This submission is based on two successful mods i.e. DOOM 3: Reloaded by TheVoodoo and Trent Reznor's Sound Pack. Unlike them, it heavily c...


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This submission is based on two successful mods i.e. DOOM 3: Reloaded by TheVoodoo and Trent Reznor's Sound Pack. Unlike them, it heavily concentrates on the gameplay aspect of the game reviewing most weapons stats and visual effects. Some monster classes are also adjusted thereby making them more challenging to fight.

The list of changes is impressive and - btw - this the first time this mod is featured on DOOM3Files :)


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Download 'enhanced_doom_v3_0.zip' (4.41MB)

[Enh@nced-D00M Mod] v3.0 (Really Final for now)
Base Material orignal creators:  - TheVoodoo & Trent Reznor -

Combined/Modified & Added to by: S@ke

Based on: TheVoodoo's D3 Reloaded mod & Enemy weapon sounds from Trent Reznor :
Special thanks to TheVoodoo for the knoweldge needed to finish this mod & Trent for his amazing talent.

To Install: Extract the EnhancedDoom.zip into your Main doom 3 folder

To Run: Add "+set fs_game EnhancedDoom" (san quotes) to the end of your shortcut to start the mod directly & without having to enable the mod ingame everytime.

Example:  "C:\Program Files\Doom 3\Doom3.exe" +set fs_game EnhancedDoom

Now run the game one time with the aformentioned "+ set fs_game EnhancedDoom" in the shortcuts Target line, (you only need to load to the main menu),
Then exit and move the pak000.pk4 file to the newly created folder, Once moved the Mod will now function.

To Uninstall: Simply deleate the EnhancedDoom folder and all its contents, And remove the- 
"+set fs_game EnhancedDoom" -from your shortcut Target line.

(Note: If you simply want to disable the mod, Remove the "+set fs_game EnhancedDoom" from your target line but leave the folder intact. This will allow you to manualy choose to activate or deactivate the mod normaly from Doom 3's main menu.)

I have removed & modified some features from the mod, to fit what i found lacking in the stock release,while without totally changing the single player experience other then in what i feel to be positive ways.
Note: While i have changed some of the weapons ammo clip sizes and also some of there damage per shot values, i have "not" raised most of the ingame size ammo-pickups for them, so i advise you keep a eye on your ammo ;)

What it Changes:

Increased Shotgun damage 25%,Increased refire speed 25%, cut down spread 42% to 12 degrees "was 21!!"
--Shotgun now can also cause enemies to fly back (10-to-15 feet) from high damage -ie- "close range" hit
Increased Chaingun belt size to (99) "sorry 60 rounds isn't a belt id :\" & raised dmg to (22) per round
Increased Machine gun clip to (80) rounds "more inline with a FD-P90" (Ammo is the same! so i advise burst firing)
Increased Pistol clip size to (15) and Raised damage to (15) per shot "still weak, but adleast useful now vs trites"
Increased the firing rate of pistol and machine gun to more respectable levels (2x second pistol - 50% machinegun)
Increased Chainsaw damage from (50) to (70), Now if you have the b@lls to get that close, it will have your back
Increased Rocket launchers direct fire damage to (200) & lowered its splash damage to (130) "it {is} a shaped charge"
Increased Gernade splash range to (250) from (175) as it is a fragmentation gernade and should have a larger blast
--In addition the gernade no longer acts like a super-fun-ball when thrown and acts in a more realistic manner.
Increased BFG direct fire damage to (250) and raised splash damage to (150), "Now it honestly can be called a BFG!"
Increased Plasmagun damage slightly to (20) per round, "was a tad to weak before especially with my mods"
Zombie class monsters & Npc's Ungibible except when using "Chainsaw,BFG,PlasRifle,Rocketlauncher,Soulcube"
--In addition only direct fire from Rocketlauncher and BFG will gib splash damage wont gib zombie/npc's
All Zombie class- now take "4x to 20x" normal damage when shot in head "as it should have been" (aim for the head)
--Also raised all zombie class monsters Health by 50% to 300% to simulate lack of effectivness of body shots.
Demons Also Now feature a delayed 20 second demon burn-away for your viewing pleasure
Doubled or Tripled the muzzle flash range on all weapons & added brighter dynamic light to PlasRifle Round
--In addition all muzzle flashes are now tied to the weapon used, and graduate in intensity as claiber does also
BFG now Lights room as it travels with large glow area & lights whole room with explosion
PlasRifle has a wonderful soft blue glow from the plasma vents on the weapon "lights up bout 4 feet around you"
Revenats Rockets & Mancubus's Plasma Blasts now have a proper dynamic light effect applied to them
Blood and Shell casings now stay for -very- long periods of time (no more vanishing blood or shells)
--In addition Bullet fed weapon impact marks do not dissapear anymore, save for rocket/plasma & bfg marks
Extra blood spray & enhanced Gore/Gibbing effects, Player also will now bleed when injured.

CyberDemon battle changed slightly without totaly altering it, Changes include his Rocket Direct fire damage is raised by 80% & and splash range raised by 600%!!!, In addition also raised his FOV (Field Of View) cone to 180 degrees to simulate true peripheral vision and also raised the knockback to any direct rocket hits landed by 2.5x, 
Also raised his HP's to 6000 from 4000 "can you go the distance in nightmare ;)"
"So be sure to watch thos edges if he manages to hit ya".

--So the battle is overall a bit more difficult now, Be warned however that the cyberdemon is now a literial nightmare now when playing on nightmare difficulty and can be quite hard in that situation.

:Also have added some of Trent Reznor's amazing sounds from the Enemy Z-Sec's & Commando weapons that ID oddly left in ;)  All the weapon sounds he created are present from enemy soldiers/commandos  including the: "Pistol/Shotgun/Machinegun/Minigun" also included is his Amazing! -HellKnight- vocals and all -Zombie- sounds from a prior soundpack.

Known Issues:

:Fully works with version 1.0 (CD-Copy) of DooM-3 cannot a-test to it's functionality with any later versions:
!! - This minimod is ment as a "StandAlone" mod it could have unforseen compatability issues with other mods if you have them installed at the sime time as you use this mod - !!
:Also just like all other mods currently for doom3, this mod will fubar any personal "Mid-Level" and "Autosave" you currently have, only the initial level save will load properly, any other will default load to the beginning of the level your currently on.

Contact info:
Aim : DeSlayer79
Msn : mdelahu AT earthlink DOT net
Y! : dairymandelequa
Email : trr.phase AT gmail DOT com

Copyright / Permissions:

Authors & Users may use this modification as a base to build and learn as long as proper credit is givin.
You may also distribute this mod Publicly in any form (cd/dvd/dcc), as long as you include the included (This) readme in a unedited form and is not sold or the core files changed in any way.

Legal stuff:

I take no responsability if your computer or game/s crash,fail,uninstalls doom3, explodes or otherwise become adversly effected from the installing of this mod.

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