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Enhanced Mod

enhancedmod.zip —


This is a modification that changes several things in the game. Includes are longer demon teleportation, human zombies can no longer be gibbed with light weapons, bullets will create damageing heat where they hit for two seconds, distortion effects have been given to the BFG, and you will be given an e-mail with all locker combinations.



//		Enhanced Mod v1.0		    //
//						    //
//	  Created by Gallius & Karmithius 	    //
//						    //
//	       Release Date 8/14/04		    //
// 						    //


	* Demons wait around for 7.5 seconds longer before dematerializing.

	* Human types can no longer be gibed with Flash Light / Hands / Light weapons.

	* Bullets will spark when hitting metal surfaces and leave a heat mark that will fade in 2 seconds.

	* The BFG leaves a much bigger mark on the wall that lasts longer before fading. Also makes a distortion effect when it blows up.

	* Plasma Rifle glows brighter then before acting as a close range flash light.

	* Plasma ball explosion slightly tweaked with a small distortion effect. And the decal lasts longer on the wall before fading.

	* Added PDA Email that gives all Supply access codes.

	* Splash Screen / Menu aesthetic changes for the mod.

	* Chain-Gun changes:

		* The Chain-Gun takes a little longer for the chamber to reach max speed.

		* Once the Chamber spins-up it will stay that way and be ready to fire, but at the cost of stealth. 
		(It lets out a humming noise that can be heard by other players.)

		* Attempting to reload (even when not needed) will cause the Chamber to Spindown.
	* Grenade changes:
		* The amount of speed the grenade keeps after each bounce has been reduced to 30% 
		instead its default 90%.

		* You can throw the grenades further now, to make up for its less bouncing.

		* You can toggle between the grenade and your previous weapon (like a flash light) by 
		reselecting the grenade.
	* Shotgun changes:
		* There seemed to be a bug with the shotgun where he would load 4 shells into the chamber 
		and and have 8, this has been fixed.
		* The Shotgun *pushes* slightly more then before for more interesting karma action.

	* Flashlight changes:
		* You can now turn the flash-light off in single player (like in multiplayer) with the Reload key.
		(Useless I know) :)


	- Extract the folder 'Enhanced Mod' and its content to your Doom3 directory from the zip.
	- Run 'RunMod.bat' to start the mod.


//		Contact Info:		    	    //
//		AIM: Carmithius			    //
//	 	ICQ: 2736817 		            //

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