E3-ALPHA 2k2 SP Demo Beta Maps

E3-2k2 maps (v1.0) are maps originally three custom Single Player maps fully designed by the genius minds at Id Software; The changes made...


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E3-2k2 maps (v1.0) are maps originally three custom Single Player maps fully designed by the genius minds at Id Software; The changes made by Dafama2K7 are few, but make an big impact. He has removed some things like Cinematics and some custom animations and more:

Some of these changes include:

  • Added full shadows to the E3 maps
  • Included custom work in the package
  • Removed the Cinematics
  • Small fixes to the scripts

There are also some recommendations made by this developer so that your gaming adventure is optimum, such as running these maps with the latest release of his Alpha Mod and more...

You'll notice that this file, at 8 megs pales in comparison to it's big brother: E3-2k2 maps (v1.0) which weighs in at 167 megs, this is due to the developer removing all of the E3_ALPHA resources used by the old demo SP beta maps; Because of this, you will need a mod that contains the features and resources in order to meet the requirements of this download.

You will either need the: E3 Look (v1.1) OR D3E3 Alpha Feel | Part 1 (v1.0 - Base | RoE) D3E3 Alpha Feel | Part 2 (v1.0 - Base | RoE) D3E3 Alpha Feel (v1.1 - Base | RoE) D3E3 Alpha Feel (v1.2 - Base | RoE) D3E3 Alpha Feel (v1.3 - Base | RoE)

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'e3alpha_2k2_sp_demo_beta_maps_d3_lite.zip' (8.68MB)

E3-ALPHA_3_SP_demo_Beta_Maps_2k2 LITE D3 v1.0 by Id Software
Adaptation to standard D3 by Dafama2k7.

Note from the author...:

I don't want anything, but to bring this great three old demo SP beta maps to the public.


Well, what can i say, now, it's made, in fact my work have been only to remove things like Cinematics and some custom animations, such small fixes to scripts, adding full shadows to the E3 maps, take the models, textures, sounds and basically all needed custom stuff and put it on the package, just for all the users to be able to play three custom SP maps fully designed by the genius minds at Id software.


Copy the .pk4 file into the <Doom 3/base> folder or into your preferred mod folder, or even you can create a specific folder called for example <e3maps> into the Doom 3 root folder and select it from the mods list like any other mod, in fact it contains some custom files needed by the maps.

Special note for the smaller LITE version of this package...:

The LITE version is much more smaller because i have removed from the package all the E3_ALPHA resources used by the old demo SP beta maps, to use this couple of maps, you will need some mod that brings the features and resources to meet the requeriments that this old demo beta SP maps asks for... I mean, in other words, that you need this resources to be on the same folder as this maps are and the better and easy way to be able to play this old but very special maps would be to load it using some of the next mods, made also by me, and that i recommend carefully to give a try...:

The latest E3 Look mod...:


or the latest E3 Feel mod...:

This is all you need, install it in the same order from up to down.


Or the latest D3 ALPHA (base version) mod...:

This is all you need, install it in the same order from up to down.


How to play...:

Start just as any other mod, go to the console and type this...:

map game/e3_1


map game/e3_2


map game/e3_3

Helping hands...:

Done, no less, no more, and remember this is based on a 2k2 demo, you will not find weapons or ammo inside the levels, so, i recommend carefully to go to the console and type this to start full of weapons and ammo...:

give all


I carefully recommend to run this maps with any of my latest ALPHA mods to play it almost like the real thing, using it in this way, you only need the maps/game folder contained into the .pk4 file, because the other things are resource files that already are into this ALPHA mods, i remember that the ALPHA mods available and already 100% compatible with this maps are...:

Latest D3 ALPHA mod and D3 ALPHA ROE mod, of course this two are the best option because they have all the files needed and more, but actually are difficult to install, because they are available only in many different parts and the latest updates are not even published, although i have made it, it's my fault :( and i will fix it in a future.

Latest E3 Feel mod, this is the most easy and recommended way to play the maps, fast to install, small and with almost all the files needed.

Latest E3 Look mod, this mod smaller and 100% compatible like the others but it does not have all the files needed, so it needs the resources for full compatibility, or you still will be able to run the maps but you cannot hear many sounds and see many models or textures.

Final note...:

Ah, and do not use the SoulCube or the Artifact, this weapons does the same as like cheating !
My hope also if for some good map maker to fix, complete and expand on this good SP maps and even if someone knows how to convert the old Cinematics to run on the standard 2k4 D3 and 2k5 ROE, then take the package and do what you want, i don't have any copyright, i don't want anything, i only make this available to many D3 users that many time ago asked me to do it and finally i am very happy to make this a true reality. :)

That's all, enjoy. :D


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