Enhanced Militarized Zone

enhanced_militarized_zone_testbuild6.zip —


EMZ allows advanced server setup and increased client functionality to enhance the Doom 3 multiplayer experience.


- Works with both standard Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil. - "Single Weapon" modes of play, with administrator control over which modes players can choose. - Additional Skin Types (bright, atom, stealth). - Nine Skin Colours in Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil. - New Death Messages: no more "Simulation was killed by 3xH" - like that ever happens anyway ;) - Individual Item Spawn Control with weapon stay and random spawn weapon. - Individual Item Re-spawn Timing Control with randomising factor. - Inactive Player Management (set to spectator or kick). - Music by Coerce (Main Theme - Diplomatic Etiquette Instrumental). - Individual CFG files depending on which version the server is running with (emz_base.cfg and emz_d3xp.cfg). - Administrators can ban and unban players from the game. - Spam control. - Voting enhancements to manually ban players from calling votes or autoban them if they get too many failed votes. - Upper and lower limits can be placed on frag limit and time limit votes. - Individual key binds for Shotgun, Double-Barrel Shotgun with option to disable toggling. - Eight players shown on scoreboard in Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil. - Servers can display a "Message of the Day" to players. - Players with no gun model can now see when they have the invisibility powerup. A spinning green icon is shown at the foot of the screen. For the last eight seconds this will pulse red.

General Fixes:

The guys are id have only limited time to devote to fixing up code in Doom 3, especially when you consider what other exciting stuff is going on there. EMZ is going to attempt to address any multi-player problems that can be fixed using the public SDK. So far we've sorted the following:

- The ammo count not displaying on HUD for rapid-fire weapons in RoE. - The 'voting' exploit on the menu.

Known Problems:

- Using the BFG can crash Doom 3. In standard Doom 3 the BFG is disabled in multiplayer - we have enabled it (emzWeaponMode 10) but we've not tried to fix it yet. - Using the Grabber can also crash. Similar reasons to the BFG. Use either of these modes at your peril. - When throwing barrels around with the Grabber a light is left where the barrel explodes. - When playing with just fists or just grenades your player may not get the right animation model and you may be left looking as though you have no fists up - you will still punch but you just can't see it happen. This may be related to a problem people have experienced in normal RoE gameplay with the same sort of thing happening.

This file doesn't include any Readme, but the mod site has detailed instructions on how to set it up and benefit from its features.


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