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DungeonDoom is a Doom3 modification for Windows, Linux and now Mac OSX. It incorporates most key features of roguelike games. In particular,...


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DungeonDoom is a Doom3 modification for Windows, Linux and now Mac OSX. It incorporates most key features of roguelike games. In particular, levels are largely composed of mazes, which are generated with a pseudo-random number generator. Levels have stairs leading either to higher or lower levels of the dungeon.


- 20-100 randomly generated maze levels with randomly placed monsters. The strength of enemies increases the deeper you descend. Exits are blocked by pentagrams until all enemies have been spawned - Three player classes: Fighter, Psi-Fighter and Supernatural with varying abilities to wield weapons and/or use magical skills. - Three different difficulty settings with variations in light level, trap visibility, enemy toughness and enemy behavior. - Three different game length settings starting with a 20 level quickgame, a 50 level medium game and a lengthy 100 level long gameplay mode. Enemy difficulty increases faster in quicker games. - 10 different magical spells with 3 different skill levels each. - Fighters can use experience to improve weapon usage. - Ammunition, Potions, Scrolls and various light sources are available in shops. - Special enemy capabilities, including paralyzing, blinding, poisoning, teleporting and invisibility. - Traps which cause damage, status effects or Level transitions (Trapdoors). - Magically summoned pet pinky (credits to tinman). - Refreshment fountains to replenish health or mana. - Hidden Doors, which are activated by secret buttons open passages and rooms containing tougher enemies and/or special chests.

Spells and Items are activated using a menu built into the player hud. Use the T and G keys to scroll through available spells. At the beginning only one spell is available, but more spells can be learned at higher levels. USe the Y and H keys to scroll through available items bought in the shop. A maximum of 15 items can be stacked. Use the B key to use/cast the selected item/spell, or use the V key and sussequently one of the hotkeys (Q, E, Z or X) to assign the item/spell to this hotkey. By killing enemies you will earn experience, which will enable advances in character level. You will earn two ability points at each level advance. Use the tab key to enter the ability development gui. Select an available spell or ability using the arrow and enter keys. More spells/abilities and higher levels will become available later in the game. At higher spell levels, casting is more likely to succeed and costs less mana. Higher ability levels improve weapon efficiency.

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Download 'dungeondoom5.2for_mac.zip' (28.19MB)

DungeonDoom 5.2 fixed  9/28/05
Leif Dehmelt -- leif AT gravity-music.net

To run (all systems):
- unpack the zip archive and place the folder called 
  'dungeondoom5.2' into your Doom3 folder (Not inside the 
  base folder or anywhere else but the Doom3 folder itself).
- Load up Doom3 as normal and when the main menu appears 
  click on the MODS option. Finally, select Dungeon Doom 
  from this list.
- Select Player Class, Difficulty and desired Game Length, 
  Adjust preferences in Options
- Click 'new game'


Information for playing the modification:

new to this version:

- Mac port (thanks to zl1corvette)

new in version 5.1:

- Linux port (thanks to RIP)

fixed in version 5.1:

- removed the long gameplay variant, which was not fully functional due to a bug. The short gameplay variant is recomended.
- fixed a bug leading to crashes if petpinky was spawned outside the main dungeon.
- fixed a bug associated with entering the dungeon after using the teleporter. 

added/changed in 5.0:

- Special 'non-dungeon' levels including an overworld and two distinct boss rooms.
- Every few levels, teleporters are available to travel to the 'overworld'. The shop is only available in the overworld.
- Special unique intermediate boss enemies with respawning minions and unique abilities.
- Special final boss 'The Balrog', with unique properties.
- 4 adjustable light levels with optional ambient lighting.
- ambient soundeffects
- several minor gameplay fixes and improvements.

added/changed in 4.0:

- Ability system for fighters. Weapon efficiency is increased by selecting abilities after level advance.
- Selectable game length. In the shorter gametypes, enemy difficulty increases quicker making for a less repetitive and more challenging game.
- True random generation of dungeons and enemy/trap placement. Everytime you start a new game the dungeon is generated new. Still, identical dungeon maps are generated by repeated visits to the same dungeonlevel within a game session.
- ROE version includes ROE enemies.
- Advanced lighting effects. Remember to use torches or lanterns to illuminate the dungeon. Ambient light level is dependent on the selected difficulty level with most light available in 'easy' setting.


-original maze generation code and original map: Martin 'mwoody' Woodards (mzm AT mwoody DOT com)
-aas, visportals and pet pinky (TinMan).
-torch models (OBWANDO)
-Linux port (RIP)
-Mac port (zl1corvette)
-Mac port testing (striderdm1) <-- :)
-cacodemon mod (Mausus Atlas)
-dungeondoom theme (www.gravity-music.net)
-dante_uk for providing an alternative gamex86.dll file.
-Doom3World.org and all contributers for many tips and bits of code.

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