What is this Game: This game combines 2 very famous games. And the games are Duck Hunt and Doom. Aim of the game, is to shoot ducks from th...


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What is this Game: This game combines 2 very famous games. And the games are Duck Hunt and Doom. Aim of the game, is to shoot ducks from the sky with 6 original Doom weapons.

Game qualitiy: The game is prety well done, and fun to play for a while, just like most games of this style. The graphics are convincing seeing as the game is supposed to feel old. Sound is fun too.

Summary: Well if you still think back to the good old Atari days or even use your C64 every now and then, this mini game is definately for YOU! If you think a game needs to have uber graphics to be good, go play Doom3!

Suggestions: Obviously the rest of the weapons arsenal would be cool!

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by Noproblo®

v1.3, 04/11/04


Repercussions of Fowl Lamentations
The Ultimate Duck Hunt ReMix Project


Is this the ultimate video game megamix or what?

The classic NES gameplay of Duck Hunt,
The splendid brutality of Doom.

Just take control with your mouse, choose to hunt down 1 duck or 2, aim, and fire one of six deadly weapons.

Press the numbers 1 thru 6 on your keyboard to change your weapon:
1 - Fist
2 - Pistol
3 - Shotgun
4 - Double-barrel Shotgun
5 - Chaingun
6 - Rocket Launcher
But you have to unlock your extra guns by winning rounds!

Do enjoy.


Version History:

v1.0 - first release
v1.1 - a bug which let you use un-earned guns was fixed
v1.2 - added a link to RoFL
       adjust duck speeds
       rockets "made better"
       gun changing is faster
       you can also change guns by clicking the "Arms" numbers
v1.3 - fixed another stupid bug
       cleaned up some sound effects
       extended use of the fist
       hopefully this is the final update.


Please send questions or comments to:
Chris Laviolette



Note: answers which contain game spoilers are written backwards.

Q: Okay, first question. Why isn't the BFG9000 in Duck Doom?

A: I wanted to get this game done ASAP, and figured 6 other weapons would be plentiful enough.

Q: Why is the fist in there if it doesn't do anything?

A: Because it's funny to punch at the ducks! Oh, and, it DOES do something...

Q: Are there any secret Easter Eggs?

A: Yes, some minor ones.

Q: What about cheat codes?

A: ***** .omma dna snug lla rof edoc taehc nietsnefloW cissalc eht gnisu yrT .enif ,yakO ?yna deen yllaer uoy oD *****

Q: How many rounds are in the game? Is there an ending?

A: ***** .neercs revo emag a tsuj ,gnidne on si ereht tub ,sdnuor evif ytnewt era erehT *****

Q: What is the Duck Doom.dat file for?

A: It remembers your high score. However it uses a string encryption method I designed, so you might NOT want to try messing with it.

Q: Will you make upgrades or sequels to Duck Doom?

A: No, unless any bugs show up, then I'll fix them.


Q: How did you make this game?

A: With Game Maker v5.3a by Mark Overmars ( Graphics were captured using VirtuaNES and WinTex, and sounds with VirtuaNSF and Goldwave. All the GML game coding was done by me.

Q: Did it take long?

A: I've been learning and practicing Game Maker for several months, but Duck Doom took less than a week, at just a couple hours a day.

Q: Where did you get the idea?

A: I wish it were my own. I saw a Duck Hunt / Doom mockup in a forum user's signature at OverClocked ReMix, thought about it for 3 seconds, and said "I can make that!" Although I'm probably not the first to try making this game, I know I have made it well and hope it succeeds.

Q: Cool, nice work, are you making any other games?

A: Yes, I'm working on a ZELDA spinoff game for two players. Currently it's at about 50-60% finished. Since my game designing time is costly, it will probably be my last game.

Q: Can I contact you concerning Duck Doom or any other topic?

A: Absolutely, e-mail, but keep in mind that's my secondary address which I only check every few days.

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