This mod brings up new skins new sounds new guns in the game. Scroll down for the full list of features.


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This mod brings up new skins new sounds new guns in the game. Scroll down for the full list of features.

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Download 'dooming.pk4' (4.05MB)

By Doommarine23

Well hello every one its one of my first mods for Doom3 its just new skins new sounds new guns :D


sniper (machinegun)
plasma cannon (guess)
hand breaker shotgun
XEM pistol
cluster nades
jew stud chainsaw
exo chaingun

Gun stats

clip 10 
damage 500 (it is a sniper) 
zoom 30 
fireing rate Slow
new skin
silenced (this means the monsters can't hear it also it has a silenced sound)
new sound for shooting (see above)
mussle flash low

Plasma gun

Clip 60
damage i think 15
zoom same
fireing rate mid slow
new shooting sound
fires 5  or i think 3 bullets at a time
no new skin


Clip 20
Damage i think its 26 or 30
zoom same
fireing rate mid slow
new shooting sound
new skin


Disc: This Spas 20 hand breaker shot gun uses a new type of bullet shell bullets making it shoot the same amount of pellets as a dbl barrel shotgun also the inside casing as been in larged so its no longer 8 rounds but 12 (THERE IS NO NEW MODEL FOR IT SO DONT ASK WHY ITS NOT MADE BIGGER)

Clip 12
shoots 26 pellets
damage is 15 or 17
speard is 15,20,25 i forgot
zoom same
new skin


Disc: the UAC has found a way to combine 5 normal nades in to one super nade once this one is thrown 5 ones apper with it making a big explosen

shoot N/A
damage is lower i think
speard is kinda high like 19
bouncy about like 20 or 25
new skin

Chain saw

Disc: has red stell jewel coded rims on it thus making it stronger then a normal one also cooler too
Damage 100,90,120 i forgot
new skin
shoot N/A

Chain gun

Clip 200
Damage i bit higher like 2 or 4
new sounds
new skin
zoom same


disc: by reforcing the steel and iron inside and outside we have made it tougher thus giving it a 20% ammo boost and now it shoots 3 pulses also its power level as been hightened to 6 unlike the bfg 9000 at 4 thus making it more powerful and stabile

Clip 6
power level 6
new skin
new sound
zoom same


player hp now 105
max player armor now 200
new skins for player body and head
new skin for imp hell knight and pinky ( as seen in screens)
walk and run bob is higher i think 6 walk and 7 run
new rebreather sounds (by me breathing on mic lol)
new title screen music
all gun gibs is now 0 (but the BFG,rocket launcher,chainsaw still gib)
some other crap i forgot

Thanks to my friend leon testing in the beta stages ID for making doom series :D and YOU for playing and File front for hosting MUST ASK MY PERMISSION BEFORE USING IN YOUR OWN MOD

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