmare MOD
Done by: Luigi
Peopl that helped: Walker Wright, Bjossi, Adam V, Sangokyu. Sorry if I forgot somebody else.
Thanks for encouragement to: Everyone at the forums.
Time it took to develop: About 2 months.

1- Installation
Installation for the mod is kinda weird and screwed actually. But...
A) Make a folder in your 'C:/Doom 3' called 'Doomguy's Nightmare'.
B) Open the .rar file(you need Winrar. and unpack the files in the new folder you just made.
C) Now open the .pk4 file with Winrar. And unpack everything there in the new folder too.
D) Now open Doom 3.
E) Click on 'Mods'
F) Click on 'Doomguy's Nightmare'
G) If the loading screen is different then you installed it right.
H) Click on 'New Game' and select your difficulty level, enjoy! :-D

2- Features

AI of Zombie soldiers and Imps is better.
More health.
More powerful.
Skins for Imp, Cacodemon, Hellknight, and Guardian(boss) changed.
Zombies have way less health.

Fists: Skin changed. Less powerful. Can gib(I normally would have disabled gibbing but I left it for users with low specs PC's).
Flashlight: Light changed. Can't gib.
Chainsaw: Skin changed, does more damage. Can't gib.
Pistol: Fires faster. No reloading needed.
Shotgun: Faster, and way less spread. But less powerful. No reloading needed. Can't gib. Different skin.
Machine gun: More powerful but way less ammo. Can't gib.
Grenades: They don't bounce anymore or explode on enemy contact. They detonate in 3 seconds or you can fire at them to make them blow up. Max of 10 grenades instead of 50. Can gib.
Chaingun: Faster. Can hold more ammo. Can't gib.
Plasma Gun: A bit less damage. Max cells 130 and can only fire 130 cells instead of 200 or 260. Can't gib.
Rocket Launcher: I think I made it do a bit more damage can't remember. Can gib.
BFG: Unchanged. Can gib. 

PDA: More interactive now; The codes of some lockers in the game are protected by a binary code. You must write it down then enter a site that appears in a PDA and then you'll get the code. There is also a part where you have to enter an angelfire website to get a locker code.
There are also some funny new PDA's in the 'Personal' folder when you get it at the beginning.
Voices: Sarge's voice was changed. Not every line tough. It gives some little humor to the game. :-P
Doomguy now has more stamina, is faster, and can jump a bit higher. 
Main menu has been completly changed.
Main Title music is different.
Betruger laughs at you when you die.
Computer screens and other stuff have been changed.
Sentrybots are weaker.
Max health is 50.
Max armor is 200.
85% of attacks are absorbed by the armor. This is why the Doom3config file is set at 'Read only' because it sometimes screws up and resets it to absorb little damage.
2 ways to kill the Cyberdemon: Using weapons or the soulcube. 

3- Disclamer
You are free to check the files in this mod to see how I did some things. But you AREN'T allowed to sell this mod for money or change all of the names in the mod and say you made it.

4- Contact
Fell free to contact me.
Either: luigibuddy AT gmail DOT com
or luigi AT planetdoom DOT com
You can also check my unfinished website at tough it's not finished yet and it hasn't been officially announced.

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