Enhanced Militarized Zone

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EMZ is a multiplayer mod for Doom 3 that adds many game play and server admin features. In previous versions of EMZ the features were mostly those that made server admins' lives better. With EMZ 1.2 the focus has been very much on features that a visible to the players. We think it rocks. We hope you'll think the same.


- (new) Six additional player models have been included. Each of these is available in all nine colours that EMZ supports. Server administrators can specify which models are allowed on the server. In team games each team can be given a list of available models, so TDM can be "civilians vs. military" for example. Player models, skin colour and player name are throttled to prevent them being changed too quickly using scripts. - (improved) Multiplayer Menu. This menu has been enhanced to allow selection of the player model, skin colour and crosshair style. It is also the place where you mute/unmute other players. - (improved) Skins. An additional "metal" skin set has been included. This is available in all nine colours that EMZ supports. - (new) Plasmagun. The plasmagun fires coloured plasma bolts according to the player's chosen skin colour. When a player has Invisibility, Berserk or Invulnerability it fires "rainbow" plasma. - (improved) Invisibility. The ghosting of players with the invisibility powerup has been modified to be skin colour specific. - (improved) Spam Control. In addition to the server-side blocking of voice chat of the previous version, EMZ 1.2 allows each player to ignore the text and/or voice sounds of voice chat. Players can also mute individuals from the "Multiplayer" menu and an icon is displayed on the scoreboard to show this. Server admins can mute individual players centrally. This blocks all chat from the player. They will receive a message from the server each time they try and chat. - (improved) HUD Layout. This has been tidied up since 1.1. The chat has been moved down so that it is no longer obscured by the stats icons (a sixth chat line has been added). The item pickup text has been moved to the right for the same reason. There are multiple "You are not ready" and "Ready" messages now, which cycle every 10 seconds. Hopefully this will help make people realise they need to press F3. The HUD can also show the current local time in the top left corner of the screen. To accommodate the chat changes the "lagometer" has been moved to just under the clock. - (new) Item Replacement. Administrators can use the emzReplace command to swap powerups and weapons around. For example "emzReplace chaingun shotgun" will replace all chainguns and belts with shotguns and shells as appropriate. - (improved) Scoreboard. The scoreboard shows additional information about each player. To the left of the name is a "muted" indicator. The "ping" column has been renamed as "info" and shows the player's ping, their status on the server and their chosen flag. The scoreboard also displays the name of the clan that operates the server. - (improved) Server Info. Many of the server parameters can be viewed from the new "Info" menu. - (improved) Voting. This has been extended to allow more of the features to be voted on and the vote text has been replaced with a vote box. Public players cannot call kick votes against clan member or admins and clan peer kicks are only allowed if the admin sets it up that way. Administrators can configure their servers to disallow voting during a game, or to exclude spectators from voting. - (improved) Player Options. All player adjustable settings can now be set from the menus: the "Options" menu now has "Standard" and "Enhanced" pages and the "Multiplayer" menu has options to control model, colour and crosshair selection. The existing "Controls / Weapons" menu has been extended to allow the per-weapon "Auto Reload" settings, introduced in 1.1, to be changed more easily. Remember, the main "Auto Reload" needs to be enabled too for these to work. - (new) Map and Gametype Scripts. Admins can now use per-map and per-gametype scripts to set up their servers. Scripts should be placed in an "emz/config" folder. - (new) Admins and Clan Members. Players can be marked as either administrators, clan members or both. Making someone an admin or a clan member protects them from being vote kicked by other players and allows slots on the server to be freed up if they attempt to join and the server is full. - (new) Tourney Forfeits. Server admins can configure their servers so that if a player quits the server (or sets to spectate mode) then their opponent is given a forfeit win. This is reflected in their stats and keeps their place in-game instead of forcing them to the back of the line. A forfeit is only awarded if the remaining player was in the lead at the time the other player left. - (improved) Player Management. emzPlayers has been extended to assist server admins. All of the player management commands, emzBan etc, can now be used on players that are no longer in the game using the extended player numbers displayed by emzPlayers. - (improved) Health and Armor Limits. Now that players can vote on max health and max armour limits the upper values for these have been capped at 200 and 400 respectively. In addition to this, the megahealth powerup now gives the player twice the initial health amount. - (improved) Tourney Wait. The wait for all players at the start of a map load when playing Tourney has been refined. The countdown now starts when the first player rejoins (instead of when the server finished loading the map) and ends as soon as the last of the previous players has rejoined (this didn't work properly if someone left during the previous game). - (new) emzForceReady and emzForceSpecate can be used by admins to set the state of individual players. - (improved) The network traffic related to weapon and player stats has been reduced.

NOTE: A patch has been released for this file. Get it over there.


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