Falken's Light Mod Extended

Mainly a Doom 3 flashlight mod but with quite a few new additions and features!

Note: This is not meant to be a silly/superweapons...


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Mainly a Doom 3 flashlight mod but with quite a few new additions and features!

Note: This is not meant to be a silly/superweapons mod! The changes (apart from the notoriously weak pistol and shotgun) are more often than not very subtle and intended to remove excessive game weaknesses unacceptable in nightmare mod. A second version of the original Falken Light Mod will be around, too.

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Download 'falken_light_mod_extended_v1.rar' (1.41MB)

Falken's Light Mod Extended v1.0 


Nick Klekot
nklekot AT yahoo DOT com

and ('Extended' part) by

faiakes AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk




- Flashlight added to: 	- Pistol
			- Shotgun
			- Machine Gun
			- Chain Gun
			- Plasma Gun
			- Rocket Launcher
			- BFG 9000

- Light: weapons and their light no longer lags behind (at all!). Light is roughly 30% larger.
- Sound: New sounds by Flyffyinsanity sound mod for pistol, shotgun, machinegun and chaingun.
- Intro: has been removed.
- Run Speed: 25% up
- Walk Speed: equals original run speed (got tired of missing the run key at the right time)
- Walk Crouch Speed: 50% up
- Crouch Speed: 100% up (i.e. double)
- Stamina: 100% up (i.e. double)
- Ammo (carry capacity): All double figure ammos can reach up to 99 (except chaingun max=90) and triple figure ones to 999 (that's not including a full clip).


DoomConfig settings:		

Frames per Second on Screen: Enabled
Nightmare Mod: Enabled

Graphics Settings
I have allowed the console to drop simply by pressing ~ . I have allowed the frames per second to appear. I have modified DoomConfig to increase performance specially for 256MB cards and 1 GB of RAM. If you do not have such hardware here is how you should change the following settings in your DoomConfig:

DoomConfig changes for xxxMB Graphics Card:

seta image_downSizeLimit '1024' 		set to 256 for 64MB card, 512 for 128MB card, set to 1024 for 256MB card
seta image_downSizeBumpLimit '1024'		set to 256 for 64MB card, 512 for 128MB card, set to 1024 for 256MB card
seta image_downSizeSpecularLimit '1024'	set to 256 for 64MB card, 512 for 128MB card, set to 1024 for 256MB card

seta image_downSizeBump '1'
seta image_downSizeSpecular '1'
seta image_downSize '1'

DoomConfig changes to enable game's cache:

seta image_useCache '1'======enable caching
	seta image_cacheMegs 'xxx'=====set between 25-50% the system memory and twice the RAM of the graphics card 
			seta image_cacheMinK '10240'=========so the game won't crash



- Flashlight: Changed the cone for the flashlight to be wider and brighter. This will make it useful for searching and help de-nerf its general use since the addition of weapon-mounted lights. Plus, damage distance and damage up by 50% (if you want to indulge in some zombie/flashlight bashing :-) .
- Pistol: JAPM (Just Another Pistol Mod) - fixed version Author: d4r34lm0n60 (merlin_luedicke AT hotmail DOT com)

Description: Robob's readme of his 'Pistol Speed' mod says it all, I've just taken his critique a step further  and modified the pistol to act like a semi-automatic pistol should do: one shot per click. Counter-Strike got this, so why not Doom :p (yeah yeah, it doesn't stick with the DooM flair; nobody forces you to use this). Did I mention you can rapid-fire it?
  	Additional mod by faiakes: Increased pistol clip size to 18(50% up) and damage up roughly 30% (6 units up). Pistol skin replaced (Fragger's Mod). Now it's chrome and black.

- ShotGun: Semi-Auto Shotgun Mod by faiakes (based on Merlin Luedicke's code) with a firerate of 0.3 seconds per round (+ animation) instead of original 1.333. Damage up by 30% and now reloads all at once. Spread down by 6 (25% less). Knockback increased by 2 (20%).

- Machinegun: Spread reduced from 1 to 0 for maximum accuracy at long range, colour is now black. Damage increased by 1 (=~10% ). Colour changed to black(ish). Knockback increased by 1 (50%).

- Chaingun: Clip size up to 90 (50% up), barrel de/acceleration raised,low ammo warning at 15, accuracy increased to absolute (0), bullet speed increased to that of machine gun (for some reason the speed of the chaingun bullets was less than half of other weapons such as pistol or machine gun).

- Plasma Gun: Speed of plasma shoots doubled, spread set to 0 (most accurate), fire rate increased by 25%.

- Hand Grenade: Reduced the silly 'bouncy ball' effect by 80%

- Rocket Launcher: Spread set to 0 (most accurate), refire speed increased by 25%.

- Chainsaw: Added a faint red 'glow' around you when you have the chainsaw equipped. It adds a bit of lighting to make the chainsaw more usable and gives it a nice psycho-killer feel! :) + damage distance up by 25%.

End of Modifications

----------------------- Installation ------------------------

Simply extract the pak444.pk4 file and DoomConfig into your Doom\base folder and you're done! If you have other mods that you would like to take precedence over this one, make sure their pak number is higher. For example, if you have something that mods a particular gun that you would like to use along with the mods in this package, rename the pak file 'pak445.pk4' or higher.

For more info on using, see the following video tutorial:

How to Safely Alter Original Doom 3 Content

----------------------- Further Help ------------------------

If you don't agree with my changes here is some basic info on how to tweak the mod further to your preferences:

Speed, stamina, health, ammo carrying, etc., can be changed from the player.def file.
Weapons' damage, clip size, ammo found, spread etc., can be changed from the weapon's .def file.
Weapon's fire rate, reload rate etc., can be changed from the weapon's .script file.

-------------------------- Credits --------------------------

Special thanks go to Glen Murphy, creator of the Duct Tape Mod that started this all. Check out Duct Tape and his other works at http://www.glenmurphy.com

I'd also like to thank the Doom3World.org community for its plethora of useful info. The tutorials and posts from other modders helped point me in the right direction to figure out how to mod the md5 meshes and anims.

Check out Doom3World at http://www.doom3world.org

Additional credits to:

 d4r34lm0n60 (merlin_luedicke AT hotmail DOT com) for his semi-auto pistol, excellent work!
Fragger for his skin: Chrome Pistol. Good work man make more!
Fluffyinsanity's Sounds for Doom 3 Version 1.0 - Fluffyinsanity99 AT aol DOT com

---------------------- Who is Falken? -----------------------

Falken is Nick Klekot, aka Professor Falken. I've been a long time gamer and somewhat of an amateur modder. This is my first released mod. Most other stuff has been just personal mods and half-done ambitions. :-)

If you have any questions, comments, or requests, you can  contact me via email. Also, feel free to use and release this mod with yours. Credit to myself and Glen Murphy would be nice.

Thanks and enjoy!

-Nick (Professor Falken)

---------------------- Who is Faiakes? -----------------------

This is my first mod. It took me more time to think of how much to change than to actually implement those changes. If you desperately need to contact me about the mod, e-mail me but beware that I won't be able to reply very quickly. Also, feel free to use and release this mod with yours but e-mail me with your new because I would like to give it a try! Credit to myself, Falken and Glen Murphy would be nice.

- Faiakes

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