It's a few tweaks, but it includes some very cool code and particle effects for plasma shields and helical railgun effects. A few sou...


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It's a few tweaks, but it includes some very cool code and particle effects for plasma shields and helical railgun effects. A few sounds have been added as well.

Now, an overview of the features:

* Flashlight Flare * Semiauto pistol * Smokeless grenades * Smokeless firearms * Tighter shotgun grouping, 5 shell clip * Plasma Rifle Forcefield & RailBeam Attack * Forcefield Generator * RailBeam Attack

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doomXL Mod:

Author: Headshotfairy
	This is the forum. You can Private message me here
	I am not giving out my email address because I don't want any
	email spam or viruses or what ever. I am notified by email when
	private messages are posted. You will have to have an account with, which is free.

	I will probably not answer bug reports and people who engage in
	L337$PE4K. I'm just too busy at work. Don't send them. If I recieve
	a message regarding stuff included in this helpfile, I will most
	definately ignore you, um unless you work for ID or some other
	game company, or you're an admin from
	This is released mostly as a programming resource and as a
	demonstration of what can be done with particle effects, and
	just for people to have fun with. You can contact me if you have
	REAL programming questions to ask me. Yes, you can rip the source
	code from this, just gimme a mention in your credits, OK?


This mod is made to work with the DOOM 1.1 upgrade.

Unpack to your DOOM3 Installation directory(The one with doom3.exe).
Make sure you tell your unpacking software to use the directory structures
embedded in the archive.

OK, now copy the following files from your DOOM 3/base directory into the
two new directories unpacked from the archive:

DoomConfig.cfg	-- your keyboard cfg, etc...
game00.pk4	-- the base DLL for DOOM3
gamex86.dll	-- the base DLL for DOOM3 -- I think you need this too...

So, like I said, these files should be copied into



Launch DOOM 3, and go to 'Mods'...

If you want to play single player, use DOOMXL
If you want to play multiplayer, use DOOMXLNET

DOOMXLNET is the same but the plasma rifle's extra features have been
disabled. They caused weird stuff to happen in multiplayer.

Want to make a DOOMXLNET dedicated server?

Make yourself a shortcut with the following parameters...
Target:			C:\Program Files\Doom 3\Doom3Ded.exe
Arguments:		+set fs_game doomXLNET

If you want to connect to a DOOMXLNET server, you'll have to
have the mod on your computer as well and have it selected
in the MODS menu...

I took a stab at script editing to add a little spice to the multiplayer
DM gameplay...

Flashlight Flare: Press your flashlight key... your flashlight appears, but OFF
Press Reload to switch it on and use like a regular flashlight... Press Reload
again to turn it off.

If you hit Fire while the flashlight is OFF, then you will toss a flare, and
switch back to your regular firearm. So, the best technique for the flaslight
is: switch to a shotgun, play like normal, but when you're about to enter a dark
area, tap your Flashlight key, Fire a flare into the room, and you will
automatically switch back to your main gun.
Semiauto pistol: Hold trigger for standard fire, rapidly tap trigger to shoot
faster! (fans of CounterStrike should be familiar with this...)
Smokeless grenades: no more black chimney-smoke comes from grenades anymore.
Now they're just dark tumbling objects with that ominous whine...
Smokeless firearms: Look, I know that ID was trying to make them look COOL, but
really, I've fired shotguns and assault rifles at shooting ranges in real life,
and there is surprisingly little smoke that comes from these weapons. The smoke
particle was getting to be a little distracting so I nixed it.
Tighter shotgun grouping, 5 shell clip: I dunno about the rest of the world,
but down here at work, we can't go back to the old shotgun. Better lethality
at medium range, but you gotta make your shots count!

Plasma Rifle Forcefield & RailBeam Attack: OK, anybody who's played the vintage
games 'Out Of This World' and 'Heart Of The Alien' will be familiar with this...
I totally messed around with the Plasma Rifle, so please read this before
spouting off that 'the Plasma Rifle is broken! u suk!'
Primary Fire: Tap trigger rapidly to launch plasma blasts (which are the original
plasma cannon's plasma blasts). At any time during your rapid-tapping, you can
hold down the trigger to engage automatic fire. The gun stops shooting when you
run out of ammo or, you release the trigger.
Forcefield Generator: Instead of tapping the trigger, just hold down the trigger.
(you'll hear the plasma rifle charging). Release the trigger at any time to pop up
a stationary plasma forcefield.

Notes on the Force Field:

IT IS STATIONARY: it does NOT travel with you!

It blocks all manner of small-arms fire and can only be destroyed by the following
two things: 10 seconds (it dissipates) | Railbeam Attack (more on that later)

It does NOT protect you from explosions, so if a rocket comes sailing at you, the
best thing to do would be to get away from your shield because the rocket will
impact upon your shield and detonate, damaging all nearby entities. Um, I wish I
had the SDK so I could allow grenades to sail through shields as if they weren't
there, but I don't have the SDK.

Living things can walk through the shield like they weren't there. In fact, if
you play the single-player game with the plasma rifle and pop up shields, monsters
will notice that they cannot get a clear line-of-sight on you and will rush in
close to get past your shield. Imps are particularly nasty because they often enact
pounce-attacks when confounded by shields.

You can shoot through a forcefield ONLY WITH THE PLASMA RIFLE! To do this, you must
stand quite close to your forcefield. It seems that my script which detects
forcefields in the path of the gun gets confounded when shooting close to the edges
of the field, (because plasma blasts are fat, and I'm using a tracePoint function to
determine shield-shoot-thru physics) so, try to shoot through the middle of the field
for best results.

You can run up to someone else's forcefield (while wielding the plasma rifle) and use
it against him, since it will block his shots if he is far from his forcefield. Matter
of fact, anybody can run in close to a player protected by a forcefield and poke their
shotgun through and dose him with lead.

Shots fired from the plasma rifle at close range to your forcefield that pass-through
get a x2 speed and x2 damage bonus! So, there is a good reason to sit close to and
fire through your shields since it takes less hits to kill things, and it gets easier
because the shots travel faster. Don't get too enamoured with this effect since it
often lures people into sitting still for too long.

You can pop up multiple shields. If the shields overlap but both shields are very close
to you, you can still fire through the overlap (unless you're trying to shoot through
the edge of the shield with the plasma blasts and the fat collision is hitting the
edges. a bug to be fixed if I GET THE SDK)

If you have a forcefield up and you try to make another right on top of it, you will
eliminate that forcefield and a new one will appear (in front of you) This is a good
way to 'refresh' a shield that is about to dissipate.

RailBeam Attack:

To enact a RailBeam Attack, hold down on the fire trigger until it happens. RailBeam
Attacks are similar to the RailGun, and are the only way to destroy shields.

RailBeam Notes:

You gotta hit your target square on to score hits. If it passes through the gap between
a person's legs, no dice.

It don't do that much damage, but it does go through moveable boxes and living things.
It can also penetrate shields. However, the more things the beam goes through, the
less damaging energy there is to damage other stuff behind, and it may eventually stop
after passing through too much stuff. If you strike a shield, the beam loses 75% of its
power and things behind the shield take 25% of the damage of a RailBeam Attack, if
they are hit by the beam. The shield will shatter, too.

If the RailBeam hits a wall, it will cause a minor explosion that has a fair splash area,
but does little damage. Good for rocket-jumps or for setting off barrels. After the
railbeam strikes a few objects, yet manages to strike a wall, the explosion's damage is

The double-damage-shoot-through-shield effect applies to the RailBeam Attack. This makes
the RailBeam very effective, but you will have to create a forcefield first, and
forcefields tend to attract attention. (being all blue, glowy and flickery)

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