DungeonDoom is a Doom 3 modification, which sets up a pseudo-random maze including enemies, medkits and armorshards. The maze also has 'virt...


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DungeonDoom is a Doom 3 modification, which sets up a pseudo-random maze including enemies, medkits and armorshards. The maze also has 'virtual stairs' which lead to lower or higher levels. The deeper you descent into the dungeon, the tougher the enemies get. Killed enemies drop gold, which can be used in shops to buy new weapons, ammo, armor and medkits. Shops are the only source for weapons and ammo and are available every 10 levels, including the start level.

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Download 'dungeondoom_v01.zip' (547KB)

     	     DungeonDoom alpha 0.1        1/29/05
 	   Leif Dehmelt -- leif AT gravity-music DOT net

To run:
 - Copy DungeonDoom directory to your Doom 3 directory
 - Run Doom 3
 - Click 'mods' in the main menu
 - Select DungeonDoom
 - Activate the console (press CTRL/ALT/~)
 - Type 'map DungeonDoom'


Information for playing the modification:

The current version is fully playable and it appears to be 
stable at least on my system. A new enemy type appears every 
5 levels. At level 65 the last enemy type is added, but the 
game will get a bit more challenging if you descent further. 
Level 100 is currently the maximum level, but so far I tested 
the current version only till level 40.


While testing an earlier version I had problems when I saved 
the game shortly after I switched levels, therefore it is not
recommended to save the game at such times. It should be fine 
to save the game when you see or hear enemies, or after 
passing enough time needed to spawn all enemies.


Semi-technical notes:

The mod can be made more challenging by altering the 
following console variables:


-sets the maximum number of medkits and armorshards spawned
 at each level. Default is 8, setting this to 4 makes the
 game much more challenging. Do not set above 29.


-sets how many of the medkits are converted into armorshards.
 Default is 7. Use a number between 0 and 10, with 0: only 
 armor and 10: only medkits.


-sets the number of enemies. RD_monsters is the number of 
 enemies which is always spawned, whereas RD_monstersr is the 
 maximum number of additional enemies spawned randomly. 
 Default is 5 for RD_monsters and 10 for RD_monstersr. The 
 sum of RD_monsters and RD_monstersr should not exceed 29.


-sets a multiplier on the reward for killing enemies. Delault
 is 1. Setting a lower number makes the game more 


Technical information:

This modification uses a modified version of Martin 'mwoody' 
Woodards (mzm AT mwoody DOT com) random maze generator. The 
recursive code has been eliminated to prevent random crashes.
Every time the player changes the dungeon level, the maze is
rebuild using a pseudo random number generator seeded with 
the dungeon level as seed. Therefore, each level looks 
different, but previously visited levels have the same 
structure when you revisit them. Enemy spawning is set as 
random as the Doom random number generator gets.

I am working on adding additional features - with the main
goal of maing the gameplay more RPG-like. Additions from
others are very welcome.

Some parts/problems that I could use some help with:

-finding bugs.

-testing and balancing.
-I would like to pause user interaction while the level is 
 built to prevent errors and to prevent the player from 
 seeing that thelevel is rebuilt.

-3D art to symbolize ascending and descending stairs.

-a 'sword' weapon.

-a 'magic' system.

-a nicer dungeon.

-information on the aas system. It does not appear to be 
 needed for the monsters to move around in a way that makes

-anything else that would be 'cool'.

-feel free to use this code for your own project, as long as 
 you give full credits to me and the original contributors.



-original maze generation code and original map:
 Martin 'mwoody' Woodards (mzm AT mwoody DOT com)

-flashlight mod (Falken's Light Mod v1.2):
 Faiakes, Nick Klekot and Glen Murphy

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