Faiakes RoE-Extended

Basically a weapon and gameplay mod with a few graphics alterations.

Notable Features:

- Big Light On All Weapons=> Falken/Faiakes Mod...


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File Description

Basically a weapon and gameplay mod with a few graphics alterations.

Notable Features:

- Big Light On All Weapons=> Falken/Faiakes Mod - Extended PDA=> Faiakes Mod - Personalised Weapon Names & Hud=> Faiakes Mod - New Weapon Skins=> various mods - New Monster Skins=> various mods - Semi-Auto Pistol=> JAPM Mod - Storage GRabber=> DC Grabber Mod - Semi-Auto Shotgun=> Faiakes Mod - Mine/Flare Grenade=> MyCelo/Faiakes Mod - Plasma Gun Radar => MWoody Mod - Plasma RailGun=> AwesomeSauce Mod - Gravity Gun 2.0=> BloodRayne Gravity Gun Mod - BFG SafetyValve=> Cougar Mod - Extra Friendly NPCs=> TinMan Squad Mod - Double Barrel ShotGun=> DB Shotgun Mod - Transluscent Monsters=> Invisible Pinky Mod

Changes since v1.1:

- Added (and modified) the DC Grabber mod. It acts like a big flashlight and holds more objects.

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Download 'faiakes_roe_extended_v11b.rar' (34.13MB)

Faiakes RoE-Extended Doom 3 Mod v1.1b
faiakes AT hotmail.co.uk
//////////////// Contents /////////////////////
1. File => pak444.pk4 => the primary mod file.
2. File => AutoExec.cfg => the secondary mod file, a system modification file, runs along 
3. File => Readme - Faiakes Extended 2.1 => this readme file.
4. Folder => Extra help => has tweak guides, play guides and cheats.
5. Folder => Guis => has a new splash/intro image.
/////////////////////////////// Installation ////////////////////////////////////
1. Place the pak444.pk4 file into your Doom3\d3xp\ folder.
2. Place the Autoexec.cfg file in your Doom3\d3xp\ folder. You --MUST-- read it first! Otherwise you 
may experience loss of performance. If there is a setting you don't like just delete that whole line 
(opens with NotePad), no problem!
3. Place the guis folder in your \Doom3\base\ folder (the whole folder as is).
4. Place the extras folder wherever you feel like.
Note 1: If you add such files (or simply alter them sometimes) you lose your quicksave and have to 
start from the begining of the level, so make any changes only when you start a level.
Note 2: If you have other mods that you would like to take precedence over this one, make sure their 
pak number is higher. For example, if you have something that mods a particular gun that you would 
like to use along with the mods in this package, rename that pak file to 'pak445.pk4' or higher.
Note 3: You --MUST-- read the instructions either in this ReadMe (the AutoExec section) or inside 
the AutoExec.cfg itself, and apply the changes that suit your system or you may experience loss of 
performance. They are very simple do not worry!
To UnInstall: simply delete any files of mine.
////////////////////////////// Modifications //////////////////////////////////

- Flashlight =>All weapons (exept fists, grenade, soulcube) have light, their model no 
longer lags behind. Light is roughly 30% larger than v1.0 of Falken's Light Mod.
- Sound =>Flyffyinsanity sounds for fists, pistol, Chaingun and explosions. ShotGun 
and MachineGun sounds by Denton's Stereophonic Sound Pack. Rocketlauncher and Soulcube variations 
from Boom beta Mod.
- Run Speed =>25% up
- Walk Speed =>~55 % up, now equals original run speed (got tired of missing the run 
key at the crucial moment).
- Crouch Speed =>100% up (i.e. double)
- Stamina =>50% down (i.e. half). That is because in this mod walk speed = standard 
run speed, and mod run speed is 25% greater, to have the standard amount of stamina would be an 
- Ammo =>The ammo carried by a player has changed to: All double figure ammos can 
reach up to 99 and triple ones to 999 (that's not including a full clip). My thought was that it is 
only fair to keep whatever you can find and save. Plus this ridiculous ammount of ammo is not 
physically carried by the player but stored in a Microspace Storage Converter (MSC pack), which is 
what his backpack is. ( Just like Rom, the humanoid turned Cyborg in order to fight the race Ghosts 
which threatened our Galaxy, in a marvel comic book saga . In it Rom's Neutralizer, along with other 
equipment, was recalled from microspace or something similar, whenever he needed it. He didn't just 
hang it onto his belt! Is anyone aware of this comic? If you do, send me an e-mail if you know where 
I can buy it from.)
- Decals =>All bullets hitting non-body surfaces give off sparks. All bulletts hitting 
bodies now leave a clean and visible bullethole. 
- TinMan Squad =>For all info on how to use that feature read the TinMan Squad Readme File in 
the Extras folder.
- Pinky Demon =>Now transluscent! Pinkys are few in the gaem so I thought why not. If you want 
more just let me know. Also its melee distance cut to half. Originall was 60! Fists original melee is
 48! How can a dog like creature have a longer reach than the fists of a man? Balance restored.

Note: I have implented these in an Autoexec.cfg so that they are easier to distinguish and add/
FramesPerSecond on Screen =>Enabled
Nightmare Mod =>Enabled
Console =>Enable simply by pressing  ~  .
Graphics' Settings =>I have modified AutoExec to increase performance specially for 
256MB cards and 1 GB of RAM. If you  do not have such hardware here is how you should change the 
following settings in your DoomConfig (or AutoExec) :
1. First open the AutoExec.cfg file with NotePad or WordPad.
2. Change the following settings to suit your hardware.
3. Save the file and leave it in your Dooom3\base folder. You're done!
DoomConfig changes for xxxMB Graphics Card:
seta image_downSizeLimit 'xxxx' => set to 256 for 64MB card, 512 for 128MB card, set to 1024 
for 256MB card (mod setting is 1024)
seta image_downSizeBumpLimit 'xxxx'=> set to 256 for 64MB card, 512 for 128MB card, set to 1024 for

 256MB card (mod setting is 1024)
seta image_downSizeSpecularLimit 'xxxx'=> set to 256 for 64MB card, 512 for 128MB card, set to 1024
 for 256MB card (mod setting is 1024)
seta image_downSize '1'=> enable
seta image_downSizeBump '1'=> enable
seta image_downSizeSpecular '1'=> enable
seta image_useCache '1'=> enable caching
seta image_cacheMinK '10240'=> so the game won't crash
seta image_cacheMegs 'xxx' => set between 25-50% of system memory and twice the RAM of the 
graphics card, e.g. 512 for a system 
with 1GB of RAM and a 256MB graphics card.
seta image_anisotropy 'x'=> set Anisotropic Filtering from 0 to 8 (mod's setting is 0). 
When in High Quality Mode Doom3 sets this automatically to 8, which is too much.
seta r_multiSamples 'x'=> set Anti-Aliasing from 0 to 16 (mod's setting is 0). 
Less (or none ) means more fps, at the cost of eye-candy naturally.
Customising TimMan Squad example
Each line should be as follows:
set ally_tinman spawn ally_security_machinegun health 300 npc_name 'Jarad 'TinMan' Hansen' def_head 
where 'tinman' can change to whatever name you want
where the weapon can vary
where health can vary
where the head can vary
and the character will spawn when you type  vstr ally_tinman (or whatever name you have provided) at 
the console.
- Fists => Damage distance up by 4 times and damage 3 times up to 60, it takes 2 punches to kill a 
regular zombie in nightmare  mode (you should estimate that you can hit at least ~0.5m further away 
from the normal hit point of a punch). New name, 'Mad Fists Of Pain', which appears when you switch 
to the weapon. New sound. New Skin by AwesomeSauce Mod.
- Grabber => It now lets you pick up and store up to 24 items inside your gun (nothing that dies 
when picked up, i.e. Lost Souls, Cheerubs). You can actually store health packs, ammo etc., this way 
and just 'spit' them out when needed. You can only pick up items when the 'lock on' crosshair is 
activated. To pick up an item press the ATTACK button. For most items you can release the ATTACK 
button as soon as the object is targeted. For some items such as zombie corpses you must hold the 
ATTACK button until the gun overheats. Try to keep the crosshair centered on the targeted item while 
you hold the ATTACK button. To shoot an item press the RELOAD button. Known issues: Fireballs cannot 
be stored. Items sometimes get hung up when shot from the gun. If you store an exploding object in 
the gun, shoot it and it does not explode, it will probably explode if you try to pick it up again.
- PDA => The welcoming messages in your PDA have been changed, read them and you'll see what I mean. 
Additionally, I have included new messages. One contains all the console commands and the other all 
the codes for the storage-units, although you can't minimize Doom 3 and read them directly from a 
txt file, now you can read them on the go. Similarly, I have included the Weapon guide specific to 
this mod in another message.
- Flashlight => Changed the cone of the flashlight, it is wider and brighter. This will make it 
useful for searching and help de-nerf its general use since the addition of weapon-mounted lights. 
Plus, damage distance up 150% (3 times, you should estimate that it can hit at least ~ 1.5 m further 
away  from the normal hit point of the flashlight but aim with the crosshair to their chest to get a 
sure hit) and damage up by 200% (3 times up to 120, it takes a single hit to kill a regular zombie 
in nightmare mode). New name, 'Pest Squasher', which appears when you switch to the weapon. The  
light angle has been moddified so that it shines more towards the center of the player's view. New 
Skin by AwesomeSauce Mod.
- Pistol => JAPM (Just Another Pistol Mod) - fixed version Author: d4r34lm0n60 (merlin_luedicke AT 
hotmail.com), Merlin Luedicke says: ' Modified  the pistol to act like a semi-automatic pistol 
should do: one shot per click. Counter-Strike got this, so why not Doom'.  Additional mods by 
Faiakes: Increased pistol clip size to 18 (50% up), firerate speed up from 0.4 to 0.12 (now it 
really feels like a semi-automatic),  and damage up by 58%, it is no longer just a toy for popping 
(unarmed!) zombies (that you can do that with fists or the flashlight), it can now become  viable 
alternative if you are left with no ammo for other more powerful wepons. Also I increased the mass 
of the bullets by 100% (from 2 to 4) so it has the feel of a more powerful weapon to it. Pistol skin 
replaced (Fragger's Mod). Now it's chrome and black. Removed the muzzle smoke from weapon's fire 
(after all this is 150+ years into the future, they must have invented smokeless gun powder by now!) 
That should also boost fps by a small margin. Sound swapped with Flyffyinsanity's sound mod for 
pistol. New name, 'Urban Negotiator', which appears when you switch to the weapon. Does not launch 
bullets from gun barrel (greater accuracy).
- ShotGun =>  (Semi-Auto Shotgun Mod by Faiakes based on the JAPM code) with a firerate of 0.35 
seconds per round (+  a reduced animation)  instead of original 1.333 (+ the full animation). Damage 
up by ~15% and now reloads all at once. Spread down by 10 (~40% less). Removed the muzzle smoke from 
weapon's fire (after all this is 150+ years into the future, they must have invented smokeless gun 
powder by now!) This should also boost fps by a small margin. Sound swapped with Denton's 
Stereophonic Sound Pack Mod 2 for ShotGun. Added shot sparks effect from Boom Mod (beta). New name, 
'Semi-Auto Shotgun', which appears when you switch to the weapon. Does not launch shells from gun 
barrel (greater accuracy). New Skin by AwesomeSauce Mod.
- Double Barrel Shotgun => Made all the projectiles behave the same, and they all have the same 
spread of 10, increased damage by 50% (24).
- Machinegun => Spread reduced from 1 to 0 for maximum accuracy at long range, new weapon skin by 
Barni. Damage increased by 5 and firerate up by 20%, I call it the 'Conflict Neutralizer'. Removed 
the muzzle smoke from weapon's fire (after all this is150+ years into the future, they must have 
invented smokeless gun powder by now! This should also boost fps by a small margin). Sound swapped 
with Denton's Stereophonic Sound Pack Mod for Machinegun. New name, 'Conflict Neutralizer', which 
appears when you switch to the weapon. Added shot spark effect. Does not launch bullets from gun 
barrel (greater accuracy).
- Chaingun => Clip size up to 100 (~65% up), barrel accelerates faster by 12.5%, deaccelarates 
slower by 80%, spread set to 2 (60% more accurate compared to default of 5), firerate increased by 
50% (3.5 instead of 7), low ammo warning at 12, bullet speed increased to that of machine gun (for 
some reason the speed of the chaingun's bullets was less than half of other weapons such as pistol 
or machine gun). Removed the muzzle smoke from weapon's fire (it was actually blocking the player's 
view and after all this is 150+ years into the future, they must have invented smokeless gun powder 
by now!This should also boost fps by a small margin.) Sound swapped with Flyffyinsanity's sound mod 
for chaingun. Added shot spark effect. Does  not launch bullets from gun barrel (greater accuracy). 
Clip Gui has a 3 digit readout, so if you think 99 is too small a clip size for the chaingun now you 
can increase it up to 999 and have a perfectly fine readout. New name, 'Led Storm'.
- Grenade => This is how the new Mine-Grenade acts (an altered version of Mycelo's mod):
* Low-ammo alarm is played when last grenade is dispatched.
* Removed lag to throw a grenade immediately after selecting it (interruptible draw animation).
* Grenade has a electric explosion effect, sound changed accordingly.
* If you click and hold, it will be thrown and explode on contact with anything.
* The longer you hold, greater will be its travel speed.
* If you hold it for more than 3 seconds, it explodes killing the player.
* If you click without holding, it rolls on the floor and will act as a remote mine.
* Remotely activated Mine-Grenades are so only when they stops moving, in which timethey keep 
beeping and emit a small green light.
* Mine-Grenades spring and explode when the player passes near it.
* Mines-Grenades/flares self-destruct after 999 seconds.
* If you press the reload button when Handgrenade is selected, the oldest active proximity mine will 
be remotely detonated.
* Mines-Grenades detonate each other when near enough, creating devastating chain reactions.
* If you dispatch more than 5 proximity mines, the oldest active mine will self-destruct.
And additional modifications of mine: Blast radius increased from 175 to 200 (+12.5%), knockback of 
blast increased by 25%. Grenade light  modified, it now acts like a green flare before it is 
detonated, throwtime reduced further. New name, 'Green Oblivion'.
- Plasma Gun => Alt-Fire => Velocity of plasma shots tripled (2100) to original, spread set to 0 
(most accurate), fire rate increased by 25%, damage increased by ~6% (from 16 to 17). Added MWoody's 
plasma radar! Removed all traces of smoke on impact and upon firing (what kind of energy weapon 
leaves a smoke trail!). That should also boost fps by a small margin. New name, 'Plasma Conflict-
Neutralizer'. New weapon skin by Barni.
- Rocket Launcher => Spread set to 0 (most accurate), refire speed increased by 25%. Added NoFear 
Mod rocket-explosion effect. New Skin by AwesomeSauce Mod and a slight variation in the sound 
provided by the Boombeat mod.
- Plasma RailGun => Similar to a sniper gun. Damage of 120 clip size of 2 though, but no blast 
radius so you can use from close distance. Picks up ammo of 4 instead of 50. Firerate of 1. New 
flashlight light colour, light blue.
- Gravity Gun => The gg does not kill enemies when you point it directly at them, it merely hurts 
them as long as you keep the fire button pressed it will kill them eventually. You can look at the 
gun's gauges to see how much health they have left. Use the RELOAD button to hurl an object towards 
an enemy. Use objects to shield yourself from incoming enemyfire. Things that get thrown at enemies 
usually tend to hurt them a *lot*. You can pick up a box or a dead body and hold it in front of you 
to protect you against any projectile. If you tap the beam shortly you can use it to drag things 
closer to you that you normally wouldn't be able to reach. Explosive barrels are fun and do lots of 
damage. Bricks are fun and do a lot of damage too. 
- Chainsaw => Not activated. To do so change in d3xp-player.def its number from 19 to either 17 or 
18. Added a faint red 'glow' around you when you have the chainsaw equipped. It adds a bit of 
lighting to make the chainsaw more usable.  Damage distance up by 100%. and damage up by 200%. 
Well... this is an obvious overkill. However, the idea is that it will be used from those who wish 
to take on beasts bigger  than a zombie armed with only the chainsaw. New Skin by AwesomeSauce Mod.
- Plasma Shotgun => Not activated. To do so change in d3xp-player.def its number from 19 to either 17
 or 18. Name says it all, 13 projectiles with a clip of 52, enough for 3 blasts. Damage of 17 (one 
more than shotgun) and spread of 14 (one less than the shotgun) but with slightly slower firerate.
- BFG-9000 => The overcharge load can be maintained for another 3 seconds and then it doesn't 
explode right in your face but the amassed energy is safely dissipated like steam and you lose the 
ammo used for the shot.The blast radius and its damage have been increaseed by 25% (it is still less 
than the grenade!). However, the passing-by multi-target damage has been increased from 5 to 60, 
thus killing weak enemies on the way to the target. If the room is very large and the projectile can 
remain on the air for a few seconds, it will kill anything in that room. BFG projectile has new 
smoke animation, a reduced velocity by ~30% and a wider, more visible frequency beam, a reduced 
light radious for a cooler effect and an increased blast light radious. New name, 'HobGoblin Cannon' 
and new shot sound from Bopsounds beta 1.2 mod.
- Soulcube => Reduced the ammount of kills required for charge to 4 and increased the cube's 
velocity by 300% as it was too slow and would leave you vulnerable for far too long. Added Mycelo's 
blue afterglow effect when firing at a target. Different sound when killing an enemy.
//////////////////////////////// End of Modifications ////////////////////////////////////
Weapon Tips:
- Fists => Good for taking down unarmed zombies with 2 punches.
- Flashlight => Specifically designed by me for squashing those unarmed zombie pests with a single 
hit, even in the dark. I don't think they are worth putting any bullets in them.
- Pistol=> Pistol is now fast and powerfull enough to take down an Imp. However, do so if there is 
only one, at a distance and you have enough space to move. Additionaly, you can take down any foe if 
it is far enough. Excellent for trites, single shot contest!
- ShotGun => Although I have named it Semi-Auto Shotgun, I was actually thinking of 'Death Around 
The Corner' because that is exactly how you should use it. If anything is shooting missiles at you, 
back up behind a corner, wait for it to pass in front you and shoot it to the chest (as the spread 
will actually  hit the head too, it is the most effective shot). If you are brave enough (and very 
low on other more powerfull ammo) you can even take down an Archville with 3, up close and personal, 
shots to the head. Very effective against Cacodemons too (2 direct hits will do) if you have space 
to move and there are no more than 2 of them. I also noticed that it is great for pinkys, only 2 
close shots required.
- Machinegun => Again, I originally wanted to name it 'The Imp Hunter' because that is what this 
baby is best suited for. It is fast and lethal. In fact so lethal you can easily take down the 
freakish Commando Zombies if there is just enough distance between you. I was able to use the 
machinegun in order to destroy the Commando Zombies in almost all cases they crossed my path, in 
Nightmare Mode!
- Chaingun => The perfect gift to bring to a crowded party. If you are facing 3 foes and above then 

you ought to use the chaingun as it is more powerful, has a larger clip and a larger spread. 
Particular enemy to use against: Cacodemons at a distance. Their shots can be deflected by the 
chaingun's fire and it is fast enough to take it of the air quickly enough.
- Plasma Gun => It's projectiles are significantly faster and its firerate and power just a hint 
higher. However, the plasma gun has large projectiles which, when combined with the previous changes,
 make it the perfect Revenant killer. No need to waste anything else on a Revenant anymore, it is as 
if this weapon was designed for them. Just aim for the shoulders so that you take out the rockets 
first and it (the Revenant) will be taken care of in just a few seconds.
- Plasma ShotGun => Same as Semi-Auto Shotgun but more suitable for short to midrange attacks.
- Grenade => Now a Mine-Grenade, it is great for setting up traps. If you know where they are coming 
from, plant 1,2,3, or more, wait for them to  pass through and detonate, blasting them. Plus it is a 
flare, so use accordingly.
- Rocket Launcher => Not much here, it is fast enough now, however, to take down Mancubus Demons 
- Plasma RailGun => Good for one or two at most, strong foes, that you have to face up close, where 
the blast radious of another weapon would cost you too.
- Gravity Gun => It is difficult to handle but if you have run out of ammo or you pick up sth huge 
to knock out many enemies at once, this is the gun to use.
- BFG-9000 => Not much to say here. I rarely use this one. I recommend you save it for Archvilles 
and larger.
- Bloodstone => Not much to say here either. Use for difficult moments or foes.
/////////////////////////// Changing This Mod //////////////////////////
If you don't agree with my modifications here is some basic info on how to further tweak the mod to 
your preferences:
Speed, stamina, health, ammo carrying, etc.,=> can be changed from the player.def file.
Weapons' damage, clip size, spread etc.,=> can be changed from the weapon's .def file.
Weapon's fire rate, reload rate etc., => can be changed from the weapon's .script file.
Names of weapons, title screens etc., => can be changed at the english.lang file in the 
strings folder.
Sounds of weapons, explosions etc.,=> can be changed from the Sound folder by deleting/
replacing appropriately.
Skins of weapons, monsters, objects etc.,=> can be changed from the dds and models folders.
/////////////////////////////// Credits //////////////////////////////////
Special thanks go to Glen Murphy, creator of the Duct Tape Mod that started it all.  <<  Your 
gladiators salute you   >>
Check out Duct Tape and his other works at http://www.glenmurphy.com
- Falken for improving Glen Murphy's light mod and laying the grounds for this mod. He is my mod's 
- r34lm0n60 (merlin_luedicke AT hotmail.com) for his semi-auto pistol, excellent script work!
- Fragger for his skin: Chrome Pistol. Good work, very slick, make more!
- Fluffyinsanity's Sounds for Doom 3 Version 1.0 - Fluffyinsanity99 AT aol.com, id needs your help. 
- MWoody (d3 AT mwoody.com  http://mwoody.com/d3/ ) for the ingenious/script-only plasma radar! His 
own Readme is included at his request.
- Clone JCDenton (clone_jc_denton AT yahoo.com) for his innovative Stereophonic Sound Pack! 
Excellent idea, id should take a hint [or two  ] from you!
- Mycelo for his shot sparks effect I used on the pistol, machinegun and chaingun, the soulcube 
afterglow effect and the modded green mine/grenade. Nice! I have some more ideas for your code but I 
can't manage them on my own. If you have the time and the desire to help make up something nice, 
send me an e-mail.
- The maker of BoomBeta Mod for his shotgun sparks effect. Simple and effective (and light on 
resources too!). And the changes in the rocketlauncer and soulcube sequences.
- J. Gorrell, aka Cougar,  puma AT ikillclowns.com for his safety valve mod on the BFG, thanks for 
implementing what should have been one of the first mods!
- Psychonaut for his rocket explosion effect from his NO-F.E.A.R. mod. I wanted to use your shot 
spark effects but I couldn't combine them with my flashlight. If you can, send the an e-mail about 
it, I would appreciate it.
- rsjrv99 or Ross_J. Online he is DeadDevil, ProGraM, and Saphearo. Email: rossjarvis AT gmail.com 
for his comprehensive tweak guide.
- eXim Works, email: eximworks AT gmail.com, whose skins, from the Awesome Sauce mod v 1.0, are on 
the flashlight, hands, shotgun, Rocketlauncher and Chainsaw, some good ideas there, as for the rest 
of your skins, there were too extreme for my taste, I like more uniform solutions. Plasmarail gun, 
his code too, although I have modified it.
- Xiovex for his Xio's SKINPACK (high res) Version 2.0 providing the skins for: Cherub, Hellknight, 
Imp, Commando, Chainsaw guy, Wraith, Archvile. That is  one scary Hellknight and the Imp makes just 
the right impression. The black reflective skin is very impressive with red glowing eyes combination 
is very nice, you should use it on more monsters.
- Bloodrayne (http://pixels.ontheweb.nl) for his thoroughly implemented gravity gun. Two thumbs 
up!For some reason though I can't get to have a flashlight.
- Mausus Atlas for his monster skins on: imps. mancubus, cheerubs, hellknights,archvilles, 
cacodemons, pinkys, revenants, maggots and trites. A unified style of mainly black bodies with 
bloodred parts. An excellent idea as well as scarily implemented. I suppose id Software didn't go 
for it in order to show off its graphic models. However, theme wise the Mausus Atlas models look 
much better.
- Kasey (maikoman4 AT hotmail.com) for his npc skins on: betruger, cambell, common, the female npc, 
male npc, sarge2, scientist and swan. At last! Someone thought of it. Well done Kasey, make them 
more extreme next time. And with a seperate mod for his monster skins: lost soul and commando zombie.
- SilentDeath< Wollgast for his bloody chainsaw chain. It was done before but you did it properly 
and nicely.
- Barni (barni2 AT freemail.hu) for his machinegun, chaingun, BFG and plasmagun skins & models. The 
first decent military style skins, well done.
- Murd'realism' Hansen aka The gamer formally known as Boots (tinman_squad AT hotmail.com, releases 
are initially hosted at http://www.gpdownloads.co.nz/) for His TinMan Squad code which I used here. 
Keep it coming Hansen. Is it me or that piece of coding could have been part of the iD pack. At 
least that would have been a trully original move on their part!
- BLITZKRIEGBOP for his BFG shot sound, from his bopsounds beta 1.2 mod. That one was certainly 
original, I'm not so sure about the rest.
- Pitt (greatalexandros AT hotmail.com) for extracting all the bits and bobs of the DB shotgun to 
bring to the rest of us. Thorough work Pitt, nice.
- SiTWulf (sitwulf AT yahoo.es), for the BFG explosion animation, now that's how it should have been 
done! And for the splash screen.
///////////////////// Last Words ///////////////////////
- Feel free to contact me about the mod or any ideas you might have on how to improve it. Also, feel 
free to use and release this mod with yours (don't bother e-mailling me about it) but do e-mail me 
with your new mod because I would like to give it a try! Credit to myself and everybody else's code 
found in this one, would be greatly appreciated.

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