Enhanced Shaders D3 Q4 Prey ETQW



Manager and Sikkpin new shaders ideas and implementations !Very latest features on shaders...:v2.1- New enhanced & Fixed bugs, bring new life to IdTech4 games look, is cool, try it and see for ourselves...Updated the shader to be more compatible with newer gfx cards.Added to use exactly the same style as the original shaders in the NG shaders, so now are a little less brighter and more metallic realistic look for metal, and fully removed plastic look on human skin and the like.As for BHM shaders, i added also that semi-HDR feature, but now well done and more realistic look, so, is not all look brighter and super amazing, it depends on many things like in real life.Increassed a little the amount of Parallax applied and added as much as i can of all this to ETQW too, just try all of them, all versions included from D3 & Q4 to ETQW & even Prey.


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