Flashlight DeathMatch In The Dark Mod



What it is basically, is the level "lights out" but with a twist.

When you turn the lights out (via the generator), they DONT come back on. But the generator does power itself on again after 15 seconds so the invisibility powerup remains and can still be acquired by using the generator and opening the secret door. also, the 2 shutters can be closed, but once shut, never opened again.

So basically its a good idea maybe to put warm up on and shut off the lights via the generator and close the shutters. This really only take 2 seconds so warmup might not be needed.

Ok now all the weapons and ammo have been removed from the level (except 1 stubborn rocket pack which wont go away for some reason). All you get is a flashlight, however, its 1 smack kills. so basically you go around the level very quietly and try to smack another person to kill them. Remember, you can turn your flash light off by hitting RELOAD.

I have also made the run speed the speed of walking and walk speed slightly lower.




unzip the pak007.pk4 into your doom 3\base\ directory (same as the other 
pak*.pk4 files).

+--How To Play--+

 In game just start a normal multiplayer server (you dont load this one 
from the mods menu).  You will know its working from the load screen if the 
"lights out" level has a blue loading bar instead of an orange one.

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