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DungeonDoom is a Doom3 modification for Windows and Linux operating systems. DungeonDoom incorporates most key features of roguelike games....


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DungeonDoom is a Doom3 modification for Windows and Linux operating systems. DungeonDoom incorporates most key features of roguelike games. In particular, levels are largely composed of mazes, which are generated with a pseudo-random number generator. Levels have stairs leading either to higher or lower levels of the dungeon.

The lower the player descends into the dungeon, the stronger the enemies get. Killed enemies drop gold which then can be used by the player in shops to buy weapons and ammo . Much of this functionality is not part of the original Doom3 engine and has been added to DungeonDoom. The modification is highly extensible and the current 8.0 build of DungeonDoom includes an overworld, a storyline, random quests, special level bosses with special abilities, a magic system, an equipment system, a character developement system, a player ability system and various playable characters, including a collectible card variant using the 'card master' and a sword-wielding combo performing ninja.

You start your quest in the wilderness in front of the gates of the city of Asiris. A dark path leads to a mystical pyramid, south of the gates of Asiris. Below this pyramid, you will find a deep, extensive dungeon, which houses numerous tough enemies...

This Linux version has been found to be functional, but it was not tested extensively. Please report any bugs to leif AT gravity-music.net

Reminder: Resurrection of Evil is needed to play this mod.

What's new:

- "endless" wilderness with randomly placed trees and objects. The dungeon is placed below a pyramid, which can be found in the wilderness, at the end of the dark path, south of the gates of the city of Asiris. - new ninja class with dynamic camera, swords and combo system. - skeletons, gelatinous cubes and virtual soldiers. - enhanced musical score. - more quests and more background information on the storyline. - repelling dungeondoors. - added details in the dungeon. - some additional cards for the cardmaster.

NOTE: An incremental update is available for this file. Get it over here.

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Download 'dungeondoom801xplinux.zip' (59.41MB)

	   DungeonDoom 8.01XP for Linux 01/09/05 
          Leif Dehmelt -- leif AT gravity-music.net




-a Windows based PC capable to run standard Doom3 fluently.

-Doom3 full version 1.3

-The Doom3 expansion set Resurrection of Evil

Note:Resurrection of Evil comes with patch 1.2, but this mod 
needs the newest patch 1.3!

To run:

- Copy DungeonDoom8xp directory to your Doom 3 directory

- Run Doom3 using these commandline options:
  +set fs_game 'dungeondoom8xp' +set fs_game_base d3xp

- Select Difficulty, adjust preferences in Options, select 
your name

- Click 'new game'


  for most up-to-date information or if you want to support

              DungeonDoom developement, visit:





How to play as 'The Ninja':

using standard (mouselook) controls:

1) buy a sword-type weapon in the shop

2) select sword using the stats screen (press tab and then 
select 'equip'). Choose the sword in the list and press the 
select button. Make sure you meet the requirements for the
selected weapon. You can also use the 'z' and 'x' keys to
quickly cycle through available swords.

3) choose the ability screen and select useful abilities. 
The forcejump ability is a very powerful combo to fight 
against many enemies, including imps and pinkys.

4) memorize the key combination(s) to execture the combos
you learned. practice key tap timing in the overworld. The
key combos should be read like this:

l: left
r: right
f: forward
b: back
j: jump
c: crouch
p: punch (or 'slash' if you wield a sword)

5) memorize the standard combos for quick evasive maneuvers:

ll: quick sidestep left
rr: quick sidestep right
bb: quick backstep

for these combos, first tap the key once quickly and then 
press again and hold the key.

6) go in the dungeon and kick some zombie-ass!

using auto focus controls:

1) before starting the game, in advanced options, select auto 
in the ninja focus mode tab.

2) proceed as described above, however, the mouse cannot be 
used to control the ninja's turing anymore. Instead, the left/
right keys induce both turning and strafing. tap the 'q' key
to autofocus on an enemy or mapobject. press 'q' again to 
select the next enemy/object. Press 'e' to deselect any enemy/
object and return to unfocued control.

using hybrid controls:

1) before starting the game, in advanced options, select hybrid 
in the ninja focus mode tab.

2) in hybrid mode, the mouse is still use for turning and left/
right is used for pure strafing, however, 'q' and 'e' can still 
be used to switch to autofocus mode.

                    added/changed in 7.0:

-advanced dungeon structure including stairs, platforms and
 various ceiling heights

-new character class 'cardmaster' based on collectible card
 gameplay. See specific Instructions for details.

-representation of spells and abilities by graphical icons.
 revised control scheme using keys 1-9, right mouse button
 as shortcut for key 1 and v to replace any spellkey with
 key 1.

-alignment system and dynamic storyline influenced by player

-npc's in the dungeon: either killed and looted or rescued by
 leading them to the stairs leading up - your behavior towards
 npc's will influence your alignment.

-more user-friendly full screen guis - nicer shop 

-special objects can be found in the dungeon and can be sold
 at the shop. The shopkeeper will trade with you -good skills
 will earn you more gold.

-new monsters: obihb's shambler and various particle creatures.

-tough zsecs that toss grenades and instantly kill nearby player
 at lower levels.

-added slightly revised stamina system. Vitality influences 
 stamina regeneration and dexterity defines speed at exhaustion

-various new items.

-removed the 'secret room' feature.

                    added/changed in 6.0:

- Quests and Storyline

- Player statistics (Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, etc.) 
and wearable equipment which conveys special powers (stuff 
like Superior Plate Armor of the Scout)

- Optional third person overhead view with vertical autoaim.

- Randomly generated increasingly powerful wizards.

- Extended maze configurations (not much visually - just the 
possibility of circular paths within the maze.)

- new scrolls, including whisp scrolls which summon creatures 
that lead the way out of the dungeon.

- second wave of occasional spawning of enemies after 
pentagrams are disabled following the first wave. 

- tweaked monster AI introducing fleeing and flocking 

- special spells for PSI fighters, including ROE effects such 
as helltime and psychokinetic manipulation.

- new monster abilities

- improved keyboard customization available from the mainmenu.

- credits included in the mainmenu

- other stuff I forgot to mention...

	                 Feature list:

-a practically endless wilderness with various places to 
visit, including the City of Asiris, various quest goals and
a pyramid (south of the gates to Asiris at the end of the 
dark path), which serves as an entrance to the Dungeon. 

- up to 100 randomly generated maze levels with randomly 
placed monsters. The strength of enemies increases the deeper 
you descend. Exits are blocked by pentagrams until all 
enemies have been spawned. 

- Five player classes: Fighter, Psi-Fighter, Supernatural,
Cardmaster and Ninja with varying abilities to wield weapons,
execute combos, use magical skills and/or use magical card 

- Three different difficulty settings with variations in 
light level, trap visibility, enemy toughness and enemy 

- Three different choices for game length - ranging from 
short 20 level skirmishes to extended 100 levels adventures. 

- Three different player perspectives: Traditional first-
person, overhead third-person and ninja 'follow-camera'

- 4 adjustable light levels with optional ambient lighting. 

- 16 different magical spells, some with 3 different skill 

- Ammunition, potions, scrolls, armor and various light 
sources are available in shops.

- Randomly generated magical item to improve your character.

- Character development in 6 features: Strength, 
Intelligence, Dexterity, Wisdom, Vitality and Alignment.

- Special enemy and boss capabilities, including paralyzing, 
blinding, poisoning, teleporting, invisibility, spawning, 
confusion, shields, self-healing, item destruction and 
special projectiles. 

- Randomly generated 'unique' powerful wizards that can 
master multiple special abilities. 

- Enemy AI tweaks including fleeing and flocking 

- Traps which cause damage, status effects or level 
transitions (trapdoors). 

- Magically summoned pet pinky (credits to tinman).

- 10 different quests and 1 storyline.

- Alignment influences storyline proceeding.

- Refreshment fountains to replenish health or mana. 

- A final enemy, 'The Balrog', with unique properties.
                 Introduction to DungeonDoom:

                    Specific instructions:

                magic spells and useable items:

Spells and Items are activated using icons placed in the 
player hud. Use the stats gui to assign available 
spells/items to hotkeys 1-9. At the beginning only one spell 
is available, but more spells can be learned at higher levels. 
For items, a maximum of 15 items can be stacked. Use the V 
key and subsequently one of the hotkeys 2-9 to switch it's
position with hotkey 1. Hotkey 1 can also be activated by 
clicking the right mouse button.

                  experience and abilities:

By killing enemies you will earn experience, which will 
enable advances in character level. You will earn two ability 
points at each level advance. Use the tab key to enter the 
status gui. Select an available spell or ability using the 
mouse. CLick select to learn/upgrade that ability. More 
spells/abilities and higher levels will become available 
later in the game. At higher spell levels, casting is more 
likely to succeed and costs less mana. Higher ability levels 
improve weapon efficiency.

             status, requirements and equipment:

Some spells/abilities have certain status requirements (such 
as 12 strength or 13 intelligence). 10 status points are 
available at the beginning, but be careful and spend these 
points wisely. Through the proceedings of the game you will 
only abtain 4 more status points (one for each end boss 
killed). Alternatively you can also augment your status 
values by buying certain items at the shop. These items can 
then be equiped through the status screen (TAB key). Plan 
wisely, as some of these items themselves have status 
requirements. More powerful and more expensive items directly 
confer certain magical abilities to the player.

         quests and tips for survival in the dungeon:

To gain experience and gold more quickly, look for challenges 
offered by npcs in the overworld. Satisfy their requests by 
meeting the objective in the indicated dungenlevel. Retrieve 
your reward by returning to the questgiver. Depending on the 
gameplay variant (Short, Medium or Long) teleporters will be 
available at certain levels (for example at every forth level 
in the short gameplay variant). The teleporter will transport 
you back to the overworld, where items can be stocked up for 
further progression through the dungeon. Be sure to prepare 
yourself well when you descend into the dungeon. Take enough 
ammo and potions to survive to get to the next teleporter.

               The CardMaster Character Class:

A new character class, the 'cardmaster' has been added which 
completely relies on a deck of cards to survive in the 
dungeon... The cardmaster cannot learn abilities or spells, 
does not develop stats and cannot equip or buy items/weapons. 
Instead, the cardmaster recieves a random collection of cards 
at the start of the game. This collection can be extended by 
buying new cards at the shop. A selection of cards must be 
arranged into a deck, which will be shuffled on each 
dungeonlevel transition.

The deck is arrange thorugh a transformed stats screen (press
TAB). Card information can be retrieved by clicking a card 
once. Repeated clicking transfers cards one-by-one from the 
collection into the deck and vice versa.

In the dungeon, every 5 seconds a new card is played from the 
deck and placed in the icon bar. Mana cards raise your 
maximum capacity for one of the four different kinds of 'card 
mana': blue, red, life or death. Action cards need a given 
amount of such mana to be activated. Action cards can trigger 
single use or multiple use magic or ability effects, such as 
healing, spawning of lightsources, magic projectiles or 
limited rounds of shots from a weapon. 

Tips for building good decks:

You need to arrange your deck carefully, so that a right 
mixture of mana and action cards are included. You also need 
sufficient cards, to avoid running out of firepower in the 
middle of a dungeonlevel. As a rule of thumb, you should have
about as many mana cards as spell cards. Some attack cards 
such as spark or fireball include a relatively high amount of 
fire power. Making decks of more than 3 colors can be very 
challanging, as it might take a while till you get a useful 
combination of spells and mana. Change your deck depending on
the challenge that is ahead. In boosrooms you need to quickly
get strong firepower, but you do not need to stay around for 
long, so a quick, small deck made of only one color can be 
most effective. In a deeper dungeon level, you will need more
firepower and healing capabilities, so you will need to build
more complex decks for these situations.

                   The Ninja Character Class:

See the section on the top of this readme file to learn how 
to play as 'The Ninja'.


-original maze generation code and original map: Martin 
'mwoody' Woodards (mzm AT mwoody DOT com)

-aas, visportals and pet pinky (TinMan).

-torch models (OBWANDO)

-shambler (obihb)

-dungeondoom theme (www.gravity-music.net)

-environment map (speedy)

-enhanced Doom3 models (EvilEngine)

-iridescent and wireframe shaders (John Rittenhouse)

-current beta testers: vcatkiller, threehams, jehar
 spikeylozenge, dragoon and disasterpiece

-previous beta testers: mbolus, retroboy, jizaboz, duff,
 sirt, doomrpg and audiocraz

-Doom3World.org and all contributers for many tips and bits 
of code.

-Participants of the DungeonDoom Developer Forum for various
feature suggestions and additional testing contributions.


This archive may be freely distributed as is without 
removing or editing of any of the contents. If you want to 
include any of the contents of this mod in your own work,
you have to contact me first. The contents of this archive
is provided as is. I do not take responsibility for any 
damage that may result, either directly or indirectly, from 
this mod.

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