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Yes, an update to another flashlight mod! You know how much you love these flashlight mods! Ah well this is the first one I've ever looked a...


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Yes, an update to another flashlight mod! You know how much you love these flashlight mods! Ah well this is the first one I've ever looked at and so this should be easy to review with an unbiased view.

Actually...there's not that much to review really! Almost all the guns now give out a flashlight beam that varies in size to allow you to see...without there being any visible source of light of any of the guns - this puts me off big style, I would expect a good flashlight mod to actually have a source of light on the guns!

The chainsaw has a red glow to it which I quite like, gives it a psychotic blood wanting maniac feel, which is good.

Reviewed by: WadeV1589

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Download 'falkens_light_mod_v1.1.zip' (382KB)

            Falken's Light Mod v1.1 for Doom 3             
                        Nick Klekot                        
			v 1.1 by Faiakes

__________________________ Description __________________________
ANOTHER Doom 3 flashlight mod?! Yes, but with a couple new
additions and features!

__________________________ What's Included __________________________
Flashlight added to:

- Pistol
- Shotgun
- Machine Gun
- Chain Gun
- Plasma Gun
- Rocket Launcher
- BFG 9000


- Chainsaw: Added a faint red "glow" around you when you have
  the chainsaw equipped. It adds a bit of lighting to make
  the chainsaw more usable and gives it a nice psycho-killer
  feel! :)

- Flashlight: Changed the cone for the flashlight to be wider
  and brighter. This will make it useful for searching and
  help de-nerf its general use since the addition of weapon-
  mounted lights.
  __________________________Changes from v1.0________________

- Light and weapon model no longer lag behind.

__________________________ Installation __________________________
Simply extract the pak444.pk4 file into your Doom\base folder
and you're done! If you have other mods that you would like
to take precedence over this one, make sure their pak number
is higher. For example, if you have something that mods a
particular gun that you would like to use along with the mods
in this package, rename the pak file "pak445.pk4" or higher.

For more info on using, see the following video tutorial:

How to Safely Alter Original Doom 3 Content

__________________________ Credits __________________________
Special thanks go to Glen Murphy, creator of the Duct Tape
Mod that started this all. Check out Duct Tape and his other
works at http://www.glenmurphy.com

I'd also like to thank the Doom3World.org community for its
plethora of useful info. The tutorials and posts from other
modders helped point me in the right direction to figure out
how to mod the md5 meshes and anims.

Check out Doom3World at http://www.doom3world.org

__________________________ Who is Falken? __________________________
Falken is Nick Klekot, aka Professor Falken. I've been a long
time gamer and somewhat of an amateur modder. This is my
first released mod. Most other stuff has been just personal
mods and half-done ambitions. ;)

If you have any questions, comments, or requests, you can 
contact me via email. Also, feel free to use and release this
mod with yours. Credit to myself and Glen Murphy would be

Thanks and enjoy!

-Nick (Professor Falken)

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