A new Single player map called Fatality, by James Clancy.


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A new Single player map called Fatality, by James Clancy.

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"d3fatality" single player map. 
 Completion time. - 1 hour (60 minutes.)
 Difficulty on the map. - medium - hard (the map is recommended for intermediate to expert gamers only.)
 Map editor program used. - Doom 3 editor, (can be used by anyone with doom 3 full version, firstly on the main menu bring up the console by holding down at the same time Ctrl + Alt + ~ this should bring up the console, secondly you will want to type in "editor" (without the quotation marks,) and this should bring up the editor.
Final credits. - The creator - James Clancy - The computer owner - Simon Clancy.
Additional notes. - Anyone may do any work on this map such as inserting new textures, elevators, more rooms also more monsters etc.
It is perfectly fine if any publishers or computer magazine companys want to put this map on their magazine disks or inside the magazines itself.
It also fine if anyone releases the map on the internet as long as it is different to the original map and that you include my name in your credits saying part of it was originally created by me.
I would like to thank id software for making such a great game and editor program I think this is one their best games.
Most of all have fun and enjoy the map

James Clancy.

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