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UAC Mars Research Facility Dated: 08/07/2145 To: Security Personal From: UAC Administration Subject: The S-12 Flare Gun

The new S-12...


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UAC Mars Research Facility Dated: 08/07/2145 To: Security Personal From: UAC Administration Subject: The S-12 Flare Gun The new S-12 Flare Gun will be required for all security personal once the next shipment has arrived. What makes the flare gun such a High-Priority is that each round contains a special chip that transmits low frequency distress signals when activated via firing. The transmission can then be received though an orbiting comsat and broadcasted back to Marcity Communications or Earth if the transmission isn't canceled after the designated amount of time. Due to power surges and glitches in the network, reprogramming of the satellites would take some time without the problem of sending a corrupt programming transmission. Someone in maintenance might think of something. Other than that, the program has a go.

I wanted to try something new and thought a flare gun would be cool to have during the game. What made me want to try and make one was that I never found a flare gun mod, but instead only flare grenades. Some of the problems i ran into was converting the program for the flare grenades into an pistol projectle to make it light up a room. In the end this mod turned out better than i expected, especially since this is my first mod.


- The flare gun isn't a good close range weapon because of the smoke particles from the detonation - Remember to aim high so the flare hits the intended target. - Flares last 30 seconds - Multiple flares eats up FPS ... Fast

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Download 'flaregun_v1.zip' (14KB)


	Flare Gun by Project_Nightmare




 * Copy the 'Flaregun' folder included in this ZIP to your 
'Doom 3' directory. The PK4 file should NOT be 
in either the Doom 3/base or the root Doom 3 directory itself.
 * Run Doom 3.
 * Click 'mods' on the main menu
 * Select 'Flaregun'
 * Type 'give weapon_flaregun' or 'give all' into the command console and scroll to the flare gun.


Future Plans

I plan to add new affects to the pistol so it looks like there's a shotgun round in it, is empty when it need to reload, less smoke from explosion, the gui hud displays ammo in the gun, and the gun reloads from the top of the flaregun.



* Jason 'Rodzilla' Rodzik at http://staff.seriouszone.com/rodzilla/doom3 for his Flare mod
* Brian at http://www.iddevnet.com/ for his Fireball mod
* Mwoody at http://mwoody.com/ for his Weapon Recoil Code, which i added for fun

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