enhanced Coop or eCoop for short is a submod for OpenCoop 1.1.


- Replac...


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enhanced Coop or eCoop for short is a submod for OpenCoop 1.1.


- Replaces the mp models with their sp coop counterpart (finally getting the true Coop feeling !) - Adds the UEQ mod which enables self-shadows for all characters and objects - Fixes the bad muzzleflash lights (removed shadowing) - Replaces weapon sounds (making the guns sound actually more powerful) - Enhances bullet impact effects (bullets now again create sparks and smoke on impact) - Enhances the marines' model skin (making them look "rougher" ;))

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eCoop Submod for OpenCoop v1.1

AUTHOR: Oneofthe8devilz 
E-mail: Oneofthe8devilz AT


You will need OpenCoop v1.1 to play this submod !!!
Once you downloaded the rarfile 'eCoop.rar' unrar it to your doom³ folder.
Then browse to your Doom³ Folder and go to the 'ecoop' folder. You can 
either run the 'client.bat' (starting the game) or the 'dedicated.bat' 
(running a dedicated server).

Thank you for downloading and installing eCoop Submod for OpenCoop v1.1 ! 
I hope you will have as much fun playing this as I had making and testing it. 

If you encounter any problems while running this mod please send me an e-mail 
to Oneofthe8devilz AT and I will try to answer your issue.


NiceMIce & Co		(for creating this awesome Coop Mod)
id software 		(for keep creating breathtaking 3d engines and for deciding to release them modfriendly)		(for providing us with the world's greatest Doom³ related user, editor and coder exchange forum)
Cutter & FLashmand 	(For testing it and gaming with me, giving us a good time)

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