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DungeonDoom is a Doom3 modification for Windows and Linux operating systems. It incorporates most key features of roguelike games. In partic...


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DungeonDoom is a Doom3 modification for Windows and Linux operating systems. It incorporates most key features of roguelike games. In particular, levels are largely composed of mazes, which are generated with a pseudo-random number generator. Levels have stairs leading either to higher or lower levels of the dungeon. The lower the player descends into the dungeon, the stronger the enemies get. Killed enemies drop gold which then can be used by the player in shops to buy weapons and ammo . Much of this functionality is not part of the original Doom3 engine and has been added to DungeonDoom. The modification is highly extensible and the current 6.0 builds of DungeonDoom include an overworld, a storyline, random quests, special level bosses with special abilities, a magic system, an equipment system, a character developement system and a player ability system.

Bug Fixes:

- If you tried to enter the dungeon directly after using the teleporter to get back to the overworld, the teleporter stopped working. - Fast punching expoit disabled.


- Quests and Storyline. - Player statistics (Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, etc.) and wearable equipment which conveys special powers (stuff like Superior Plate Armor of the Scout). - Optional third person overhead view with vertical autoaim. - Randomly generated increasingly powerful wizards. - Extended maze configurations (not much visually - just the possibility of circular paths within the maze.) - New scrolls, including whisp scrolls which summon creatures that lead the way out of the dungeon. - Second wave of occasional spawning of enemies after pentagrams are disabled following the first wave. - Tweaked monster AI introducing fleeing and flocking behavior. - Special spells for PSI fighters, including ROE effects such as helltime and psychokinetic manipulation. - New monster abilities. - Improved keyboard customization available from the mainmenu. - Credits included in the mainmenu. - Other stuff I forgot to mention...


- Up to 100 randomly generated maze levels with randomly placed monsters. The strength of enemies increases the deeper you descend. Exits are blocked by pentagrams until all enemies have been spawned. - Three player classes: Fighter, Psi-Fighter and Supernatural with varying abilities to wield weapons and/or use magical skills. - Three different difficulty settings with variations in light level, trap visibility, enemy toughness and enemy behavior. - Three different choices for game length - ranging from short 20 level skirmishes to extended 100 levels adventures. - Two different player perspectives: Traditional first-person and overhead third-person views. - 4 adjustable light levels with optional ambient lighting. - 16 different magical spells, some with 3 different skill levels. - Ammunition, potions, scrolls, armor and various light sources are available in shops. - Randomly generated magical item to improve your character. - Character development in 5 features: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Wisdom and Vitality. - Special enemy and boss capabilities, including paralyzing, blinding, poisoning, teleporting, invisibility, spawning, confusion, shields, self-healing, item destruction and special projectiles. - Randomly generated "unique" powerful wizards that can master multiple special abilities. - Enemy AI tweaks including fleeing and flocking capablities. - Traps which cause damage, status effects or level transitions (trapdoors). - Magically summoned pet pinky (credits to tinman). - 10 different quests and 1 storyline. - Refreshment fountains to replenish health or mana. - Hidden doors, which are activated by secret buttons open passages and rooms containing tougher enemies and/or special chests. - A final enemy, "The Balrog", with unique properties.

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Download 'dungeondoom63xp.zip' (35.7MB)

DungeonDoom 6.3 for ROE 10/1/05
Leif Dehmelt -- leif AT gravity-music.net

To run:
- Copy DungeonDoom6xp directory to your Doom 3 directory
- Start DUngeondoom by double-clicking the file 
DungeonDoom.bat in the DungeonDoom6xp
- Select Player Class, Difficulty, adjust preferences in 
- Click 'new game'


                    Specific instructions:

                magic spells and useable items:

Spells and Items are activated using a menu built into the 
player hud. Use the T and G keys to scroll through available 
spells. At the beginning only one spell is available, but 
more spells can be learned at higher levels. Use the Y and H 
keys to scroll through available useable items bought in the 
shop. A maximum of 15 items can be stacked. Use the B key to 
use/cast the selected item/spell, or use the V key and 
subsequently one of the hotkeys (Q, E, Z or X) to assign the 
item/spell to this hotkey.

                  experience and abilities:

By killing enemies you will earn experience, which will 
enable advances in character level. You will earn two ability 
points at each level advance. Use the tab key to enter the 
status gui. Select an available spell or ability using the 
mouse. CLick select to learn/upgrade that ability. More 
spells/abilities and higher levels will become available 
later in the game. At higher spell levels, casting is more 
likely to succeed and costs less mana. Higher ability levels 
improve weapon efficiency.

             status, requirements and equipment:

Some spells/abilities have certain status requirements (such 
as 12 strength or 13 intelligence). 10 status points are 
available at the beginning, but be careful and spend these 
points wisely. Through the proceedings of the game you will 
only abtain 4 more status points (one for each end boss 
killed). Alternatively you can also augment your status 
values by buying certain items at the shop. These items can 
then be equiped through the status screen (TAB key). Plan 
wisely, as some of these items themselves have status 
requirements. More powerful and more expensive items directly 
confer certain magical abilities to the player.

         quests and tips for survival in the dungeon:

To gain experience and gold more quickly, look for challenges 
offered by npcs in the overworld. Satisfy their requests by 
meeting the objective in the indicated dungenlevel. Retrieve 
your reward by returning to the questgiver. Depending on the 
gameplay variant (Short, Medium or Long) teleporters will be 
available at certain levels (for example at every forth level 
in the short gameplay variant). The teleporter will transport 
you back to the overworld, where items can be stocked up for 
further progression through the dungeon. Be sure to prepare 
yourself well when you descend into the dungeon. Take enough 
ammo and potions to survive to get to the next teleporter.


-original maze generation code and original map: Martin 
'mwoody' Woodards (mzm AT mwoody DOT com)
-aas, visportals and pet pinky (TinMan).
-torch models (OBWANDO)
-cacodemon mod (Mausus Atlas)
-dungeondoom theme (www.gravity-music.net)
-environment map (speedy)
-beta testers: mbolus, retroboy, jizaboz and duff
-linux port (RIP)
-mac port - not tested (zl1corvette)
-Doom3World.org and all contributers for many tips and bits of code.


This archive may be freely distributed as is without 
removing or editing of any of the contents. If you want to 
include any of the contents of this mod in your own work,
you have to contact me first. The contents of this archive
is provided as is. I do not take responsibility for any 
damage that may result, either directly or indirectly, from 
this mod.

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