Final Key

This is a SP map I designed for my portfolio to show what I could do with D3 technology. It's set in the outback of Australia in Coober Ped...


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This is a SP map I designed for my portfolio to show what I could do with D3 technology. It's set in the outback of Australia in Coober Pedy, where scientists have found what they believe to be the final key for the teleporters on mars.... but something has happened down there, something is lurking in the shadows. Play a unique SP experience being able to choose which path you take, making each time you play a refreshing experience. All the caves were modeled in 3dsmax using the vertex blend technique.

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* General Details *

Title           : Final Key
Filename        : final_key.pk4
Author          : Zombie
Email Address   : garth.hendy AT gmail DOT com
Website         :

Description     : Single Player test map in a cave theme.

* Instructions *

 1) Extract final_key.pk4 into your doom3/base/ directory
 2) Start DooM 3
 3) type in map z13_sptest to start a game.

* Play Information *

Game Type       : Single Player
new textures 	: no
new models	: yes
new music	: yes

* Story *

Story Part I - The Final Key

For centuries the red planet had alluded the feet of mankind and drummed up strange fables of alien 
civilisations. In the early part of the 21st century several research missions were sent to explore
the possibilities of alien life on Mars but something else was found instead. The planets surface was
a vast mine of valuable resources waiting to be released.
Meanwhile back on Earth the excessive mining, drilling and de-forestation of the planet was beginning
to take its toll and natural resources were beginning to run short. A new supply of resources were 
required to fuel mankind's consuming appetite and Mars became the key to fixing this problem.
At the request of many of Earths governments, an independent organization was formed called the UAC.
This organization was required to set up and co-ordinate the Mars base and deliver the promised resources.
With the establishment of a spaceport and minimum living/working facilities, 
Mars finally became a stepping-stone for mans evolution. The early days of the Mars facility was fraught
with a catalogue of human errors ranging from airlock failures to chemical explosions. None of these 
situations helped the image of the UAC back home on Earth, who where already battling alarming financial costs and resource shortages.
With the constant barrage of reports detailing various accidents and lose of life the UAC Mars facility 
soon became the ugly sister of news items. With the initial buzz of euphoria fading fast about the purpose
and reasons for the Mars facility the UAC desperately needed a miracle and luckily, one did appear.
While surveying the Mars landscape for natural resources an unusual structure was discovered buried deep below the rock. 
Initial reports were vague but after further studies and surveys it was indeed true, man had finally found Alien life on Mars.
From this one tiny piece of information sprung forth a tsunami of world interest and nothing was too trivial to be news worthy.
With the previous catalogue of errors and human deaths swept under the carpet 
the UAC Mars facility was given a new lease of life with Earth's new found fascination 'alien fever'. 
New structures were quickly put together (re-cycling and additional power plants) so that the Mars facility 
could be ready to support long-term human needs. With the steady stream of ships pouring across space towards Mars, the facility soon became a beehive of activity.
With the financial costs of the Mars facility skyrocketing through the roof, a solution was required and fast. 
It was proposed by the UAC board that the facility be used for un-restricted research and co-ordinated by a UAC representative. 
The facility was outside of Earth government laws and it provided an ideal opportunity for dubious or un-ethical research to be conducted with less hassle.
With the current financial situation dwarfing any kind of reasonable doubt the idea for unrestricted research was passed. 

Story Part II - The Missing Link

The initial development of the underground dig site was slow and fraught with many dangers as extensive excavation was required
in order to create a safe environment for research teams. Several years passed without much progress as the ruins seemed to extend
very deep into the planets surface.
Eventually a break through was discovered and found deep within the ancient ruins. 
A collection of stone tablets which detailed new technological wonders, which could be used for mankind. 
The race was on to de-cipher these tablets and build these new technological discoveries. 
After several frantic months all of the research teams hit a stumbling block, the ancient tablets were not complete. 
The puzzle could not be discovered unless certain vital sections of the original tablets were discovered. The original 
chambers were searched and searched but nothing new was discovered and the research teams were about to give up when something else came to light.
The most spectator discovery was still to come and was disguised as a map on the roof of one of the initial anti-chambers. 
The map was of the current solar system and had strange markings at certain points across the stars. A closer examination of the 
map revealed that one of these markings was on planet Earth and may mean that other sites did exist.
The markings on the map were indeed co-ordinates and pointed to the ancient land of Australia and specifically to Coober Pedy. 
The race was on again and a team was sent to the location to discover what was there.
After several months of random holes being dug around the area team E discovered the entrance to a temple deep within the rock. 
It was similar in style to the one discovered on Mars and was built from the same alien technology. 
What was even more amazing was this site had a complete set of ancient tablets and was indeed the missing link to the puzzle.
It seemed that the ancient map on the ceiling of the chamber on Mars was indeed a map of gateways linking various planets together. 
This was an exciting discovery but it did not sit well with many of the Earths governments who were directly involved. 
This information had to be kept top secret and the installation in Australia had to be sealed off, at all costs ...

* Construction *

Base            : Original
Editor used     : DoomEdit
Computer        : Athlon 2400+, 1.5 ram, Wondows XP
Known Bugs      : slight sparkles where the cave models join each other, nothing major
Build time      : 2 months

* Credits *

ID Software for DooM 3.

Thanks to these great people: Sock, _Mindlink_, Lunarun, Supa, Urre and anyone else who I may have forgotten

* Legal Stuff *

Authors may use this level and or content as a base to build additional
levels.  just make sure you give me an email to say that you are and give credit where needed.

You MAY distribute this map, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

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