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First off, let me apologise to the developer for the amount of time it has taken to get this file up; A large portion of this was due to the fact that I do not speak German, so getting information on this has been rather difficult. I have also been busier then usual IRL, which didn't help at all! In any case, here it is now:

For those of you that have enjoyed the super popular previous release from Doomi, In Hell, which saw 8,000+ downloads from this site alone, have a serious reason to throw your hands in the air and dance with joy! With the release of In Hell - Directors Cut, comes a whole new experience that will increase your Doom III gaming enjoyment!

Doomi has done some great work on this new In Hell release, including the addition of maps, tweaks to the maps, better balancing, and some work to the performance issues. If you're new to the whole In Hell mod...what it is, and what this version does is it removes the flashlight, but you get infinite stamina; Referring to PDAs for messages is no longer necessary. The most important objective is to get out of the forecourt of hell, in which you are captured. Sounds easy, eh?

Some of the changes in this version include:

  • Weapon sounds
  • Weapon characteristics
  • Player attributes
  • Changes to the Deathmatch Mod
  • ...And much more!

Once you have completed playing In Hell - Directors Cut the first time, it is strongly suggested that you play again a second time, as the game never plays the same way twice, and you will not get the full impact of this mod the first time through! The second time you play, you will notice much more, and be in a better position to appreciate all that the In Hell Mod has to offer, along with a gratefulness and understanding for the amount of time and work that has gone into this release! The bar has been raised by Doomi with the release of this mod, now every Doom III developer will have to work that much harder!

Some of the features of this mod are:

  • 21 SP-Levels
  • 4 MP-Levels
  • Four Difficulty Settings
  • New Sounds
  • New Music
  • New Graphics
  • The perormance has been optimized (Now all the middle-of-the-road systems can enjoy this mod as well!)
  • Compatible to all Doom 3 versions

Refer to the readme for more information.



Title : "In Hell - Directors Cut(V 1.1)"
Date of finishing : 2007/23/9
Author : Steve "Doomi" Kirbst

Email Adress : [email protected]

Other files of the author: de_Wohnheim, Eberhof_3k, little_italy, cs_spaceport and many more ( Counterstrike )
little_italy, Eberhof_4k, Trainingfacility, fy_tmpmap and more ( Counterstrike Source )
mp_bunkerville ( Call of Duty ), In Hell ( Classic 2006 ) 

Website : http://www.doomerland.de.vu

Description : In Hell is a new episode for Doom3, which should liven up the classical Doom - Episodes. The main aspect is the atmosphere, which should be as oppressive as in Ultimatedoom or in Finaldoom on the Playstation1. These Games had the best atmosphere, and they also have it yet, perfect for an awesome Horror shooter. Firstly the dark sound must be mentioned, without it, the atmosphere wouldn't be that grotesques and dark. That's why these versions are a lot better as the excellent versions for the PC, anyway.

In this new Episode, there's no flashlight anymore. The player got infinite Stamina and there's also no more PDA to look at for reading any messages. It's only about getting out of the forecourt of hell, in which the player is captured. That this is going to be worse than the first thought is only the incentive, to stay alive with anything you've got. And also to kick a lot of asses back to hell.  Changed are the weapon sounds, weapon- and player characteristics. The Death match mod has changed a little, so that the new weapon- and player characteristics are different in comparison to the main game. Though there's a multiplayer-mode, I can't give you any kind of support. The Cheats, changed for Hell 1.0, are now available as classical Doom3 Cheats.

Important is, that you got to play the episode again after finishing it for the first time, 'cause you only have seen every single corner of In Hell after playing it twice. The second run is definitely different. You play the levels partly in a different way and visit locations which weren't available in the first run. Also the architectonical style has changed same as the background music. Each Level got its own theme, which fit into every of it.

Changes to In Hell 1.0: In this Directors Cut Edition of, there are 2 new huge levels called Phobos Anomaly 1 and Phobos Anomaly2 to get through. The old maps are changed in the way, that unfair spots are thrown out and that there are more items and ammo placed in the levels. Also a few graphical tweaks are made and the level of detail increased. Known Bugs aren't existing anymore. The episode now runs a little bit smoother. The original Doom3 Cheats are activated, again. And last but not least: In Hell - Directors Cut got a comfortable installer!

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