Enhanced Weapon Effects



Weapon effects now look much more realistic than the original effects with much more detail. New particle effects include new muzzlesmokes, particle trails, impacts and explosions, wounds, ricochets, strikes, and various other effects for all weapons. As an added bonus, added def files for some of the monsters and the sentry buddy have been included to utilize some of the new particle effects with other changes.Note: This mod does not modify gameplay in anyway. All values such as damage, ammo capacity, projectile velocities, etc. have not been changed and are \"pure\" to the original. I leave this up to the user to change to their own tastes or to use any assets in this mod to be included into other mods/projects as desired.A video of version 1.0 can be seen at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iMtJ1nHT7cNote: There have been some slight changes to the particle effects in the latest version of 1.1, but overall the effects the same.


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