The classic NES gameplay of Duck Hunt, The splendid brutality of Doom. Together at last.

Duck Doom Deluxe is the overhaul upgrad...


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The classic NES gameplay of Duck Hunt, The splendid brutality of Doom. Together at last.

Duck Doom Deluxe is the overhaul upgrade to the surprisingly popular mega-mix Duck Doom, released in November 2004. Really, it's a stupid game, one that's sure to get old fast. But if this is your first time playing, more than likely, Duck Doom will be the most satisfying and unwittingly humourous retro gaming throwback you'll download this week.

Yeah, so, enjoy.

What's new:

- The BFG-9000 - Two difficulty levels, Feathery and Fowl - New sky graphics settings - Introduction and ending sequences - Remixed music - Higher sound quality - New particle effects for some weapons - Minor gameplay tweaks - Hidden "Easter eggs" - And some little improvements like: -- Quit to Menu option -- Sound and message when you earn a new gun -- New top score encryption method

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'DUCK DOOM  Deluxe'

a HelpTheWretched Production™
by Noproblo Games

August 23, 2005



1) About Duck Doom
2) What's New in Deluxe
3) Controls
4) Weapons
5) F.A.Q.
6) Contact / Feedback
7) Legal Crap



For the rad' publicity, special thanks to:
Repercussions of Fowl Lamentations
The Ultimate Duck Hunt ReMix Project



Duck Doom Deluxe is controlled via the mouse and several keyboard keys.

Click the options on the main menu to start the game.

Use the mouse to aim at your targets and click the left button to fire.

Press the numbers 1 through 7 to change weapons, or click the number in the 'Arms' display.

Press Esc. to pause the game, then press Y to exit, or N or Esc. again to unpause.

To quit the game, press Esc. at the title screen.



There are 7 weapons in Duck Doom Deluxe.
You start the game with the first 2, and earn a new weapon every 2-3 rounds,
depending on the difficulty level.

1 - The Fist
Use this when you run out of ammo, or you feel like showing those ducks your spite.
Note: you can't actually hit ducks with your fist.

2 - The Pistol
This trusty handgun will get the job done, at least on slower-moving ducks.

3 - The Shotgun
A favourite among Duck Doomers, the widespread shot will take 'em down, and make you feel good doing it. You can even shoot two ducks at once, if you're real lucky!

4 - The Super Shotgun
A double-barreled Shotgun. It's loud, and has a much wider spread shot, but takes longer to reload, and uses two shells at a time.

5 - The Chaingun
No duck can escape the down-piercing, feather-ruffling Chaingun. Just be sure to release the trigger and conserve your ammo.

6 - The Rocket Launcher
For when you want real satisfaction. Take aim and blow up those ducks beyond all recognition. Remember, rockets are slower than bullets, so aim in front of your target.

7 - The BFG-9000
The Big Fraggin' Gun is back and it knows no mercy. One shot will turn every duck in sight into Canard aux Entrailles. That's right, hits all ducks, never misses. But, you only get one shot per round.


5) F.A.Q.

*** Possible game spoilers are written backwards ***

Q: How was Duck Doom Deluxe made?
A: With Game Maker v5.3a by Mark Overmars. It's a great, object-oriented game design tool that takes care of all the I/O processes for you, and uses a simple yet very functional scripting language. Duck Hunt graphics and sounds were ripped with various ROM emulators, while Doom stuff was ripped using WinTex. Music was remixed using The Jazz++ MIDI Sequencer and several audio editing programs.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements / Why won't it run?
A: I just don't know. I have very little technical knowledge of computers. However, the game works just fine on my 800MHz system with Windows XP and the latest version of DirectX.

Q: How long did it take to make?
A: Duck Doom was produced in less than a week, at just a couple hours a day. The Deluxe update took five months. This is because of being busy with other (real) work, and having to re-read the source code each time I went to work on it. Also, the music remixes took several drafts. It was a frustrating process that should have been simple, had I the time and resources to stick to it.

Q: What's the difference between the two difficulty levels?
A: Feathery and Fowl start out about the same, but as the rounds go on, ducks will move faster in the latter. You'll have less time before they fly away, and your shots need to be more accurate. Feathery is the casual game setting. The higher levels are still a challenge, but you'll earn your guns at a quicker rate. Fowl gives you the opportunity for higher scores, but my hat's off to anybody who can beat it. *** .flesruoy hsup t'nod ,emag eht yojne tsuj os ,gnittes ytluciffid lwoF eht rof gnidne sunob on si erehT ***

Q: Where did the idea come from?
A: One website did a 'classic review' of Duck Hunt in which the writer made a fake picture of Duck Doom. I saw it, thought about it for 4 seconds, and decided I could make that game. Off-hand, I can't remember the website.

Q: How many rounds are in the game?
A: *** .gnidne eht erofeb sdnuor evif-ytnewt era erehT ***

Q: Can I shoot that damn dog?
A: This feature was requested even more than the BFG-9000. But no, you can't, for two reasons. My excuse was that I work with a humane society and didn't want to cross that line (which is true), but I was also just too lazy to draw sprites of his slow, morbid, enjoyable death.

Q: Does the fist do anything?
A: *** .thguoht I ,esimorpmoc riaf A .ti htiw god eht hcnup nac uoY. ***

Q: Are there any secrets?
A: *** .stceffe elcitrap elggot ot ecapskcab sserP .skcud ruoy pu dloh pmi na evah ot rehtegot G dna C sserP .omma dna snopaew lla teg ot edoc nietsnefloW cissalc eht esU. ***



You can contact me (Chris Laviolette, the game's author) by e-mailing:
spotandsmudge AT

Please keep in mind that this isn't my primary e-mail address, so I don't check it every day.

I look forward to reading any comments you wish to send. Criticism and suggestions are also welcome, although there will probably not be any more updates to Duck Doom, unless any major bugs are found, or I get an incredible new idea.

Also, please don't ask for the Duck Doom source code, or any Game Maker help. I sometimes post at the GM Community ( under the name HelpTheWretched, and I may be able to answer your questions there.



Duck Doom Deluxe MUST NOT be sold for any profit, and must remain in its original form if redistributed.

Duck Hunt ©1985 Nintendo
Doom ©1993 Id Software
Graphics and sound used and edited without permission. I hope nobody is hurt.

'Noproblo' is not an actual games company, just a parody name.

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