A mod to improve the shot holes of the weapons as well as change a few sounds.

To be honest I don't know how many people will actually n...


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A mod to improve the shot holes of the weapons as well as change a few sounds.

To be honest I don't know how many people will actually notice the differences unless you look for them after you shoot something but the detail is there and it's certainly noticeable. One thing I did notice however was the sounds for the pistol, they're definately different and I think I prefer them.

Anyhow, weapon holes and a few weapon sounds if you want to try something new!


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Download 'drbloodv1.0a.zip' (977KB)

DrBlood v1.0a

Baris Caglar

This mod's main aim is directed to the wound decals. Since neither D3's original wound decals nor other mod's decals make me happy i draw my own decals and here they are :-)


Features(Brief) -read detailed features down for more informaiton- :

1- New wound decals for:  (All are my own drawings and i don't know how many hours i spent for 				them...wish you like) 

2- Weapons above open wholes on target according to their caliber

3- Plasmagun wound smokes

4- New sound for:

5- Blood and corpses stay

6- Sounds are optional



  extract 'DrBloodv1.0a.zip' into main Doom3 folder

  if you do NOT want to use pistolsound just delete "DrBlood Soundv1.0a.pk4" file in Doom3\DrBloodv1.0a


To Play

   Run 'DrBloodv1.0a.bat' in main doom3 folder OR run 'doom3.exe' and in the game select 'DrBloodv1.0a' in mods menu.



   if you want to contiune your game in DrBlood mod (not to start from begining) you must copy the director named "savedgames" and paste it in "DrBloodv1.0a" directory. (must be in the form: "DrBloodv1.0a\savegames")

Which 'savegames' directory to be copied:
   1- if you do not use any mod(if you are playing original doom3) you must copy the 'savegames' directory in doom3\base into the doom3\DrBloodv1.0a directory.

   2- if you are using another mod you have to copy "savegames" in corresponding mod's directoy  (e.g doom3\battlereadyv1.5\savegames) into the doom3\DrBloodv1.0a directory.

(it is not complicated as it sounds or is this my failure not to explain simply  :-))))



   just delete doom3\DrBloodv1.0a directory


Feature(Detailed) and Toughts

1- All wound decals are my own drawings as said before. To see a wound decal in a leastly distorted form  after you kill a badguy go on and fire some extra ammonution on a bloodclean part of its corpse. Sounds silly but when you fire on a moving target doom3 engine not only draws the decal on bullet entrance point but also stretches is acoording to bullets entrance angle and move of target this causes some distortion on decal so  sometimes bad looking decals are formed on target. (it is not my fault i think) 

According to me :-) most of the situations decals look good (wish you also think like that)

2- i am not sure about prepairing decals for rocket and BFG because when i shot a guy with these weapons i expect its body to be destroyed partially or totally (there is nothing like this in doom3 engine as you know) so wound decals for these weapons are not logic i think but i didnot decide it yet

3- Some of you may find decals too bloody but i think they are suitable with doom spirit
(it gives me great pleasure to see blood droplets on the face, hands, everypart of  a suddenly appearing zombie when i killed it)

4- imps, wraiths are too thin to see decals well my favorite is fat zombie for decal.

5- I used some files and some sentences in some files from Bloodymess mod (PedroE) for staying blood marks on surfaces.

6- I used some files and some sentences in some files from Ungibbable mod (Junkguy) for staying corpses.

7- Pistol sound is taken from Trentreznor soundpack.

8- Machinegun sound is taken from Mycelo's weapon enhancement mod v1.04.

9- Plasmagun wound smoke effect is a bit changed version of the smoke effect of chaingun wound smoke in BattleReady v1.5 mod


Known Issues: 

1- plasma wound smoke lasts quicker than i prepare on some monsters like fat zombie, zombie_suit_skinny, and chainsaw guy i don't know why this happens(and for now i have no time to fix it) but works normally on other enemies  (so please do not shot these guys above with plasma gun :-)))))))


Thanks very much to PedroE for not disappearing blood decals on wall surfaces.

Thanks very much to Junkguy for not disappearing corpses.

Thanks very much to TrentReznor for Pistol sound. (i can not find your email adress so i can not ask your permision but if you want me not to use your sounds let me know please)

Thanks very much to Mycelo for Machinegun sound.


Future Toughts:

*** I will add some more sounds like shotgun and chaingun and some impact sounds

*** I will increase health and may be damage of especially zombies and other enemies

*** I will start to play another game because i begin to see my father as the fat zombie and other family members as other zombies, i want to shoot people in real life and want to inspect bullet wholes, blood droples on them.....where is my chaingun?


if you want to use my files please inform me first, and please add my name in your readme file



Baris Caglar


OK go and play....

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