Enhanced Militarized Zone



EMZ has been designed to enhance the Doom 3 multiplayer experience by providing advanced server setup and increased client functionalities.

New Features:

- Weapon accuracy stats are now available. There is a section below the scoreboard for each weapon which shows your "hits/shots fired" ratio. Also, stats for all players are written to the console and the end of a game. You can also see this at any time using the emzStats command. - Game wins are now tracked by the server. Map changes no longer drop your win count to zero in the same session and in addition, the server keeps track of your all time game wins over multiple gaming sessions. - Server admins can now set initial health and armour levels and control the rate and level of armour depletion. - The "all players ready" processing now has the option of starting a game when the majority are ready rather than all players having to be ready. This is now the default behaviour for EMZ servers. - Each weapon has its own "auto reload" setting controlled by CVars. - Server admins can block all voice chat at the server. - Server admins can specify whether weapon shots can be used to open doors. - Various new death messages have been added.


- Grenades now directly damage the player that throws them rather than passing through them. - BFG shots can now damage the player that fires them. So be careful with that thing! - If you are the Tourney leader and your opponent quits or sets to spectate, or the map changes you stay in game rather than losing your place. On map load the server will wait for all players to rejoin before starting next game. - emzBan now works correctly when used with "h" and "m". - emzBan no longer kicks the player when just vote banning. - DBS now has ammo if it is the random spawn weapon. - Inactive players being set to spectate now works correctly instead of leaving them in "limbo". - Inactive players will be kicked if the server has "no specs" turned on. - The anti-spam settings now apply to voice chat messages too. - When playing with the "no reload" option the DBS no longer goes through the reload animation and admins can control its rate of fire. - BFG now uses its ammo when playing in "no reload". - Too many players logged in the user file no longer prevent servers from starting. - Players who attempt to connect but never actually play a game are no longer recorded in the user file. - If you change the powerup respawn timings it is no longer necessary to restart the map on d3xpdm1 and d3xpdm2. - Player ammo controlled by emz_si_initial_xxxx CVars is now limited to the normal "max" amounts for the player. - emzSkinSet processing was sending unnecessary network traffic. - Stealing another player's chainsaw with fists caused a server crash. - It was not possible to drop the chainsaw. (Still not possible to drop the grabber because it has no model suitable to use for the "loose" weapon).

Don't miss this page if you can't figure out how to use it (no Readme in file)


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